8 Best Minecraft Library Design Ideas

Transform your fortress into a haven of books and adventure!

Ryan Day
Ryan Day
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Bookshelves are usually disregarded in survival playthroughs due to the cost and effort required to make books. Due to this, we have not seen many libraries in survival games, and players usually just make enough books to power a simple enchanting table. 

If you’re among the rare breed of players who love challenges, you are probably planning to make a library for your fortress. 

To let you know that we fully support your creativity, we’ve decided to list down some of the best Minecraft library ideas in this article. 


Giant Book Library

Giant Book Library

If you’re looking for unique Minecraft library design ideas, this Giant Book Library by MinKraft’s takes creativity to the next level. This library’s design looks like a few books stacked up on each other with a coffee mug at the top. Even the stairs that lead to the entrance look like a bookmark hanging out of the pages. 

The entire library is surrounded by glass windows, which are technically the pages of the book structure. This provides enough natural light, making the entire room feel lively and spacious. 

Inside, you’ll find bookshelves on all sides of the library and lecterns in the middle. There’s also a dedicated reading area with tables and chairs. 


Underground Library

Minecraft Underground Library Ideas

Towering structures are common in Minecraft. However, this underground library by Eli’s Art gives us a fresh idea on how to design buildings for your fortress. 

Instead of stacking up blocks to create the structure, this underground library requires some digging. Being underground, there’s nothing much to see on the exterior besides the massive opening from the surface. 

The interior is where this library shines the most. From the materials used to the design of the bookshelves, you’ll find every bit of this underground library phenomenal. 

Flooring is made from note blocks and Redstone lamps. Some of the Redstone lamps provide light inside the library and they are automatically activated by daylight detectors. 

The entire wall of the library is filled with bookshelves. Ladders are strategically placed across the walls to provide easy access to each shelf. Enchanting tables and ender chests are also available in the library. 


Cottagecore Library

Minecraft Cottagecore Library Ideas

Outside, this building appears to be a normal house with a nice balcony. However, this is actually a full-blown library designed by Croissant Cat. It is heavily inspired by ‘cottagecore‘ an aesthetics that is based of living in the countryside, where life is simple, quiet, and free.

The structure of the library is made from oak wood, cut sandstone, red nether bricks, spruce slab, and polished granite.

Inside the library, you’ll find enchanting tables, cartography tables, jukebox, and bookshelves.

Speaking of being free, you can check The Uncensored Library on Minecraft. This server and map fights for the freedom of the press on countries with censorship and is indeed one of the best library ideas in Minecraft.


Medieval House

Medieval House Library Idea

If you’re a fan of the medieval era, you’ll love this Medieval Library from BlueNerd. From the outside, the library looks like a typical building from medieval times. The walls are made of stones and the roof is wood. 

Wood fences are used for the porch railings and windows are made of trap doors. 

Upon entering the library, you’ll be welcomed by the front desk where you’ll see some bookshelves and lecterns. 

On the right, you’ll see more bookshelves and a standing desk that faces the window, giving you a view of the outside. In the middle of the library, you’ll find the stairs that lead to the indoor balcony. 

The balcony contains more bookshelves and lecterns. 


Dungeon Library

Dungeon Minecraft Library Ideas

Dungeons are generally associated with medieval times and castles. If you are building a medieval world, you can add this Dungeon Library by HALNY to your fortress. 

The entire building is created mostly with iron stones and red bricks. From the outside, you’ll notice the staircase that spans the entire length of the building. There are also towering pillars upfront that are made from red bricks. 

Inside, you’ll find a spacious interior with a big reading area in the middle. All sides of the building are surrounded by bookshelves.

Two stairs are also placed on each side of the library which gives you access to the indoor balcony. Lanterns are placed on the high ceiling to light up the entire place. 

Overall, this dungeon-inspired library is one of the best Minecraft library designs we’ve seen so far.


Aesthetic Enchanting Library 

Aesthetic Enchanting  Minecraft Library Ideas 

What’s great about this enchanting library by LennyRandom is that it can be used for other purposes as well. The exterior of the building uses a rustic design that blends well with naturally generated villages. 

Upfront, you’ll immediately notice the massive roof of the library and the spacious balcony on the second floor right next to a chimney. There’s also a small porch that leads to the main entrance. 

Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by the main hall where you’ll find some lecterns, bookshelves, and enchanting tables. A staircase can be seen on the right side of the door, which leads to the second floor. 

Another staircase can be found on the second floor, which takes you to the balcony. 


Old Library

Minecraft Old Library Ideas

If there’s one thing that separates this build by Twin Saw from other Minecraft library ideas is attention to detail. This royalty-themed structure has unique bits and pieces that make it one of the best library designs we’ve seen. 

This Old Library design used a variety of materials including stone bricks, wood logs, polished and andesite stairs, and more. 

One of the best things about this library is the design of the roof, which features a crown-like structure in the middle. The entire building is filled with long narrow windows that almost span the entire height of the building. 

Inside, you’ll have three levels of floor area that is enough to hold bookshelves, enchanting tables, lecterns, and more. 


Medieval Library Design

Minecraft Medieval Library Design Ideas

Here’s another medieval library design that can give you some ideas for your next build. Unlike, the medieval house design mentioned earlier, this library by LionCheater adapts a majestic design that is more complex to recreate.

What makes this build one of the best library ideas out there is the usage of materials. Despite using simple blocks like stone and wood, the overall look of this library screams royalty. This library will surely look good next to any medieval castle in Minecraft.

The towers surrounding the library and the long staircase that leads to the main door completes the gothic architecture of this build.

Each build on this list showcases unique features and attention to detail. Whether you are a fan of medieval structures, underground buildings, or creative book-themed designs, these Minecraft library ideas opens up endless possibilities for creating your own personal library.

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