10 Best Minecraft Interior Design Ideas

Andreas Ojala
Andreas Ojala
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A Minecraft house is not complete when you’ve completed the exterior. Additionally to the outside, you need to make sure that the inside looks the part as well. Just think about it; you wouldn’t hang with a guy that looks good but doesn’t have a great personality. The same goes with your Minecraft house.

So in this blog post, you’ll learn how to create ten different Minecraft interior design ideas. If that sounds interesting, then continue reading.

A Quick Note About These Minecraft Interior Design Ideas

Before I show you all the fantastic Minecraft interior designs, you must know one thing. Most of these rooms require a lot of space. So you’ll either have to shrink them to the size of your survival house or just build bigger homes.


Bedroom Interior

Minecraft Interior Design Idea - Bedroom

Build Tutorial

Like you, your Minecraft character needs a place to rest and sleep. So instead of building the same old bed, why not give him a great-looking place to relax? When you follow the Minecraft interior design tutorial, you’ll create a beautiful room in your modern house to sleep in.

The room includes everything you want: a king-sized bed, a closet for your clothes, and even a mirror. But that’s not all! You’ll also find a second part of the room with a bath!

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Living Room Interior

Minecraft Interior Design Idea - Living Room

Build Tutorial

It’s not enough to only have a great-looking bedroom! Another essential part of your modern house should be your living room. But how should you make one?

Well, with this Minecraft interior design tutorial, you’ll get a very stylish and minimalistic one. In there, you’ll find a very sleek fireplace, a massive wall-mounted TV, and even a humongous bookshelf. 

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Kitchen Interior

Minecraft Interior Design Idea - Kitchen

Build Tutorial

Got your Bedroom? Check. Got your Living room? Yep. Well, now all that is left is to build a kitchen for your character to cook and eat in. Instead of making the same old furnace and calling it a day, why not create something more impressive.

With this Minecraft Interior design tutorial, you’ll create a modern/suburban kitchen that has everything you want. You’ll have many shelves to fill in with ingredients and two lightning-quick smokers for making your delicious dinners. You’ll even get a small dining table to eat in.


Bathroom Interior

Minecraft Interior Design Idea - Bathroom

Build Tutorial

While you might get away with no bathroom on your medieval build, it’s absolutely essential for your modern houses! Your Minecraft character must refresh themselves, either by taking a refreshing shower or doing their business on the toilet.

But what if you don’t know how to build one? Well, don’t worry, as with this Minecraft interior design tutorial, you’ll learn to do just that. You’ll then understand how to build many things, like hanging towels, toilets, and baths. You’ll even learn how to use the loom to create impressive-looking mirrors.


Throne Room Interior

Minecraft Interior Design Idea - Throne Room

Build Tutorial

No Minecraft castle is finished without a proper throne room. Just think about it; how else can you call yourself a king? So to fix that, I suggest you look at this Minecraft interior design tutorial. 

With it, not only will you build a hall for you to sit in, but you’ll also learn to build a balcony for your guards to keep you safe when attacked!


Map Room Interior

Minecraft Interior Design Idea - Map Room

Build Tutorial

Whether you’re building a medieval world or not, a map room is always a good idea to incorporate into your ultimate Minecraft base. You could use it for two things:

  • First, you could plot your next attacks on a neighboring kingdom. 
  • Or you could just use it as a way to show off your progress.

Whatever you choose, building this Minecraft room should be on your build bucket list.


Storage Room Interior

Minecraft Interior Design Idea - Storage Room

Build Tutorial

No genuine base is complete without a storage room. With it, you’ll be able to store all your junk and valuables without having to worry about losing them. So why not make it into an aesthetically pleasing thing?

This storage room has everything you need. It’s designed to be an underground storage room. That makes it perfect for any build, as you could build it as a basement. Plus, it has so many chests that you’ll never run out of storage.


Enchanting Room Interior

Minecraft Interior Design Idea - Enchanting Room

Build Tutorial

Enchanting is an essential part of your survival world. With it, you’ll make your gear even powerful which makes killing the ender dragon a breeze. However, making it look beautiful is a tricky thing. That’s because you’ll need to find a way to incorporate the 15 bookshelves for maximum efficiency.

So to help you out with it, I’ve linked you to this Minecraft interior design video. With it, you’ll get ten different ideas you can use to make your enchanting rooms look glorious, no matter what house you’re making. You’ll find something that works for you.


Library Room

Minecraft Interior Design Idea - Library Room

Build Tutorial

While a library isn’t needed for your survival house, it can be an excellent room for multiple purposes. For example, you could use it for enchanting or as a place where to write your journal/diary. Or even as a place for your librarian villager to stay in.

So with this Minecraft interior idea tutorial, you’ll have a massive library of books to choose from. You’ll also be able to enchant there and store your most valuable items in the ender chests.


Portal Room Interior

Minecraft Interior Design Idea - Portal Room

Build Tutorial

And ending with our Minecraft interior design ideas listicle is the portal room. In my opinion, no megabase is complete without one. With it, you’ll get easy access to the hellish environment of nether.

Plus, let’s be honest, if it isn’t incorporated some way into your base, it just looks a bit off. So be sure to build one on your next house.


And those were our 10 Minecraft interior design ideas. I hope you found something that inspired you to build in your survival world. And if you know any other cool Minecraft room ideas, then be sure to comment them down below. I’d love to see your unique ideas!

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