12 BEST Minecraft Mob Farms: Picked By Experts (2022)

Paulina Rodriguez
Paulina Rodriguez
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Part of Minecraft’s beauty is the freedom you get from doing whatever you’d like with your world. You don’t want to fight the Ender Dragon? That’s okay! You can explore the realms or build a nice base for yourself. Do you want to create all of the best Minecraft mob farms to ensure an endless supply of resources? Why not!

Gamers will always optimize the fun out of a game. What if you’re planning a gigantic project that requires a lot of resources, and you want to speed up the process a bit? That’s why we’ve compiled the following list that will help you obtain insane amounts of items and blocks depending on your objectives.

They all range in complexity and effectiveness, so watch the video tutorials carefully and do some additional research if needed. Let’s go!


Guardian Farm

Best Minecraft Mob Farm Easy Guardian Build for 1.18
Screenshots by ianxofour

Watch Tutorial

Most Guardian farms out there require you to drain the Ocean Monument, which can take a long time to achieve. However, ianxofour has uploaded a simple design that doesn’t need this laborious task, and you should have it ready in about an hour or even less if you understand the blueprint.

The good thing about this video tutorial is that not only does it shows you the Minecraft XP farm’s building process, but they also explain why the farm works the way it does. Soul Sand is the essential resource here, allowing Guardians to float to the surface and hump on top of the Scaffolds to move towards the Nether Portals. This transports them into a chamber at approximately y= 190 inside the Nether World and back to a glass shaft once the Nether Portal teleport’s cooldown of 15 seconds wears off. 

The video tutorial also shows a setup near the player’s position with a fully-powered Enchanting Table nearby so that you can instantly enchant as many Books as you can. You will need this since ianxofour claims that you can obtain 180,000 XP per hour with 90k drops per hour when killing the Guardians with a Looting 3 sword. Its simplicity makes it one of the best Minecraft XP farms you can try for 1.18!


Enderman Farm

XP Minecraft Farm Enderman Video Tutorial 1.17 1.18
Screenshots by Moretingz

Watch Tutorial

For many years, the Minecraft Enderman farm was undoubtedly one of the best Minecraft mob farms you could build that struck the perfect balance between XP generated and loot dropped. The following video tutorial by Moretingz claims that you can get from level 1 to 30 in about a minute with this build, which makes it an attractive option for any player. We hope you aren’t scared of the void since you need to get to the lowest -Y point in the End to set the farm.

Get some 21 stacks of your favourite block, two stacks of Carpets and another two stacks of leaves alongside the other materials specified in the video’s description. With this design, the Enderman will get attracted to the Endermite located in the center, and you’ll easily be able to kill them at the bottom of the tower. As a side note, if you’re somewhat terrified of Enderman, we suggest you use a Pumpkin over your head while building the farm.

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Illagers Farm

Best Minecraft Raid Farm Simple Design for 1.18 How to Build
Screenshots by LogicalGeekBoy

Watch Tutorial

Dealing with Illagers can get very annoying soon, especially when you’re trying to go about your business and all of the sudden you need to deal with a raid inside a village. But what if you could exploit this and farm the raid without taking a single hit? That’s precisely what LogicalGeekBoy’s video tutorial is all about.

You need to kill a Pillager and obtain the Bad Omen effect before moving to your AFK platform to activate your farm. Setting the farm in the Deep Ocean is vital to avoid the raid spawning elsewhere since you need to isolate the surface where the mobs’ spawning radius can work. Besides, you need to encapsulate a Villager with a working station with Glass since it’s the minimum requirement for the game to consider it a village and makes the raid appear. The boats surrounding the farm will catch the spawned Vex, making it an ingenious farm design to avoid any damage from the raid. 

Overall, it’s a superb Minecraft mob farm that produces around 6,000 items per hour, so make sure to have enough storage to keep everything!


Piglin Farm

Minecraft Piglin Farm 1.18 Best Mob Farming Design Tutorial
Screenshots by LogicalGeekBoy

Watch Tutorial

The 1.16 Nether update introduced the Piglins as new mobs that can barter Gold in exchange for several items. When killed, they can also drop Gold Nuggets or their Gold weapons. For this entry, we will focus on creating a Minecraft gold farm with Piglins. The following video tutorial by LogicalGeekBoy is perfect for players who prioritize a simple design and make sure to have plenty of Magma Blocks to complete each layer.

According to the creator, you get almost 9 stacks of Gold Ingots per hour using three levels. Of course, you can add or subtract layers depending on your needs. The only actual limit is the number of Magma Blocks you can get your hands on since each layer demands 600 blocks. 

