20 Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods (2024)

Reinvent Your Bedrock Experience!

Ryan Day
Ryan Day
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Java edition being more customizable than Bedrock is a thing of the past. With more modders supporting the Bedrock edition, a plethora of customizable options are available for Bedrock fans online.

Today, we’re going to review some of the best Minecraft Bedrock mods that you can use to breathe new life into your pixelated world. 



Pokedrock In-Game Screenshot

Here is one of the most popular Minecraft Bedrock mods that will stop you from drooling over Java’s Pixelmon. SERP Pokedrock brings a complete Pokemon experience to your pixelated world. It works with the latest version of Minecraft and features combat systems, mounts, and real Pokemon evolutions. 

Most generation 1 Pokemon are available in Pokedrock, and more are being added every update. 


Mythological Craft

Mythological Craft
Mythological Craft In-Game Screenshot via W3NDY

Here’s a Minecraft Bedrock mod that will capture the hearts of mythology fans.

Mythological Craft is a full-blast mod that adds mythical creatures and structures you can battle, tame, and explore. This mod features famous mythology creatures like Cyclops, Cerberus, and Medusa.

Mythological Craft also adds new items that complete the whole mythology experience.


Morphing Bracelet

best minecraft bedrock mods
Morphing Bracelet In-Game Screenshot via CookieDookie

This mod adds a magical bracelet to your world that allows you to morph into several mobs. All you need to do is slay a mob while the Morphing Bracelet is in your inventory and you’ll be able to transform into it.

Currently, you can transform into most mobs in the game, including evokers, guardians, piglins, and more. However, not all abilities of each mob are currently available.


Total Carnage

best minecraft bedrock mods
Total Carnage Thumbnail

Looking for fun and thrilling action in your world? This Minecraft Bedrock mod adds over 200 monsters in the game, 800+ new items, and over 500 blocks. Total Carnage allows you to battle various monsters, from basic mobs to destructive monsters, with varying behaviors and moves. 

The mod is still an ongoing development, so some items are currently useless. Nonetheless, this is a fun Bedrock mod that you can try if you are looking to test your skills. 


ActualGun 3D

best minecraft bedrock mods
ActualGun 3D In-Game Screenshot via PixelPoly Digital

With the ActualGun 3D mod, you can add a Modern Warfare vibe to Minecraft Bedrock. This mod adds high-quality, fully animated guns into the game, redefining your combat experience.

Currently, there are 9 guns available on this mod that are balanced in their own ways. From shotguns to assault rifles, there’s a weapon available based on your tactical need!


Modern Furniture

Best Minecraft Bedrock Mods Modern Furniture
Modern Furniture Mod Sample

If you love designing houses in Minecraft, this Modern Furniture mod will be a great addition to your builds. 

Basically, this Bedrock mod provides over 40 modern and colorful pieces of furniture to decorate your home. From glass tables to bookshelves, you’ll surely find a piece of furniture to put in your home with this mod. 


More Tools

More Tools
More Tools In-Game Screenshot

Feel like you are being limited by the six default tools in vanilla Minecraft? You should check out this More Tools mod. 

This Bedrock mod works with version 1.20 and brings 40+ armor types, 20+ decorative blocks, and a whopping 900+ new tools to check out. Test your survival skills with these items and make the Overworld your own! 


Double Tool Durability

Double Tool Durability
Double Tool Durability In-Game Screenshot via Itsme64

Are you tired of making tools that easily break? This Double Tool Durability mod doubles the durability of your tools, allowing them to last 2x longer than usual. The best thing about it is that it also applies to Unbreaking enhancements. 


More Food

More Food
More Food Mod Thumbnail

Have tons of ingredients that you don’t know what to do with? This Bedrock mod will allow you to cook more dishes out of Minecraft’s vanilla resources. More Food provides players with better food options like fried eggs, burgers, ice cream, and more!


Backpack Plus

best minecraft bedrock mods
Backpack Plus In-Game Screenshot

With Backpack Plus, you don’t have to decide between dropping some stones for your ores, as you’ll have plenty of storage space to carry everything.

Backpack Plus works similarly to other backpack mods on Java. It gives you extra storage space and makes inventory management a breeze.


No Villager Restocking

No Villager Restocking
No Villager Restocking Thumbnail

If you want to speed up your gameplay or obtain items faster, this is a great mod that you can add to your world. 

