15 Best Minecraft PE Seeds: Ranked (2023)

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Ryan Day
Ryan Day
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Minecraft 1.19 has introduced new breathtaking seeds. With new biomes and fresh mobs, fans are excited to check out these biomes and structures in their adventures. Continuing from our compilation of Minecraft 1.19 seeds, we’ve listed some of the best Minecraft PE seeds in 2023. 

In these worlds, you’ll encounter stunning mountain peaks, massive caves, underground mansions, and more! 


Breathtaking Windswept Forest

Minecraft PE Seeds

Seed: 2499381213956999407
Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

Seed 2499381213956999407 is a remarkable world that offers a range of exciting features. It provides a convenient spawn location that is near water, ensuring that you have access to vital resources needed for a successful start. 

However, the true highlight of this seed lies in its breathtaking windswept forest. Exploring this biome will unveil a mesmerizing sight of hidden caves, waterfalls, and floating forests. 

The stunning beauty of the windswept forest invites you to embark on thrilling adventures to unravel the secrets hidden within the depths of this enchanting landscape. 


  • Ancient City (X: -4,845.6 Z:1,532.7)
  • Woodland Mansion (X: -8,280 Z: 6,552)
  • Shipwreck (X: 520 Z: 6,168)
  • Ocean Ruins (X: 440 Z: 6,264)
2499381213956999407 Chunk Base Map


Dripstone Cave Mansion

Dripstone Cave Mansion

Seed: 3187198980363495911
Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

This seed provides an amazing experience right from the start, as it spawns you on top of a majestic woodland mansion. Adjacent to the spawn point, a vast dripstone cave awaits for you to explore. 

You can also discover the remaining sections of the mansion inside the cave along with a charming small house inside the cave. 

If you don’t want to dwell inside the mansion, you can set up your base inside the cave. 

Venturing out of the cave, you’ll find a vibrant village perched on top, surrounded by breathtaking meadows, lush bamboo jungle, and dark oak valleys. 


  • Trail Ruins (X: -264 Z: 4,504)
  • Ocean Ruins (X: 1,448 Z: 4,504)
  • Ancient City (X: 152 Y: -51 Z: 2,072)
  • Ruined Portal (X: -55,464 Z: -4,168)
Dripstone Cave Mansion Map


Mixed Biomes

Mixed Biomes

Seed: -8096766667026970250
Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

This Minecraft PE seed brings together an extraordinary combination of biomes and structures allowing you to witness the coexistence of desert, jungle, and badlands biomes in one area. 

At the spawn point, you’ll find a jungle portal village that offers a perfect starting point that is surrounded by lush greenery and vibrant life. You’ll also find a desert temple within a short walk from the spawn. 

What makes this seed even more better is the submerged portion of the desert temple that hides some secrets waiting for you to uncover. 


  • Ancient City (X: -53,960 Y: -51 Z: -4,200)
  • Shipwreck (X: -55,016 Z: -4,072)
  • Dungeon (X: -54,889 Y: -48 Z: -3,432)
  • Pillager Outpost (X: -53,160 Z: -4,888)
Mixed Biomes Seed Map


By the Coast

Minecraft PE Seeds

Seed: 743754024839169439
Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

Begin your journey by the coast with this Minecraft PE seed, where you’ll spawn near the water. With a short swim, you’ll reach an ocean platform that offers a peaceful spot to set up your base. 

Venturing further, you’ll spot breathtaking mountain cliffs. These cliffs stand between dense dark oak jungles and frozen peaks, creating a stunning landscape that will leave you in awe. Within this amazing terrain, you’ll also find open and spacious lush caves. 

The caves are filled with soft, glowing light, providing enough space for gathering resources, building hideaways, and going on exciting underground adventures. 


  • Ancient City (X: -56,024 Y: -51 Z: -6,040)
  • Witch Hut (X: -45,224 Z: -6,520)
  • Ruined Portal (X: -47,320 Z: -6,744)
  • Mineshaft (X: 89,880 Z: -1,800)
By The Coast Seed Map


Tropical Survival Island

Tropical Survival Island

Seed: -4753610154430091387
Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

This seed spawns you in a tropical jungle with a nearby floating village in the middle of the ocean. It’s one of the most exciting Minecraft PE seeds to start your journey since there’s an ongoing fight between the villagers and some pillagers. 