This Minecraft mob farm works by attracting all mobs to the center to fall towards their doom. Like Zombies, Pigling will aggro towards the Turtle Egg and fall to the bottom where you’re setting the Hoppers and Chests. Since it’s such an essential item for this Minecraft mob farm, protecting the Turtle Egg with Trap Doors is crucial to avoid Piglins destroying it and breaking your farm. You’ll have to get on top of the Nether’s Bedrock layer as other similar tutorials describe to maximize your spawns, so don’t forget to bring some Obsidian to create a Nether portal!

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Overworld Hostile Mobs Farm

Mobs Farm Minecraft 1.18 Best Build Video Tutorial Design
Screenshots by Jumper

Watch Tutorial

If you’re not looking for a specific Minecraft mob farm, why not have one that helps you farm *all* of the Overworld mobs in a single structure? In this Minecraft mob farm idea uploaded by Jumper, you create a structure where Skeletons, Zombies and Creepers can spawn and eventually fall to their doom. The killing chamber requires you to have 24 Minecarts stacked on top of each other within a single block, suffocating any mob that happens to fall there. However, this step is optional if you want to gather the XP from these kills.

Each layer will have a pattern with solid blocks and Trap Doors so that all mobs can fall to the lowest floor and get dragged by the water to the killing chamber. Don’t forget to add torches around the surface and inside any caves nearby so that all mobs spawn within the structure, placing Torches between 20 or 30 blocks away from the structure. Find the nearest hill or mountain and start building your next Minecraft mob farm!


Wither Skeleton Farm

Minecraft Wither Skeleton Farm 1.18 Best Setup Video Tutorial
Screenshots by Voltrox

Watch Tutorial

The Nether is an attractive place for complex Minecraft farms to gather all the loot and XP you may need. The following video tutorial by Voltrox improves the concept shown in this upload by ianxofour, producing over 130 Wither Skeleton Skulls, more than 6,000 Bones and at least 3,850 Coal per hour.

The build requires you to use a neat trick to access the top of the Nether with an Ender Pearl, so don’t forget to bring a Flint and Steel with enough Obsidian to create a Nether Portal above. Note that you cannot replace the Nether Bricks since they are necessary to allow fortress mobs to spawn in the bounding box. This spawning area will be located within 4 chunks, and you’ll need to set several Nether Portals in the farm so that Wither Skeletons can teleport to their final destination and you can access the platform above the Bedrock.

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Iron Golem Farm

Iron Golem Farm for Minecraft 1.18 Easy Design
Screenshots by BrianCraft

Watch Tutorial

Rather than spending an eternity mining for Iron blocks, building an Iron Golem farm is the most viable long-term solution if you’re planning on creating massive projects in Survival mode. Even if you don’t need so many stacks of Iron, it’s one of the essential Minecraft farms you need to have if you want to make your life easier. That’s why we’re showcasing this video tutorial of an Iron Golem farm by BrianCraft, which should give you more than 1,500 Iron per hour. 

All Iron Golem farm designs require Villagers enclosed within the farm so that Iron Golems can spawn and fall into the hoppers to recollect Iron. This Minecraft Iron Golem farm is easy to pull off in Survival Mode, but we hope that you’re patient enough to get the Villagers into position! While you’re 100% required to use Minecarts to move them into position, you can also leave only two Villagers and a bunch of Carrots inside their box so that they can breed the third one.

If you’re still in the early game and don’t mind having lower quantities of Iron, there’s also this video tutorial by Voltrox that doesn’t require a Zombie. However, note that this design may need an AFK box for your character since it cannot work during nighttime. The choice is yours!


Shulker Farm

Minecraft Shulker Farm 1.18 Mob Farm Idea Tutorial
Screenshots by Shulkercraft

Watch Tutorial

Shulker Boxes are a fantastic way to transport loads of blocks or items in numbers we couldn’t dimension before 1.11. Now that we’re almost at 1.19, someone was bound to design a Minecraft Shulker farm to ensure you never run out of portable chests. The following video tutorial by Shulkercraft, featuring devilmok’s original design, will produce over 420 Shulker Shells per hour, giving you more than enough to store your stuff.

The project may be time-consuming, considering that you’ll need to manually transport a Shulker from the End, teleport it to the Overworld, force it to teleport inside the contraption, and create the killing area above Bedrock in the Nether. However, if you have spare time and endless patience, we can assure you it’s a worthy project to tackle!