Besides being a great way to earn EXP and emeralds, trading with villagers also allows you to unlock items that can only be obtained through trades. This Minecraft Bedrock mod will allow you to trade an unlimited amount of times with any villager without them having to restock. 


More Simple Structures

More Simple Structures
More Simple Structures Sample

A good Minecraft seed can provide interesting spawn points with different structures. However, this Bedrock mod adds naturally spawning structures to your world, providing new ways to enjoy exploration. 

The More Simple Structures mod not only increases the number of structures in your world but also offers new features like campsites, pyramids, desert houses, and more.

This mod also adds some attractions like magma vents, rock formations, and head statues, making it one of the best Minecraft Bedrock mods of all time.


Vein Miner

best minecraft bedrock mods
Vein Miner In-Game Screenshot

At some point, I know you’ve wished there was a faster way to cut trees or mine ores. Well, Vein Miner is a godsend.

This Minecraft Bedrock mod overhauls how you collect resources. With a single chop, you can take down an entire tree and collect all the wood it gives. You can also mine a single ore block and watch an entire vein collapse.

This mod offers an easier way to collect resources to build your fortress faster.


Better Villager Trades

Better Villager Trades
Better Villager Trades In-Game Screenshot

Here’s another trade mod that will help you unlock items and progress faster. Better Villager Trades changes almost everything about Minecraft trading. Every trade will be different. Some trades would be cheaper, while others will make you earn more emeralds. 

For instance, you only need 4 Coal/Charcoal to get 1 Emerald instead of 15 Coal/Charcoal for an Emerald. 


Vanilla Twilight Addon

best minecraft bedrock mods
Vanilla Twilight In-Game Screenshot

If you’re looking for some challenge, this mod gives plenty. Vanilla Twilight adds goblins to your world, which raid your gardens and feed on your livestock.

This mod gives additional challenges to the game, forcing you to think of crafty ways to protect your crops and animals. What’s great about this mod is that goblins have different variants with unique skills, strengths, and weaknesses.


Expansive Biomes

Expansive Biomes
Expansive Biomes Sample

The Trails and Tails update introduced the new cherry blossom biome. As it stands, there are 23 different biomes in Minecraft 1.20, ranging from normal overworld regions to the dangerous End. 

While 23 biomes sound like a lot, they can get old fast for veteran players. If you want to add new life to your world, you can check the Expansive Biomes mod for Bedrock. This mod adds over 18 new biomes for you to find and explore. 


World Animals

World Animals
World Animals Mod Sample

Vanilla Minecraft has over 20 animals, ranging from normal horses to rarer axolotls. If that number is not enough, you can expand the pool with this World Animals Minecraft Bedrock mod. 

This mod adds a variety of new animals to your world. Most are aggressive, while others can be tamed or mounted. Besides real-world creatures, this mod also adds ancient beasts like Mammoths. 


Go-Kart Add On

Go-Kart Add On
Go-Kart Add On In-Game Screenshot

This Go-Kart add-on for Bedrock allows you to simulate the experience you’ll get with Mario Kart.

What this mod provides are 16 different Go-Karts that you can drive around different terrains and biomes. You can also make different tracks and invite your friends to do some exciting races.

The Go-Kart add-on also features sounds and animations that add a more realistic driving experience.


Smelting Plus

Smelting Plus
Smelting Plus Mod Sample

Here’s one of the best Minecraft Bedrock mods that will allow you to make better use of your resources. 

Smelting Plus is a nice add-on that offers better recycling when smelting your items. Instead of receiving iron nuggets or gold when you smelt, this mod upgrades that into gold ingots, iron ingots, netherite ingots, or diamonds. 

This mod works with furnaces and blast furnaces. 


Vanilla RTX

Vanilla RTX
Vanilla RTX In-Game Screenshot

Vanilla RTX is one of the best physically based rendering packs for Minecraft. This mod allows players to use ray tracing by providing detailed PBR maps. It also includes fog configurations for better world reproduction. 

This Bedrock mod works without changing the vanilla experience, bringing ray-tracing capabilities to default resources.


That’s it for our list of the best Minecraft Bedrock mods. We hope that we helped you improve your gameplay and experience. 

With Minecraft’s expanding community, the possibilities for customization are endless. From adding new structures to improving vanilla graphics, there are surely dozens of interesting mods for Minecraft Bedrock that you can test. 

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