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Dylan Crosbie
Dylan Crosbie - Minecraft Expert
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Choosing the right Minecraft launcher for you can be a bit overwhelming. There are dozens out there, some with simple UI for beginners and others for the pros who love tweaking and modding the game

While Mojang’s stock launcher gets the job done for many, it lacks a bit in features that make modding simpler. Here are the best Minecraft launchers that have been voted by the community.

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Prism Launcher

Prism Launcher stands out for its user-friendly interface, streamlining modpack management with easy installation, updates, and maintenance. 

Notably, the launcher also excels in preventing issues like settings reset and world corruption through unique instance management. The launcher is also lightweight and customizable, offering minimal resource usage along with customizable menus and themes. 

Good Stuff Simplified modpack management Fast individual mod management Advanced instance management
Bad Stuff Limited mod sources Learning curve
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2 /12

CurseForge Launcher

If you have experience with modding Minecraft, you’ve likely heard of CurseForge. They offer a slick launcher with an extensive mod library and resource packs. 

With an interface designed by Overwolf, the launcher lets you easily explore mods and resources. 

What’s great about CurseForge is that it supports automatic updates, keeping your Minecraft add-ons updated. However, the launcher has ads that can be removed through subscription. 

Good Stuff Download mods directly from CurseForge Auto-update feature for all add-ons Easy to use interface with nice color grading Well-optimized and stable Has support for other games
Bad Stuff Contains advertisments Needs monthly subscription to remove ads No support for fabric mod packs Requires default Minecraft launcher
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3 /12


MultiMC is a launcher that caters to seasoned players who are deep in modding. It excels in managing Minecraft versions and profiles, making it a great choice for advanced players.

While the launcher has a steep learning curve for beginners, the flexibility and customization options it offers are highly rewarding. The launcher only demands minimal system resources to run and is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux.

If you’re coming from another third-party launcher, MultiMC offers a file and settings import feature for seamless transition.

Good Stuff Support for all operating systems Compact file size and well-optimized Support for major mod services (FTB, Technic packs, and more) Allows direct installation and separate instances of forge and fabric Developer is part of Mojang’s development team
Bad Stuff Complicated process of installing/updating mods Interface can be confusing for new players
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4 /12


GDLauncher is an excellent option for players who want to make their own custom mods. Its impressive platform compatibility ensures accessibility to any player regardless of their operating system. 

Like MultiMC, GDLauncher boasts high customizability. Advanced players can tailor the launcher to their preference, enabling specific features only for a personalized experience. 

GDLauncher also supports the import of modpacks from various sources. 

Good Stuff Great for creating custom mod packs Clean user interface Exported mod packs are compatible with CurseForce
Bad Stuff Bigger installation package/size Constantly runs Java processes (not good for entry-level systems)
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5 /12


Undergoing a major overhaul in 2020, SKLauncher evolved into an all-in-one launcher for any player. After the refresh, it boasted a user-friendly interface that caters to both seasoned and new players. 

It also grants control over crucial settings like RAM usage, Java executable arguments, and language preference. 

What sets this launcher apart is its robust support for premium accounts, making it a great option if you want to manage all your Minecraft versions. 

Good Stuff Support for 20+ languages Simple user interface Frequent updates and fixes Supports all major operating systems
Bad Stuff Requires Java 8 with JavaFX to run
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6 /12


TLauncher offers an expansive library of Minecraft versions, giving you an option to go back to Minecraft’s early versions. It also allows users to install multiple versions simultaneously, allowing effortless switches between game versions. 

The launcher excels in simplifying the installation process for Forge with Optifine, ensuring a smooth experience for players who plan on adding mods and resource packs. 

TLauncher is also well-optimized, ensuring excellent performance across all Minecraft versions.

Good Stuff Highly optimized for most systems Support for all Minecraft versions (including Alpha builds) Dedicated mobile app for Android
Bad Stuff Not officially supported (can only play on cracked servers) Some Antivirus flag it as malware Need a subscription to unlock all features
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7 /12

Minecraft Launcher

Often called as Mojang Launcher, Minecraft’s default launcher holds a special place in the hearts of long-time players.

Despite its default status, it surprises users with a rich set of features. It is also integrated with Mojang’s ecosystem, allowing you to manage and play other titles like Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Legends.

If you prioritize vanilla experience and not into modding, then Mojang Launcher is still the safe and best choice.

Good Stuff Best for vanilla Minecraft Support for all Minecraft versions Provides patch notes that you can browse every update Allows you to manage skins directly from the launcher
Bad Stuff Doesn’t offer the best support for running mods and custom packs Difficult to manage data and saves Confusing to run different Minecraft versions
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8 /12


I’ve personally used ATLauncher and it’s a great compact and user-friendly Minecraft launcher.

