8 Best Minecraft 1.20 Texture Packs, Ranked

Revamp Your Blocky World!

Ryan Day
Ryan Day
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Minecraft is still one of the best games you can play out there. But you can take your experience to the next level by using texture packs. These in-game modifications deliver a new take to the blocky universe we all love. 

There are tons of texture packs available for Minecraft 1.20. They range from subtle enhancements to major overhauls that completely change the look of the game. 

Join us as we check the best Minecraft texture packs compatible with version 1.20. 

What Are Texture Packs?

Texture packs are a collection of game files that changes the look of blocks, items, and user interface. Most packs come in ZIP files containing various images. Minecraft’s native textures have a resolution of 16×16. 

With texture packs, you can increase the resolution to 32×32, 64×64, and higher. This increases Minecraft’s details, changing the pixelated appearance we’ve grown accustomed to. 

Texture packs range from simple resolution tweaks to major overhauls that customize the entire game.

If you don’t want to change the vanilla look of Minecraft, Faithful texture pack is the one for you. This texture pack has been around for years and still proves to be one of the best Minecraft 1.20 texture pack

Game elements in vanilla Minecraft have a resolution of 16×16. Faithful can provide you 32x or 64x resolution for every block, giving you a clear view of Minecraft’s blocky world. 

Loading this texture pack, you’ll immediately notice how detailed everything is. From the trees to mountain ranges, everything looks amazing on this pack without straying away from Minecraft’s vanilla look. 

Avalon is another great texture pack for Minecraft 1.20. This texture pack changes vanilla Minecraft in all shapes and forms. It tries to update every texture by overhauling its base design and ensuring that everything blends with one another. 

You will also gain access to amazing 3D models that change the appearance of blocks and mobs. 

If you want a texture pack that changes vanilla Minecraft and actually makes it better, then Avalon is the way to go! 

Here’s another texture pack that aims to build upon Minecraft’s vanilla look and not completely overhaul the game. Clarity has over 4M downloads and one of the main reasons behind this is that it strikes a great balance between providing HD textures and keeping Minecraft’s pixelated look. 

This texture pack has 32x resolution and works great on any playstyle. Whether you are building medieval castles or modern skyscrapers, this texture pack will surely make your structures look great. 

Enough with Minecraft’s improved vanilla look. LunaHD completely overhauls everything. This texture pack aims to provide a realistic feel to your world. 

It comes with a default resolution of 32x but offers premium HD textures that go all the way up to 1024x. 

Pair LunaHD with a great 1.20 Minecraft shader and you might think that you are playing a different game. 


LB Photo Realism Reloaded

best minecraft 1.20 texture packs

LBPR Reloaded is a texture pack based on the original LB Photo Realism texture pack. However, everything is different from the old LBPR and the reloaded version aims to make Minecraft look realistic while still keeping some aspects of the pixelated world. 

LB Photo Realism Reloaded looks like an improved version of vanilla textures, so adjusting your gameplay should not be an issue. 

Villages, ores, trees, and terrains use high resolution textures in LBPR Reloaded with some styling tweaks to give Minecraft a refreshed look. 

Looking for a super high-resolution texture pack? ModernArch is one of the packs that offer realistic textures. 

This texture pack contains 3D models, PBR textures, and more. Blocks also have a resolution of 1024x, which should make everything detailed and sharp. ModernArch is based on modern interiors and features 3D models of blocks that can be used in different applications. 

Trees look realistic with detailed leaves and you can see individual strands of bushes. Using this texture will make you feel like you’re inside a really good animated Disney movie. 

If you want to change Minecraft’s vanilla look without making things complicated, Quadral should give you a new perspective on the game. This is a simple texture pack with crisp and vibrant blocks that are refreshing to look at if you’ve been playing vanilla Minecraft for a long time. 

This texture pack was also the winner of the Simplepack Showdown 2, giving us more reasons to include it in our list. 

Quadral is best used for survival gamemodes but also looks great in creative mode. 

If you want to go back in time and relive your childhood, this RetroNES texture pack will give you the nostalgic feel of playing classic NES titles like Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, Metroid and more. 

With this texture pack, you can recreate iconic buildings like castles at the end of each Super Mario level. 

Installing Minecraft Texture Packs

Installing texture packs is straightforward since Minecraft has a built-in tool that installs resource packs. 

Here’s how it goes: 

  1. Download the texture pack you want to use. Store it in Minecraft’s installation folder. You can find the path by right-clicking on Minecraft on your desktop and choosing Properties. 
  2. Now, start Minecraft and go to Options. 
  3. Click on Resource Packs and select the one you want to use. 
  4. Click Done and wait for the game to load your resource pack. 

Minecraft’s success is partly due to its versatility and customizability. Texture packs are a great way to elevate the game’s graphics and breathe new life into the pixelated world we all love. 

Minecraft texture packs that we’ve showcased in this article highlights the array of options available for version 1.20. Whether you want to maintain the game’s classic look or want to bring a realistic feel to your world, there should be a texture pack to suit your taste. 

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