15 Best Minecraft Fabric Mods (2024)

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Andreas Ojala
Andreas Ojala
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If you’ve been playing Minecraft for a long time, you’ve probably reached a point where the game feels repetitive

To add some excitement and fresh air, why not try mods? 

Fabric is a lightweight mod loader that allows you to use mods on both client and server sides. It’s also a great alternative to the more popular Forge mod loader

Today, we’ve picked out the best Minecraft Fabric mods that give your game a fresh twist. 


Just Enough Items

Just Enough Items
Just Enough Items In-Game Screenshot

Despite being released in 2015, Just Enough Items remains to be a valuable mod for Minecraft players. This mod adds a detailed and user-friendly interface that allows you to view item recipes in-game. 

You can also search for items and blocks, so you don’t have to manually look for them in your inventory. While selecting a block, Just Enough Items will show all the ways to craft it and the materials you’ll need. 

Overall, this mod is super helpful especially for players who just started playing Minecraft or when trying out new modpacks. 


Mouse Tweaks

best minecraft fabric mods
Mouse Tweaks In-Game Screenshot

I love simple Minecraft tweaks that improve quality of life. Here’s another Fabric mod that allows you to craft items faster. 

By default, you need to click and drag one block at a time while crafting. With this mod, you get new dragging mechanics and the option to use a scroll wheel to move items around. You can also move items to another inventory by just holding the left mouse button. 



best minecraft fabric mods
Controlling In-Game Screenshot

If you use keybinds in Minecraft, Controlling is a must-have mod. This Fabric mod simplifies key bind management by offering a search feature within the keybinding menu. 

Additionally, the Controlling mod also lets you know of keybinds that conflict with each other, making it easier to fix them. You can also view the remaining keys that are still available for binding using this mod. 



best minecraft fabric mods
GeckoLib Logo

If you’re looking for an animation engine for Minecraft mods, then you can try GeckoLib. This Minecraft Fabric mod offers extensive support for 3D keyframe-based, event-driven, math-based, and concurrent animations. 

Basically, this mod is a powerful tool that allows you to bring your custom creations to life with dynamic and immersive animations. 



AppleSkin In-Game Screenshot

Whether you are playing vanilla or modded Minecraft, AppleSkin is a great addition to your experience. 

This mod shows your character’s hunger and saturation levels that can be helpful when you’re on a journey or trying to conserve your food supply to make it last longer. 

While holding a food item, this mod shows how much hunger is restored, eliminating the need to pay attention to restoration value of each food item. A simple addition that makes the game so much easier. 


Journey Map

Journey Maps
Journey Map In-Game Screenshot

Have you ever set on an exploration only to get lost and not make it back to your base? 

If this often happens to you, consider using the Journey Map mod. This is a quality-of-life mod that serves as an internal compass that tracks the places you’ve been to while traveling your world. 

This allows you to explore far without worrying about not making it back to your fortress.



best minecraft fabric mods
Clumps In-Game Screenshot

If you love farming XP, Clumps is a must have mod. This Fabric mod groups nearby XP orbs together, allowing for easier collection and better XP management. 

Besides quality-of-life improvements, this mod can also help reduce lag and increase performance when there are tons of XP orbs in a single area. 


Enchantment Descriptions

best minecraft fabric mods
Enchantment Descriptions In-Game Screenshot

For new players, quality-of-life mods are the best. Here’s a Fabric mod that gives information about enchantments.

When you hover your cursor over an enchantment, it shows the effect it gives, eliminating the need to look for it online. 

Although a very simple mod, it makes it easier for you to enchant weapons and tools. 



Comforts Sleeping Bag & Hammocks Screenshot

If you love exploration, Comforts is a must have mod for you. This mod adds functional sleeping bags and hammocks to Minecraft. 

Sleeping bags are like normal beds but they do not set your spawn point upon usage, preserving your spawn point at your home base. Like beds, sleeping bags come in different colors. However, they can be stacked and more convenient to use on adventures. 

Hammocks, on the other hand, are like inverse beds that turns day to night.



AttributeFix Logo

If you’re using other mods that increase weapon damage or your HP but doesn’t seem to work, it might be affected by Minecraft’s attribute cap. 

To bypass this, you can use AttributeFix. This simple mod allows affected mods to work by increasing attribute caps for max health, follow range, movement speed, attack speed, damage, and more. 



Modern Fix
ModernFix Logo

ModernFix is a great performance booster if you are using entry-levle systems or running multiple mods at once. 

This Fabric mod excels in optimizing Minecraft’s overall performance, reducing memory usage, and fixing bugs in recent Minecraft versions. It’s also compatible with version 1.16 onwards, allowing you to play older versions. 

You can also explore built-in options on this mod to reduce RAM usage of large modpacks. 


Carry On

Carry On
Carry On Logo

Block placement and management is often a challenge in Minecraft. However, you can change this by using Carry On.

This mod allows you to pick up, carry, and place single block entities like chests, furnaces, droppers, and other machines using your hands. 

Now, you can rearrange your base without having to break a single block or item. 


Not Enough Animations

best minecraft fabric mods
Not Enough Animations In-Game Screenshot

When you play in third-person mode, you’ll notice that animations for this point of view is lacking. 

With Not Enough Animations, you can address the absence of essential third-person animations in Minecraft. It adds missing third-person animations and improve existing ones to accurately mirror first-person counterparts. 

Not Enough Animation is a standalone mod and compatible with vanilla and third-party servers. 


Aquaculture 2

Aquaculture 2
Aquaculture 2 In-Game Screenshot

Here’s a mod that improves Minecraft’s fishing system. This mod adds over 30 new fish to catch either with a rod or you can find swimming in the wild. Aquaculture 2 also adds a series of new fishing rods that allow you to attach hooks and baits. 

You can also add customized fishing line and bobbers to further enhance your fishing experience. 

Each biome also gets new types of fish that can be found swimming around rivers, ponds, and oceans. 


Towns & Towers

best minecraft fabric mods
Towns & Towers In-Game Screenshot

Towns & Towers is a Minecraft mod that adds new villages, pillager outposts, and even ships to your world. The structures affected by this mod are a bit more detailed compared to their vanilla counterparts, which elevates your overall experience. Nonetheless, each structure still fit Minecraft’s world seamlessly. 

Besides that, many of the new structures are inspired by real-life buildings and architectural styles, giving Minecraft a fresh new feel. This mod adds over 50 structures, so you have plenty to explore. 


Adding mods to Minecraft breathes new life into the game. 

The Fabric mod loader is a lightweight alternative with tons of mod options available. From quality-of-life enhancements like Just Enough Items and Mouse Tweaks to immersive additions like Journey Map, these mods surely cater to different playstyles. 

Whether you want convenience, performance boost, or expanded content, the mods we’ve included above promises a renewed adventure and experience to the game we all grew up playing. 

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  • Hi, I’m the creator of A Cute Little Crock Pot.
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for putting my mod on this list! Being mentioned in the same breath as mods like REI and Sodium has made me so, so happy.

    • I’m so glad you love it!
      I know it’s a year after your original comment, but I appreciate everything people say about my little mod.
      Hopefully, it’s still bringing you just as much joy now.

  • I was tryna host a smp, but everyone got bored of ti and wanted some more interesting. I found this and ti really helped. tysm!

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