50 BEST Minecraft Background Images

Paulina Rodriguez
Paulina Rodriguez
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Time for a workspace change? Why not freshen up your desktop with one or more of these best Minecraft background images? The blocky game we know and love has inspired various artists to create incredible artwork for all Minecraft fans to enjoy!

Other than impressive artwork, we’ve curated a collection of scenic screenshots, including some of our own compositions. Here are 50 of the best Minecraft background images available for download in 1920×1080.


Glowing Ores

Minecraft Wallpaper Ore Mine
Screenshot by u/SapphicRain

Download Image

You can have some glowing Redstone and Iron ores as your desktop background thanks to u/SapphicRain. The image’s high resolution and fidelity to the original textures make it an excellent candidate for any Minecraft player!



Minecraft Blocks Wallpaper

Download Image

When it comes to Minecraft, it’s all about the blocks. That’s why this rendered image is one of the best backgrounds for your desktop. Including favorites like sandstone, chests, fire, and carved pumpkins, the artwork has a great composition.


Gold Mine

Background Image Minecraft Gold Mine
Screenshot by u/Reven1ion

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Here is a great rendition of an improvised smelting area by u/Reven1ion. The Gold ores and golden chunks look absolutely stunning! According to its creator, the wallpaper was made with MagicaVoxel. How talented!


Desert Warrior

Minecraft Desert Warrior Wallpaper

Download Image

A wallpaper that tells the story of a warrior lost in the desert. With a pyramid in the background and skeleton parts buried in sand, it’s up to you to piece together the story.


Late Night Mining

Late Night Mining
Screenshot by u/Reven1ion

Download Image

u/Reven1ion offers another beautiful rendition in MagicaVoxel, this time focused on the iconic Diamond tools. The lighting and composition make it a perfect candidate as a background for your computer.


Ruined City

Minecraft Ruined City Wallpaper
Screenshot by u/TorinoGT

Download Image

Yet another Minecraft background image, this render of a ruined city, holds a lost narrative. Two towers overlook the overgrown main square while a swamp has risen around the city outskirts.


Skeleton Falling

Best Minecraft Steve Skeleton Wallpaper
Screenshot by u/MagmaGuy_

Download Image

This Minecraft wallpaper by u/MagmaGuy_ features a very cool fighting scene with Steve attacking a Skeleton while it falls into a ravine. Fun fact: this is a remake of another famous Minecraft wallpaper.


Castle Harbor

Minecraft Harbor Wallpaper
Screenshot by u/TorinoGT

Download Image

Who doesn’t love a good medieval city build? This Minecraft background image depicts a fortified city wall that divides civilization from the wild forests. A ship sails in the harbor – a castle towering above all else embedded in cliffs.


Desert Village

Minecraft Desert Village Wallpaper

Download Image

This is one of our own favorite builds that we’re excited to share with you. This background depicts a desert village with terraces, roof gardens and palm trees. While the image seems busy, it makes for a perfect light background. Click the download button for a watermark-free image.


Pig Flying

Minecraft Pig Best Wallpaper Download
Screenshot by Medowar

Download Image

If you want to choose from any of these Minecraft backgrounds based on creativity alone, this one would be an excellent choice. Unfortunately, “when pigs fly” won’t be a valid excuse to avoid working…


Abandoned Train Tracks

Minecraft Train Tracks Wallpaper

Download Image

These abandoned train tracks have been lost to time and nature. Rendered with stunning shaders, this is the perfect Minecraft background image for those who love nature or have an ongoing green theme.


Hardcore Mode

Download Minecraft Wallpaper Best Image
Screenshot by Creton

Download Image

Oh no! Any Minecraft player has found themselves surrounded by monsters at night. You can immortalize this memorable experience with this Minecraft wallpaper– should you run away or face the fight head first?


Tranquil Mangrove

Minecraft Mangrove Wallpaper

Download Image

If nature scenes are up your alley, this background image of a tranquil mangrove is perfect for your desktop. With lily pads, trees, scenic waters, and interesting land formations, this screenshot makes for a great addition to our collection.


Steve Sitting Down

Minecraft Relax Wallpaper
Screenshot by TorinoGT

Download Image

TorinoGT has shared a nice Minecraft background, depicting a beautiful sunset after a hard day of mining. Let’s relax next to Steve and watch some YouTube videos, shall we?


Alex the Explorer

Minecraft Alex Adventure Wallpaper
Screenshot by u/atmocube

Download Image

Alex is one of the various Minecraft default skins available to choose from. While a bunch of new skins was added in the Minecraft 1.20 update, Alex is much older and one of the classics. This illustration shows Alex ready to explore her Minecraft world.

Of course, you can always make your own Minecraft skin instead of using a default.