If you take a short swim, you’ll find a broken shipwreck. You can explore the ship and find some neat things inside that might come handy for your adventures. You might also find some tools that can help fight the pillagers. 


  • Stronghold (X: 91,892 Z: -2,364)
  • Jungle Temple (X: 120,888 Z: -3,208)
  • Village (X: 118,264 Z: -4,648)
  • Ocean Ruins (X: 118,856 Z: 824)
survival island seed map


Hidden Mansion

Hidden Mansion

Seed: 2426662331382779438
Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

This amazing Minecraft seed has a secret mansion hidden deep inside a dripstone cave. Unlike the previous seed above with a mansion, the cave in this mansion is so massive that you can get lost exploring it. 

However, there’s a weird thing going on with this Minecraft PE seed. Right above the mansion, you’ll find a village that is dwelling on the roof. It’s like the villagers did not even realize that there’s a hidden mansion hiding beneath their feet. 

It’s a very unique seed that you can check out if you want something extraordinary. 


  • Witch Hut (X: -148,456 Z: -329,880)
  • Pillager Outpost (X: 55,368 Z: -235,112)
  • Desert Temple (X: 52,328 Z: -237,224)
  • Ruined Portal (X: 41,128 Z: -230,648)
Hidden Mansion Seed Map


Peaceful Spawn

Peaceful Spawn Minecraft PE Seed

Seed: 320198048006185367
Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

If you are looking for a calm and beautiful place to set up camp, this seed will spawn you right in the middle of a vibrant flower forest. Colorful flowers cover the ground in every direction but its beauty doesn’t stop there. 

The flower forest is nestled in an open-ended valley, with a calm ocean on one side and a flat flower-covered floor that leads up to jagged peaks on the other side. 

As you explore the valley, you’ll come across gentle water streams that gracefully flow towards the snowy peaks. This adds a soothing and serene touch to the landscape, creating a sense of tranquility and harmony. 


  • Jungle Temple (X: 45,624 Z: -228,344)
  • Pillager Outpost (X: 100,376 Z: -498,936)
  • Ancient City (X: 101,848 Y: -51 Z: -499,512)
  • Woodland Mansion (X: 122,424 Z: -496,344)
Peaceful Spawn Seed Map


Picturesque Spawn Point

Minecraft PE Seed: Picturesque Spawn Point

Seed: 5507229187
Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

Prepare to capture some stunning snapshots with this Minecraft seed. It boasts one of the most Instagram-worthy village locations at coordinates (-170, 119, -204). Nestled in the heart of the valley, the village is surrounded by breathtaking scenery, including exposed caves and towering frozen peaks. 

Besides its visual appeal, this seed offers plenty of caves that encompass the village, making it an ideal spot to set up your base. 

Whether you’re an avid explorer or resource collector, the vast network of caves will provide you ample opportunities for thrilling adventures and valuable loot. 


  • Ocean Monument (X: 120,424 Z: -496,472)
  • Witch Hut (X: 115,048 Z: -497,288)
  • Jungle Temple (X: 121,624 Z: -494,952)
  • Shipwreck (X: 158,104 Z: -498,152)
Picturesque Spawn Point Seed Map


Flat Plains

Flat Plains Minecraft PE Seed

Seed: -2285917936224426666
Coordinates of Screenshot: -305 70 -619

At last, the dream seed that many fans had been yearning for has arrived. Upon spawning, you’ll find yourself on a 2000-block-long stretch of flat plains, offering endless possibilities for construction, exploration, and farming. 

The flat plain is adorned with a captivating array of natural wonders as well. Rivers meander gracefully, delicate sunflower fields sway gently in the breeze, and vibrant flower forests dot the plain. 

If you venture to the coordinates -305 70 -619, you’ll be amazed by the double village nestled in a breathtaking meadow valley. 


  • Shipwreck (X: 158,392 Z: -497,240)
  • Jungle Temple (X: 156,376 Z: -496,056)
  • Woodland Mansion (X: 156,664 Z: -496,472)
  • Ancient City (X: 158,776 Y: -51 Z: -494,088)
Flat Plains Seed Map


Structure Frenzy

Frenzy PE Seed

Seed: 433144448344938844
Coordinates of Screenshot: 224 101 261

This amazing seed provides an extraordinary cluster of structures, spanning multiple biomes such as jungles, deserts, ocean savannas, plains, and badlands. This makes it one of the best Minecraft PE seeds in 2023.

