20 BEST Minecraft Magic Mods

Paulina Rodriguez
Paulina Rodriguez
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Minecraft is the perfect playground for you and your friends to go on adventures or start to build an empire by yourself. No matter your plans, there’s only one thing certain– you can always find the perfect mods to customize your Minecraft experience that caters to your needs. While you can use your XP to enchant and improve your gear, sometimes it feels like there’s room for so much more. That’s why we compiled the 20 best Minecraft magic mods updated for 1.17 so that you can upgrade your game and become the best wizard (or sorcerer) of all time!

Here are our top picks for the best Minecraft magic mods

These are some of our favorite mods to play the game with. Try and see if these mods don’t cast a spell on you!


Mahou Tsukai

Best Magic Mods for Minecraft 1.17.1 Survival
Screenshot by stepcros

Download Mod

The following Minecraft magic mod comes from stepcros with more than 4 million downloads, and it’s currently the best option available if you want to add some magic spells into your Minecraft world in 1.17.1. You can expect exciting effects and spells focused mostly on their uniqueness rather than on how they’re created. The mod includes mana costs, mana regen, spell sizes, and effects, but keep in mind that you won’t get a spell progression– all of them have creatives uses for your advantage, no matter how simple they look. You can also craft the Mahou Tsukai Knowledge Compendium so that you can access the guidebook in-game.


Elemental Craft

Best Minecraft Mods with Magic Elements Hardcore
Screenshot by Sirttas

Download Mod

The following mod by Sirttas is part of our list because it has a great potential to become one of the best Minecraft magic mods available for newer versions of the game. The project takes inspiration from the classic four elements: fire, air, water, and earth. You’ll be able to gather these elements and use them as crafting resources alongside inert crystals found underground as simple ores. The available crafting recipes are super beneficial since, for instance, shrines will help you extract ores automatically, and binders will allow you to combine multiple items. Just imagine the great potential and gameplay variety you get by installing Elemental Craft!

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Teleport Magic Waystones Minecraft Magic
Screenshot by BlayTheNinth

Download Mod

Waystones by BlayTheNinth is a popular addition to many servers and single-player worlds because there’s no easy way to locate your base once you’re thousands of blocks away. Once you activate a Waystone in the wild or craft one yourself, you can teleport between them without using cheats. This mod also adds Warp Scrolls and a rechargeable Warp Stone that you can use whenever you cannot access a waystone– it’s an absolute must for anyone looking to tweak their Minecraft world with mods!


Potions Master

Potions Enchantments Minecraft Best Mods 1.17
Screenshot by thevortexFoxTopia

Download Mod

Minecraft magic mods aren’t always exclusively about spells and incantations. Sometimes, to become the greatest wizard, you need to excel in alchemy and potion-making! Potion Master by thevortexFotTopia adds brand new potion tiers and items to craft them. The good news is that this mod should work with other mods that include copper, lead, silver, uranium, and much more– it’s only a matter of mixing and combining ingredients to see what you get!



Best Mods for Minecraft Survival Magic Entangled Energy
Screenshots by SuperMartijn642

Download Mod

Up next, we have a simple magic-themed mod by SuperMartijn642 that adds an Entangled Block and Entangled Binder to your Minecraft world. What is their purpose? You bind two blocks together, and as a result, you can interact with either one as if they were the same block. As you can tell, it is a straightforward proposal, but don’t be fooled! With Entangled, you can transfer fluids, energy or items, as well as adding more surface to work with. This Minecraft magic mod works best when you have other mods synergising, but even by itself is an excellent way to add some variety to your game.


Corail Tombstone

Tombstones Magic Necromancy Mod for Minecraft 1.17 Latest Update
Screenshot by Corail_31

Download Mod

One of the biggest annoyances of playing Survival happens when you unexpectedly die and lose all your precious loot. With this Minecraft magic mod by Corail_31, you no longer need to worry about losing your items if you die. You gain access to the Knowledge of Death, a perk system that will grant valuable enhancements, alongside a magic system that relies on souls haunting Decorative Graves you can find around your world.