Realistic Mobs

Minecraft Realistic Mobs Wallpaper
Screenshot by TorinoGT

Download Image

These realistic mobs are things that nightmares are made from. This illustration features an ender man, creepers, a zombie, a skeleton, and a terrifying spider! Zombie pigmen and a wolf also make their way into this Minecraft background image.


Minecraft Rails

Minecraft Tracks Wallpaper
Screenshot by Musafuchs

Download Image

Everyone loves a creative reinvention of this classic game’s aesthetics. MusaFuchs has delivered an awesome Minecraft wallpaper with an underground railway system. Let’s go mining!


Cute Slimes

Minecraft Slimes Wallpaper
Screenshot by u/TorinoGT

Download Image

Slimes aren’t the most formidable of foes. Still, these cute creatures make a great background. With rounded edges, they’re rendered a little different from what we know but still unique nonetheless.


Minecraft Maze Runner

Minecraft Maze Runner Wallpaper
Screenshot by Skysworld

Download Image

The thrilling book saga turned into a movie clashes with Minecraft in a majestic image created by Skysworld. Even if you don’t get the original reference, we think it’s a cool Minecraft wallpaper anyways!


Castle On A Mountain

Minecraft Castle Wallpaper
Screenshot by skrufor

Download Image

Some players get extremely creative with their constructions– this wallpaper by skrufor is a good example of this!


Minecraft Pink Floyd

Minecraft Pink Floyd Wallpaper
Screenshot by moose512

Download Image

If you’re a fan of the English rock band Pink Floyd, you’re sure to know its iconic logo. This Minecraft background image combines the classic graphic with a touch of Minecraft.


Day Cube

Minecraft Day Cube Wallpaper
Screenshot by neotendar

Download Image

You can enjoy a beautiful Minecraft island encapsulated in a block every time you boot up your computer with this wallpaper by neotendar.



Minecraft Creeper Hiss Wallpaper
Screenshot by ChaosBolt

Download Image

A Minecraft wallpaper featuring Creepers is a staple classic by now. We would personally feel horrified if five of them were staring back from the screen each workday or before any gaming session. Tsssss.



Minecraft Oasis Wallpaper
Screenshot by darkness

Download Image

This jungle oasis adds yet another scenic landscape to our collection. Pristine waters draw your attention at the center of the image. Around the oasis are sandbanks, jungle trees, and a small river. It’s the perfect place to catch a tan or build a fishing hut.


Lush Cave

Minecraft Lush Cave Wallpaper

Download Image

This background image of a lush cave uses the Sapixcraft resource pack. It’s a stunning image with glow berries, clay banks, and epic cave formations. Click the download button for a watermark-free image.



Minecraft Pickaxe Wallpaper
Screenshot by Creton

Download Image

We can argue the pickaxe could be the most essential tool in any Survival game. Decorate your desktop with this excellent Minecraft background to show your miner pride!


Guardian Face

Minecraft Guardian Face Wallpaper
Screenshot by halo4guest

Download Image

Compared to other entries in this list, the Guardians are one of the most recent hostile mobs added into Minecraft. Pay homage to the glorious Update Aquatic with a menacing-looking Guardian as your Minecraft background image.


Survival Base

Minecraft Survival Base Wallpaper
Screenshot by Austeo n

Download Image

Building a survival base over the water with a cacti barrier is a great idea. This Minecraft background image has it all – a stone survival base with a stunning mountain range in the background.


Minimalistic Minecraft

Minecraft Minimalistic Wallpaper
Screenshot by bezo97

Download Image

If you’re looking for Minecraft wallpapers with a more simple aesthetic, we can offer this beautiful river scenery to decorate your desktop. How blissful!


Ender Dragon Fight

Minecraft Ender Dragon Fight Wallpaper
Screenshot by Creton

Download Image

An epic scene many players are familiar with– facing the Ender Dragon with your best gear, ready to slay it or get killed in the process.


Launcher Background

Minecraft Launcher Wallpaper
Screenshot by Mojang

Download Image

You might recognize this image if you’ve ever played Minecraft Java edition. It was once used for the main menu screen and now is the background image while the launcher loads. It’s a beautifully stylized render of a Minecraft world featuring a small house at the mountain’s base.


Sheep Face

Minecraft Sheep Face Wallpaper
Screenshot by averagejoeftw

Download Image

We love Minecraft animals and their derpy faces, and for some reason, the sheep are the derpiest of them all. Have one of them as your default background with this image by ClockWorkLemons!


The Steve’s Kill

Minecraft Steve Kill Wallpaper
Screenshot by TheFennixCreations

Download Image

PvP maps are a quintessential part of the Minecraft community, with countless public and private servers catering to our competitive side. TheFennixCreations has come up with this wallpaper, capturing the moment right before the killing blow.