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Phantom Farm

Easy Phantom Farm Minecraft Survival Idea 1.18 1.17
Screenshot by Shulkercraft

Watch Tutorial

We must admit that Phantoms are quite annoying to deal with, but their loot is vital to maintain your Elytra fully repaired and craft Slow Falling Potions. The good news is that there’s an effortless way to farm this flying mob during the night, thanks to this video tutorial by Shulkercraft. This is one of those Minecraft farms that’s so easy to pull off, and you can set it up in less than 10 minutes if you already know what you’re doing. 

The open Fences will trap the Phantoms inside the structure, and the water will drag them straight to you, giving you the perfect opportunity to strike them down and obtain their precious loot. Don’t forget that Phantoms only spawn when you don’t go to bed for at least 3 days, and the spawn rate will increase the longer you stay awake. Since these hostile mobs only spawn during nighttime, it’s not as effective as other Minecraft farms, but it’s still a good addition for any world!


XP Skeleton Farm

Easy XP Skeleton Spawner Farm Minecraft Idea for 1.18
Screenshots by Jumper

Watch Tutorial

Whenever you generate a new Minecraft world, natural spawners will scatter across the world where Skeletons, Zombies or Spiders can consistently appear when the player is close enough to the block. While it’s true that you can also have the same layout for a Zombie Spawn farm, we can’t think of many reasons to grind so much Rotten Meat. Instead, using the Skeleton spawner can grant you an infinite supply of Bones and Arrows for your Survival needs.

The following video tutorial by Jumper is a fool-proof Minecraft Skeleton farm design that has worked in almost all Minecraft versions with slight tweaks. Since this specific blueprint doesn’t include a falling pit for the Skeletons, it doesn’t affect at what height does the spawner appears. This rings especially true now with the increased Y-axis block limit introduced in 1.18.

The idea is to push all Skeletons towards a single area. That way, they fall X blocks so that you can kill them with your weapon. You can also keep track of the spot where Skeletons accumulate and build a falling pit 23 blocks deep so that they can die in a single hit. However, if you don’t feel like digging your way through, just keep some swords in a chest nearby and start swinging at them!

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Slime Farm

Easy Slime Chunk Farm for Minecraft 1.18 How to Build
Screenshots by LogicalGeekBoy

Watch Tutorial

If you’re a big fan of building Redstone contraptions, you’ll likely need tons of Slime blocks in your designs. Eventually, you may need a Slime farm to supply all the Slime without having to chase these mobs around constantly. The following video tutorial by LogicalGeekBoy is a straightforward design that should produce about 25 stacks of slimeballs in an hour.

In some farm layouts, creators suggest using a Beacon since they require you to mine gigantic areas to spawn these mobs. However, you only need to mine a space within the chunk and place four Trap Doors right on the center. Here, you place an Iron Golem that will aggro the Slimes. This will cause Slimes to move towards them and fall into the pit filled with Soul Campsites.

To find a slime chunk, you can either find information on your world’s seed using sites like Chunkbase or use ALT + F3 in-game, which will activate the debug screen and show information related to your Minecraft world.

If you’ve been paying some attention, you can see that this Minecraft farm shares some features with other entries in this list, like needing a platform as high as possible to stay AFK. This is because the spawn ratio for mobs reaches 128 blocks away from the player at all times, meaning that staying at this platform decrease the chance of spawning other types of mobs and maximizing its efficiency.


Creeper Farm

Creeper Farm Easy Farm Design YouTube Video Tutorial by 1.18
Screenshots by Dusty Dude

Watch Tutorial

It’s fun to blow up TNT and destroy your Minecraft world. Gunpowder is a valuable resource when crafting TNT, Fireworks, and Potions, so it was only a matter of time before players figured out the best way to farm it. Dusty Dude has uploaded an extremely easy Minecraft Creeper farm where the most challenging resource to find is… cats. 

Since Creepers are afraid of cats, placing them strategically within the farm makes them fall towards the center. A single layer in this farm requires four cats sitting down on each portion of the floor, so make sure to increase your feline population before starting! As a side note, if you’re trying to build it in Survival mode, you can find cats to domesticate and breed near Villages.

You may wonder how it is possible to only spawn Creepers without getting other hostile mobs on the way. The key here is to use Trapdoors in the ceiling to block Skeletons or Zombies spawning inside the farm. Before closing off the structure, make sure that the center floor’s Trap Doors remain open to allow Creepers to fall.

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Ranking all of these amazing Minecraft mob farms was a challenging process, considering how each can benefit you in different ways. Whether you’re looking to go from level 1 to 30 in record time, gather stacks of resources for your adventure or just try to find a challenging building project to tackle next, we hope that these farms will keep you busy for a while.

Which one of these entries are you going to build in your Minecraft world? Are there any other mob farm designs we missed? Let us know in the comments below, and thank you for reading!

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