Ma Enchants

Enchantment Books Best Magic Gear for Minecraft

Download Mod

The enchantments available in vanilla Minecraft are an excellent way to improve your gear once you’ve gathered enough XP. However, some players may find it lackluster once you realise that some enchantments are incompatible with the same item. You can quickly fix this by adding one of the best Minecraft magic mods available for 1.17 by Maciej916, which adds much-needed enhancements to the enchanting pool. That way, you can expect faster attacks, increased XP, and new curses that can hinder your adventures if you’re not careful!



Essence Magic Summoning Minecraft Mod Best Forge
Screenshot by gliscowo

Download Mod

The following Minecraft magic mod by gliscowo adds contraptions made out of souls and other items to create spawners and gear. You can craft the conjuring Enchiridion, which works as an in-game guidebook to learn more about the mods’ new additions. This is one of those Minecraft magic mods available in Forge and Fabric, so all players can enjoy Conjuring no matter what they choose!

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Bewitchment [Fabric]

Fabric Magic Mod Best Spells Curses Minecraft

Download Mod

The following mod by MoriyaShiine will add so many magic elements into your Minecraft world, it will feel like a completely different game! Expect demon pacts, vampires, werewolves, cast rituals, curses and more. You will need to craft the Book of Shadows with a book and the new Mandrake Roots that you can obtain by breaking grass. While it’s only available via Fabric, it’s an attractive Minecraft magic mod that will turn the vanilla experience upside down!


Village Artifacts

Magic Artifacts Best Minecraft Mods 1.17.1
Screenshot by Lothrazar

Download Mod

Village Artifacts may be one of the best Minecraft magic mods to enhance and make your Villagers more useful by adding artifacts that improve their skills. You can now heal zombified villagers with a Plague Remedy, upgrade your Irom Golems so that they never attack you even if you hit them, and even convert pillagers into Town Guards to help you defend the village against raids. Since there’s no in-game craftable guidebook, you can check the recipes by using Just Enough Items (JEI). Good luck!


Silent’s Gems

Gemstones Minecraft Magic Items Armor Gear for 1.17
Screenshot by SilentChaos512

Download Mod

The following mod by SilentChaos512 adds no less than 48 new gemstones. Instead of using XP to enchant your gear, you can instead use these resources when upgrading at an enchanting table. You also obtain Chaos Gems, granting you a random potion effect when used, and craft Soul Urns that work similarly to Shulker Boxes but feature an upgrade system. These gemstones are perfect when used as building blocks to create light sources, bricks, and glass, but you can also rely upon the full block when building new structures. We strongly suggest that you complement this mod with Silent Gear so that you can also craft tools and armour!

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Mods Rings Amulets Magic Addition for Minecraft Survival Multiplayer
Screenshot by kwpugh

Download Mod

Have you ever wanted to upgrade your gear options beyond Diamond and Netherite? We have the perfect mod for that! Gobber by kwpugh tries to solve that issue by adding new armour, tools and weapons alongside special items like staffs, rings, and medallions. They all try to offer perks and enhancements that will make you feel like the most powerful sorcerer in the entire world. Expect three new ores located in the Overworld, Nether, and The End with and three levels of special rings that can provide item repairing, floating, night vision, and so much more!


Extra Alchemy

Alchemy Mod Potions Minecraft Magic Best
Screenshot by zabi94

Download Mod

Once you found the Nether Fortress, potions are an essential resource after killing some Blazes to farm Blaze Rods, right? Even with the available recipes to obtain various effects, your game can still benefit a lot from Extra Alchemy by zabi94. With this Minecraft magic mod, you’re adding features that will enhance your magic experience beyond enchantments as well.  Not only do you get additional recipes to test, but you can also combine potions, craft a potion bag to store any drinkable brew in it, and even rings that add a semi-permanent potion effect when worn.