Birch Forest

Minecraft Birch Forest Concept Wallpaper
Screenshot by Mojang

Download Image

This artistic background image is concept art Mojang released for the Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update. The developers hoped to update the birch forest biome in the latest update but didn’t get around to doing it. Regardless, it’s still a stunning art piece and holds the hope of a better birch forest in the future.


Dirt Block Pixels

Minecraft Dirt Block Pixels Wallpaper
Screenshot by electropeppers

Download Image

This wallpaper gives us the iconic Grass block, now in a pixel-like art style. What else could you ask for?


Diamond Sword

Minecraft Diamond Sword Wallpaper
Screenshot by XArt3000

Download Image

If you’re looking for some cool Minecraft wallpapers, perhaps this will scratch that itch– let the iconic Diamond Sword protect you as you surf the internet and go about your day.


Floating Island

Minecraft Floating Island Wallpaper

Download Image

If abstract and stylized art is more of your scene, this floating island is probably the best background image. It’s simple, minimal, and cute. Featuring a small floating island, waterfalls, and a tree, it’s perfect for anyone going for a blue-themed desktop.


Wither Face

Minecraft Wither Face Wallpaper
Screenshot by averagejoeftw

Download Image

The Wither is one scary and tough Minecraft boss… we couldn’t just leave it out of our list. Stare into its lifeless face every time you boot up your computer if you dare!



Minecraft Ores Wallpaper
Screenshot by LeetZero

Download Image

The following Minecraft background pays a more subtle homage to the game with some Iron, Gold and Diamond blocks. It’s a straightforward concept that’s always welcomed when it comes to wallpapers.


Night Village

Minecraft Night Village Wallpaper

Download Image

If you’re a fan of darker backgrounds, we’ve taken this screenshot of a medieval village at night. With an iron golem protecting the lantern-lit streets, this is an aesthetic desktop image you’ll want to try. Click the download button for a watermark-free image.


Creeper Meat Boy

Minecraft Creeper Boy Wallpaper
Screenshot by Mish

Download Image

Pay homage to two great indie games in a single wallpaper featuring a Creeper Meat Boy. Perhaps Notch and McMillen would approve of this crossover?


Scarecrow Field

Minecraft Scarecrow Wallpaper
Screenshot by JackColor

Download Image

Start your day with a dreamy scenery created by JackColor featuring a lonely scarecrow in the middle of a crop field.


Diamond Block

Minecraft Diamond Block Wallpaper
Screenshot by OscarA06

Download Image

Diamonds are a highly-sought resource to improve our gear and show off to our friends with endless Jukeboxes. This Minecraft background captures the essence of the Diamond block in all of its glory.


Kitty, Kitty

Minecraft Kitty Wallpaper
Screenshot by Creton

Download Image

Cats are wonderful animals, although sometimes they can get on our nerves pretty easily. Get yourself a nice Minecraft wallpaper featuring this lovely furball causing some chaos inside a house!



Minecraft Alex Face Wallpaper
Screenshot by halo4guest

Download Image

While Steve will always be the iconic default character, we cannot deny Alex’s charming look. Check out this wallpaper by halo4guest and comment below if you decided to use it as your latest Minecraft background image!


Gotta Relax

Minecraft gotta relax Wallpaper
Screenshot by MCPROD

Download Image

It’s been a long day mining and fighting mobs, so why not take a seat and relax? The following Minecraft wallpaper by MCProductions is a delightful scenery, but we doubt one could find such a peaceful group in the game.


Mangrove River

Minecraft Mangrove River Wallpaper

Download Image

Here’s another scenic view for those players who love the Mangrove biome from Minecraft 1.19. With a river cutting through the center and mangrove trees towering on each side, it captures the essence of the biome. Click the download button for a watermark-free image.


Minecraft Grass

Minecraft Dirt Block Wallpaper
Screenshot by Ziwax

Download Image

We always enjoy seeing different artistic approaches to items and blocks, and this wallpaper ticks all the boxes on our list with a zoomed-in Grass texture.


Village Gate

Minecraft Village Gate Wallpaper

Download Image

Yet another screenshot of our own builds, this background shows a village entrance gate next to a diorite and concrete inn. With Azalea Trees, cobblestone, and wooden accents, it’s perfect for players who love medieval builds. Click the download button for a watermark-free image.



Minecraft Treehouse Wallpaper
Screenshot by soongpa

Download Image

Who hasn’t built their dream homes in Minecraft? You can have an incredible treehouse base as your default desktop image thanks to soongpa.

Final Thoughts

Which one was your favourite background? Are you planning to use several of them for your devices? We would absolutely love to hear about your favourite Minecraft background images, so leave us a comment down below for a chance to get your favourites featured!

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