It stands out by being portable and supports Microsoft accounts. This integration provides access to your purchases, realms, and other content.

ATLauncher also aids users in mod pack management, featuring a dedicated section for installation of mods. You can also browse packs from Modrinth and CurseForge directly from the launcher.

There’s also a ‘tools’ section that provides a handful of utilities, from network checkers to log clearers and skin updates.

Good Stuff Support for active Microsoft account Features unique mod packs exclusive to ATLauncher You can create all types of mod packs, including forge, fabric, vanilla, and alpha
Bad Stuff No support for snapshot and classic Minecraft versions Consumes a lot of RAM when running mods
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9 /12

Technic Launcher

Besides its eight years of experience, Technic Launcher earns its spot on this list for practical features too.

Among its best features is the effortless installation of modpacks, supported by a user-friendly interface that caters to mod-heavy players. Technic Launcher is also available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Good Stuff Easy installation Automatically configures necessary settings upon installation Doesn’t use a lot of system resources
Bad Stuff Some mods in the launcher are outdated Mostly used as complementary launcher
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10 /12

BadLion Client

Based on my experience, BadLion is a great choice for players aiming to enjoy online play without worrying about cheaters.

Setting itself apart in anti-cheating measures, this launcher takes a comprehensive approach to maintaining a fair gaming environment. It even goes the extra mile by incorporating anti-xray addons and other anti-cheating features.

However, this launcher requires a Microsoft account for profile creation.

Good Stuff Emphasis on anti-cheating policy Rewards loyal players Provides an updated list of banned players Allows multiple Minecraft profiles
Bad Stuff Not the best launcher for installing mod packs Needs a Microsoft or Mojang account
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11 /12


VoidLauncher proves to be a great alternative to Mojang Launcher. It stands out as a solid choice for players who are invested in custom modpacks, offering unique features tailored to modpack creation.

Like many launchers on this list, VoidLauncher boasts a user-friendly interface. It comprises four distinct tabs providing access to developer news, modpack catalog, VoidLauncher servers, and modpack creation tool.

Good Stuff Great for trying different mod packs Features VoidLauncher-specific servers Easy mod download and installation Allows you to create custom mod packs
Bad Stuff Some mod packs contain over 30 mods (puts a lot of load to your computer) No support for creating new Minecraft instances
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12 /12

Launcher Fenix

If you speak Spanish, then Launcher Fenix is a great Minecraft launcher to try. This launcher is exclusively available in Spanish, which may pose a challenge for non-Spanish speakers.

Despite the language limitation, Launcher Fenix is impressively lightweight and efficient, ideal for low and mid-tier systems.

Launcher Fenix is popular in regions like Spain, Mexico, and Chile, ensuring an active community where you can find opponents, support, and friends.

Good Stuff Great for Spanish-speaking players Excellent optimization and performance Features all Minecraft versions including Alpha builds
Bad Stuff Only available in Spanish Doesn’t get updated a lot


Choosing a Minecraft launcher is still a personal choice based on your needs and preferences.

If mods are your focus, CurseForge is the go-to, while MultiMC is great for more advanced users. GDLauncher excels with custom packs, TLauncher is great for playing old versions of Minecraft, and SKLauncher prioritizes user experience.

The important thing to remember is to pick a launcher that aligns with your requirements, Enjoy your gaming journey and game on!

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By Dylan Crosbie Minecraft Expert
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  • In recent years I used Launcher Fenix for the options it has and it is the one that updates the fastest, it also allows you to create profiles to have separate things and not everything together in the “.minecraft” folder. The only bad thing and why I left it is because for some reason the LAN connection didn’t work, when I changed to TLauncher it worked perfectly. But if you don’t use the LAN, the truth is that TLauncher is not better at all, it doesn’t have that option to create profiles like Launcher Fenix (at least I didn’t find how) its skins only work with the versions that have its icon, and the worst thing is that some things are locked if you don’t pay the premium… like capes.
    It works fine but I am only going to use it on my notebook for the LAN, on my pc I will continue with Launcher Fenix for being more complete.
    Looking for more I also saw MultiMC but it turns out that it will not be compatible with forge in 1.17 (wtf?), I understand that it isn’t a big update but not giving any support to mods is almost killing the launcher for a year.

  • Bitdefender is detecting virus infection in the TLauncher.
    I got warning:
    TLauncher-2.86-Installer-1.0.1.exe is infected with Gen:Suspicious.Cloud.2.Qx2@aGYuD3ki
    Any comments on this? Anyone seen this already?

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