Art of Alchemy: Memoriam [Fabric]

Fabric Best Magic Mod Alchemy Artifacts Minecraft
Screenshot by SynthRose

Download Mod

Up next, we have Art of Alchemy: Memoriam originally created by SynthRose and currently maintained by the Fabric modding community to keep their original vision for the mod alive. It heavily relies on the concept of transmutation, adding machinery and ingredients that will help you obtain materials and Essentias to combine and produce substances. It’s extremely fun to interact and experiment with the different materials tiers available, so don’t hesitate in trying Art of Alchemy: Memoriam!

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Healing Campfire

Campfire Magic Buffs Minecraft Survival Singleplayer 1.17
Screenshot by Serilum

Download Mod

The following Minecraft magic mod by Serilum has a straightforward premise: you can now have the Regeneration effect while standing near a campfire. This mod is perfect for those players looking to add some details to their Minecraft game without interfering too much with the original experience. Besides, Healing Campfires add another reason to craft this new light source aside from construction purposes. The author has more than 130 mods available in CurseForge, so don’t forget to check out their profile if you’ve enjoyed this mod!

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Wonderful Enchantments

Mnecraft Magic Wonderful Enchantments Best Mod
Screenshot by Majrusz17

Download Mod

Here you have another great alternative to add enchantments to your game that fit the vanilla vision and allow for better combinations. This Minecraft magic mod by Majrusz17 has 22 enhancements and four curses. What’s interesting about Wonderful Enchantments are additions meant to enchant horse armours and shields. It shouldn’t have any compatibility issues with other mods, so you should have enough variety to enhance your magic world. You have the best excuse to farm XP and enchant plenty of books to obtain all of them!



Mod 1.17.1 Soul Cage Mob Spawner Minecraft Magic
Screenshot by CodexAdrian

Download Mod

If there’s a staple Minecraft magic mod that should always be in your modlist, it’s Soul Shard. Unfortunately, it’s not available in 1.17.1– but Spirit has filled this void by adding a crystal that can catch mob souls and place them in spawn cages to potentially create gigantic farms. Depending on the number of mobs you kill with the crystal equipped, the Soul Cages stats will improve. However, note that this mod is incompatible with Iris if you don’t disable the shader included in Spirit’s installation.


Magical Jewellery

Magical Jewelry Best Magic Additions Amulets Rings Minecraft
Screenshot by Guartinajo

Download Mod

Magical Jewelry by Andi_Erfurt is just as the name implies. Here we have another way to add jewelry that you can equip to obtain random effects. The mod requires Curios API so that your character can use rings, amulets, and bracelets. Each jewelry can have four types of rarities that can grant you better potion and beacon effects. Magical Jewelry is highly customisable, so anyone can start tweaking its settings to balance the effects.



Magic Portal Doors Dimensional Mod Minecraft 1.17
Screenshot by DimensionalDevelopment

Download Mod

Are you looking to add more thrills and secrets while exploring your world? With the following Minecraft magic mod by DimensionalDevelopment, your game will now have several types of Dimensional Doors that will send you to unknown locations such as mazes and treasures. But beware! You can also land in dangerous traps that you won’t be able to escape so easily! The mod includes seven types of doors, and it also allows you to configure an entry of any kind with the effects you set. It’s a fun and exciting tweak that will give you something to look forward to when searching for resources!


Angel Ring

Creative Flying Ring Minecraft Magic Mod Forge

Download Mod

If you’re looking for minor tweaks that improve your experience playing, maybe Angel Ring can do the job just fine. The following Minecraft magic mod by DenisMasterHerobrine is a standalone version that has a single ring that unlocks the ability to fly just like in Creative Mode. To install, you require Forge and Curios API so that you can equip the ring into a specific slot– this ring is available in the previously showcased Gobbler, but the mod author offers almost all items as standalone mods in case you just want something in specific!

And that’s a wrap-up! These are the best Minecraft magic mods available for 1.17. that will add a lot of charm and gameplay opportunities to your world. Don’t forget that many mod authors work tirelessly to update their work. Let us know in the comments below whether your favourite Minecraft magic mod made it into the list!

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