10 Best Minecraft Farming Mods

Paulina Rodriguez
Paulina Rodriguez
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Minecraft’s sandbox nature allows for players to live almost any type of adventure they can imagine. But not everyone wants an action-packed adventure, killing hostile mobs and surviving in the wild. Sometimes all we need is to settle on our farms with a bunch of animals and avoid conflict if possible. That’s why we’re bringing you our list with the 10 best Minecraft farming mods to consider for your next adventure. Whether you’re looking to access more food options or completely revamp the way you play the game, these mod packs should scratch that itch!


Pam’s HarvestCraft 2

Best Minecraft Addition Farming Crops Pam's HarvestCraft Food Core
Screenshot by Mackerman

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Pam’s HarvestCraft must be one of the most well-recognized and best Minecraft farming mods out there for a good reason. The sheer amount of items and blocks it adds to your game completely changes the way you think about your playstyle. It was obvious that it would get a much-necessary revamp to stay updated with all the new features added in more recent releases.

Pam’s HarvestCraft 2 also features three add-ons meant to expand the crops and trees aside from adding even more recipes to the already extensive library it offers.


Farming for Blockheads

Best Farming Mod for Minecraft Market Crops Plants
Screenshot by BlayTheNinth

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If you want to improve your farming experience without interfering too much with the vanilla experience, Farming for Blockheads is the best Minecraft farming mod for that. Its main addition is the Market block, which allows you to buy farming supplies like seeds, saplings or even bone meal.

You also obtain other useful enhancements to make your farm life a reality like fertilizers, a chicken nest to incubate these animals and a feeding trough to automatically feed your animals. The good news is that it’s compatible with Pam’s Harvestcraft, so you can make your farming experience even more complex and complete.


PlantTech 2

Crossbreeding Farming Resources Minecraft Best Mod for 1.16.5
Screenshot by SetrionGaming

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If you want to survive in Minecraft, you need to find a reliable source of food to ensure your hunger levels don’t go too low. However, you’re mostly limited to killing animals and growing a bunch of crops to create a few recipes.

With PlantTech 2 you basically add genetic engineering to your Minecraft world by allowing you to crossbreed from vanilla crops to almost every resource crop included within the mod pack. It also includes the necessary machinery to create everything almost from scratch, so you will be spending countless hours exploring the new content for your farming efforts!

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Mystical Agriculture

Essence Farming Mod for Minecraft 1.16.5 Best Agriculture Science Magic Add-on
Screenshot by Sedesin

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Do you want to combine farming with a splash of magic? With Mystical Agriculture you can take your farming skills to a whole new level by using crops to grow essences used to craft a wide variety of items and materials. The mod pack includes brand-new ores and items to help you harvest the resources’ essence and collect the mob’s souls.

If you don’t want to enter completely blind to the experience, the description page includes a brief guide on how to get started with Mystical Agriculture. It’s a fun way to reinvent the classic farming experience and we strongly suggest combining it with other magic mods out there.

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Food Drink Mod Minecraft Farming Best Additions Singleplayer
Screenshot by thethonk

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Do you want to have endless crop fields surrounding your base to admire? We always welcome more variety in Minecraft and Croptopia marks all the boxes for one of the best Minecraft farming mods out there.

It adds over 200 types of food, over 25 tree crops and +50 crops, which will naturally spawn in a new Minecraft world after installation. All it takes is to right-click the fully grown crop to harvest, avoiding the annoyance of having to replant seeds manually every time. The sheer amount of recipes added with Croptopia will ensure you have a rich diet and more than plenty of food to replenish your health.

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Farmer’s Delight

Farmer's Delight Mod Best Farming Minecraft Crops Fertilizers
Screenshot by vectorwing

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Starting with a new Minecraft world opens the doors to experiment with mod packs in exciting ways. Farmer’s Delight expands the available farming and cooking in Minecraft to include a wider variety of meals and ingredients alongside some much-appreciated utilities to improve your farming skills. From fertilizers, new tools and decoration items, live the farmer’s life to its fullest! For now, the mod is only available for 1.15 and 1.16, but it’s so the good news is that this Minecraft farming mod is available for Forge and Fabric. There’s room for every player to test Farmer’s Delight and explore the mod for themselves!

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Nether’s Delight

Nether Food Farming Ingredients Best Minecraft Mods for 1.16
Screenshot by vectorwing

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We don’t usually showcase add-ons as separate entries in our Minecraft lists, but we must make an exception for Nether’s Delight. As the name suggests, Nether’s Delight it’s an addon for Farmer’s Delight that seeks to have recipes and ingredients straight from the hell realm. Nether mobs now drop delicious ingredients that you can incorporate into your diet. It’s a minor tweak that enriches the Minecraft farming experience further. We don’t get to see Nether food mods often, so it deserves a little spot in our best Minecraft farming mods list!


Spice of Life: Carrot Edition

Best Boost Minecraft Mod Farming Rewards Spice of Life
Screenshot by lordcazsius

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What’s the point of adding a wider variety of ingredients and recipes into Minecraft if they don’t offer a substantial difference?  Rather than modifying the way to plant crops and harvest other ingredients, this Minecraft farming mod intends to reward the player whenever they consume a diverse diet. You can gain new heart containers by eating a certain amount of different food items which you can customize as you see fit.

As we’ve seen with other Minecraft farming mods in this list, Spice of Life: Carrot Edition works great with other food mods like Pam’s HarvestCraft to incentivize searching for new recipes. It’s an indirect improvement that many players will appreciate!

As a fun fact, we have already listed the Best Food In Minecraft available in any vanilla game so that you can have a good reference on what new recipes will benefit you the most.


Flower Seeds

Flowers Seeds Decoration Items Minecraft Best Farming Mods
Screenshot by Trhod177

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As the name implies, this Minecraft farming mod intends to help you plant and harvest any flowers available in your game. Whether you want to dye wool or have an immense flower garden, you just need to combine a flower with seeds to craft 2 seeds for that specific plant. Then it’s only a matter of right-clicking on top of farmland and you’re all set! Flower Seeds is a nice addition to any Minecraft world since it incorporates a straightforward mechanic that can also work with mods like Cyclic and Terra Incognita.

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Harvest Scythes

Best Minecraft Farming Tool Scythe Crops Utility Mod
Screenshot by LordDeatHunter

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If you want to slightly tweak your Minecraft farming experience with just a single item, then we have the perfect mod for you. Harvest Scythes aims to only add a scythe tool available in different tiers just like any other tool in Minecraft. It’s only a matter of right-clicking with your brand new scythe to harvest all fully-grown crops and immediately replant them. 

As a side note, Harvest Scythes introduces a tier system that will determine whether your tool will harvest a specific area in a circle or square. The great news is that this mod pack supports a wide variety of modpacks with unique tool materials, so you basically obtain an almost endless surplus of scythes with varying degrees of efficiency!

Growing your food and taking care of your animals in Minecraft is a highly satisfying experience for players who like more relaxed gameplay. We’d love to see these creators continuing to work on their projects and release updates. Which one of these mods would you like to incorporate into your game? Let us know in the comments below!

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