10 Best Minecraft Path Designs

Andreas Ojala
Andreas Ojala
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When it comes to building villages and towns on Minecraft, most people focus on buildings like stunning houses, impressive churches, etc. And while that’s important for any town, the surroundings are something that usually gets overlooked.

And that’s sad as it’s usually the missing piece that separates the average villages from stunning towns. So in this blog post, we’re going to help you out with one of these parts; the paths. You’ll get the ten best Minecraft path designs and some tips for building them.

So if that sounds interesting, then keep on reading.

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Organic Dirt Path

Minecraft Path Ideas - Organic Dirt Pathway
Source: TheMythicalSausage

Blocks: Path Block, Dirt, Leave Blocks, Podzol, Cobblestone

When it comes to building paths, you cannot go wrong with this one. That’s because it works for almost any biome your town is situated in. No matter if you’re in a forest, plains, or even a desert biome.

Plus, making this doesn’t require a lot of end-game materials. The only material that you might find difficult to find is the podzol! But others should be readily available in your first hours of gameplay.


Spruce Biome Path

Minecraft Path Ideas - Spruce Biome Pathway
Source: TheMythicalSausage

Blocks: Cobblestone, Spruce Planks, Spruce Trapdoors, Oak Logs

If the first dirt path wasn’t your cup of tea, then this might be. It’s a pathway made out of spruce blocks, making it the best for building in the spruce biome.

It’s relatively easy to get all the materials for it, but it’s going to cost you more, as instead of creating path blocks from dirt, you’ll mainly have to gather lots of wood. But at the same time, you’ll get one of the most impressive Minecraft path designs out there.

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Swamp Biome Path

Minecraft Path Ideas - Swamp Biome Pathway
Source: TheMythicalSausage

Blocks: Jungle Logs, Jungle Planks, Spruce Trapdoors, Unlit Campfires

But what if you decide to make your village in a swamp biome? Well, then you can try out this impressive pathway. What makes this one of the best Minecraft path ideas is that it fits perfectly into the biome.

The path itself is elevated, making it work on both land and water. However, since it mainly uses jungle blocks to work perfectly with the surroundings, it can be challenging to get them. So if you don’t have any jungle near you, you could substitute it with other wood types (except birch)! 


Desert Biome Path

Minecraft Path Ideas - Desert Biome Pathway
Source: TheMythicalSausage

Blocks: Dirt, Dead Bushes, Granite, Sandstone, Leaf Blocks, Birch Plank

It is challenging to build impressive pathways in deserts because wooden pathways don’t work with them, as they are usually too similar to their surroundings. So, for this reason, using darker colors like brown and orange work so great.

In this pathway, you use some unusual building blocks like Granite and sandstone to make it fit with the biome. And the good thing is that the blocks are pretty easy to get. So building this pathway should be easy to make.


Medieval Stone Path

Minecraft Path Ideas - Medieval Stone Pathway
Source: TheMythicalSausage

Blocks: Stone Bricks, Cobblestone, Stone, Andesite

If you’re planning to build a kingdom, nothing is better for this job than the medieval stone pathway. That’s because it fits right in with the walls and more. Plus, getting materials for it is extremely easy.

All you need is various gray stone blocks like cobblestone, stone, and andesite to start building. However, when you do, make sure you have an *X* with you to save materials and make crafting different stone bricks extremely easy.

P.S If you’re building a house on a hill, you can use this design to make a pathway down the mountain.


Mesa Biome Path

Minecraft Path Ideas - Mesa Biome Pathway
Source: TheMythicalSausage

Blocks: Spruce Planks, Jungle Planks, Bricks, Terracotta, Spruce Trapdoors.

Mesas are fantastic places to build your village. That’s because of how different the biome is from the rest. However, creating a complimenting path for it isn’t easy. And this is why this is one of the best Minecraft Path ideas for it.

That’s because the block selection works well. The bricks complement the orange look of Mesa perfectly, while the jungle and spruce planks give a nice contrast to it. 

However, building this might be more complicated since it uses two different wood types! So you’ll need to explore more than with other pathways. But other than that, it’s an impressive Minecraft path design.


Snow Biome Path

Minecraft Path Ideas - Snow Biome Pathway
Source: TheMythicalSausage

Blocks: Snow blocks, diorite, polished diorite, coarse dirt, stone, dead coral blocks, gravel.

But what if you’re planning to live in a snowy area? Then one of the best Minecraft path designs for it is this. With it, you get mostly a gray pathway that compliments the surroundings well.

If you want to make it look even better, I highly suggest building large snow hills to make the area look stunning.


Prismarine Path

Minecraft Path Ideas - Prismarine Pathway
Source: TheMythicalSausage

Blocks: Dark Prismarine, Cyan Terracotta, Dark Oak Logs, Stone

As the name suggests, building this one requires some rare items. The pathway is made out of mainly dark prismarine, which you can find in the ocean temple. And for that, you need some great gear to combat the guardians around the area.

However, when you get it, you’ll be able to make this fantastic path design. What makes it great is that it works for multiple purposes. For example, you could make this pathway for a fisherman village, on the sea village, and so much more.


Cave Path

Minecraft Path Ideas - Cave Pathway
Source: One Team

Blocks: Various Stone Bricks, Redstone Lamps, Andesite Blocks, Cobblestone Walls

When planning to build an underground city, you might want to create a unique and exciting pathway. Well, with this cave pathway, you can do just that. It primarily uses various stone blocks to make it look attractive.

But what I love about this Minecraft path idea is how it uses Redstone lamps for lighting. Not only does it light up the place well, but it also gives some contrast to the usual cave walls.

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Nether Path

Minecraft Path Ideas - Nether Pathway
Source: One Team

Blocks: Cobblestone, Gravel, Blackstone locks, Dead Coral, Crimson Wood, Soul Lanterns, Mushrooms.

Nether is an extremely hostile place for players to be! So building pathways for traversing through this hell landscape is excellent. And one of the best Minecraft path designs for that is this one.

I like this design the most because it uses the blocks you get in there. I especially love its lamp posts as they use both the crimson wood and soul lanterns. However, it also uses some stones and gravel to help make the road distinct from the red landscape.

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Quick Tips for Building a Stunning Minecraft Path

Minecraft Path Ideas - Building Path Tips

So you’ve found a Minecraft path design that you would like to replicate in your survival world? Great, but you don’t know how to make it look good.

While there is no tutorial for it, there are a few tips to keep in mind that help you make the pathway look great. Here they are:

  • Add Curves – If you aren’t creating a modern city, building straight paths isn’t the best idea! Try to add curves to the path, which helps you make it look more natural.
  • Randomize the Blocks – When it comes to making paths in Minecraft, it’s best to randomize similar blocks. For example, when building the walls for the medieval pathway, use different stone blocks randomly to give your path some extra detail.
  • Decorate your surroundings – What separates an average trail from a stunning one isn’t the path itself. Instead, it’s its surroundings of it. So when done building your path, make sure you decorate it with some vegetation and anything else that suits the look.


And those were the ten best Minecraft path designs. So when building, remember to randomize the blocks for added detail. Then add some curves and decorate the surroundings to make it look pretty. 

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