At coordinates 224 101 261, you’ll find a combination of four structures including a village, outpost, desert, temple, and even a ruined portal. 

Adding to the wonder of this seed, you’ll also find a flat area of badlands, creating a striking contrast to the surrounding biomes. 

As you venture further, you’ll also stumble upon a shipwreck. 


  • Ocean Monument (X: 159,432 Z: -495,832)
  • Pillager Outpost (X: 160,360 Z: -494,744)
  • Stronghold (X: 158,932 Z: -496,924)
  • Mineshaft (X: 153,976 Z: -491,048)
Structure Frenzy Seed Map


Plains and Village

Plains and Villages Minecraft PE Seed

Seed: 1940919583822173750
Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

As you begin your journey, this seed offers a pleasant spawn point on a beautiful section of plains by the ocean. Nestled on top of a hill, you’ll find a charming village that adds a cozy touch to the surroundings. 

But don’t let the calmness fool you. Take a swift walk through the dense jungle at coordinates 166 136 423, and you’ll find a pillagers mansion. 

This is where your adventure starts. Explore the mansion and you’ll uncover a hidden double dungeon inhabited by zombies and skeletons. 


  • Ruined Portal (X: 154,472 Z: -490,856)
  • Ocean Monument (X: 154,472 Z: -490,856)
  • Ancient City (X: 155,608 Y: -51 Z: -489,896)
  • Mineshaft (X: 156,904 Z: -489,768)
Plains and Villages Seed Map


Mansion, Village, Outpost, & Ruined Portal

Mansion, Village, Outpost, & Ruined Portal Minecraft PE Seed

Seed: 1669179654816208198
Coordinates of Screenshot: -173.663 / 29.94154 / -76.686

This seed is jam-packed with exciting features, making it one of the best Minecraft PE seeds. Situated together on a beautiful meadow, you’ll find a village, a mansion, an outpost, and a ruined portal all in one spot.

It’s like a treasure trove of structures, each offering its own unique surprises. 

Take your time to explore this extraordinary setup and uncover the secrets behind each structure. 

But that’s not all. Take a short walk away from the mansion, and you’ll find an open, lush cave that beckons you to explore its depths. The cave system is massive, offering dozens of paths and passages for you to navigate. 


  • Ancient City (X: 169,880 Y: -51 Z: -485,720)
  • Plains Village (X: 169,352 Z: -485,656)
  • Mineshaft (X: 169,544 Z: -486,120)
  • Ruined Portal (X: 171,752 Z: -486,008)
Mansion, Village, Outpost, & Ruined Portal Seed Map


Multi-Biome Survival

Multi-Biome Survival

Seed: 6580498518238753
Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

This seed is filled with exciting biomes for you to explore. When you start the game, it will take you right next to a massive crater on a stony peak. This can be a central hub for your world. 

On one side, you’ll see wooded badlands with tall mesas and rugged terrain. On the other side, you’ll find snowy areas, perfect for building cozy winter structures. 

But the most exciting part is the long mountain range in the middle, covered with dense jungles. You should also keep an eye on the massive badlands mountain at coordinates 24 262 -668 as it’s an impressive sight to see. 


  • Shipwreck/Cave (X: 170,280 Z: -485,848)
  • Ruined Portal (X: 170,936 Z: -486,008)
  • Mineshaft (X: 171,704 Z: -486,088)
  • Pillager Outpost (X: 171,640 Z: -484,616)
Multi-Biome Survival Seed Map


Mountain Dome

Mountain Dome

Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

This seed has a really interesting starting point that you’ll love. Starting the game, you’ll be taken inside a huge mountain dome that is probably the biggest in Minecraft. The meadow inside the mountain walls is also big. This gives you lots of space to explore and build. 

The best part about this Minecraft PE seed is that you can live comfortably inside the mountain dome without needing to go outside. 

Everything you’ll need can be set up right there, making it a perfect place to start your Minecraft adventure. 


  • Double Mineshaft (X: 170,056 Z: -484,520)
  • Shipwreck (X: 170,520 Z: -484,520)
  • Cheese Cave (X: 170,184 Y: 32 Z: -484,976)
  • Pillager Outpost (X: 171,976 Z: -484,968)
Mountain Dome Seed Map


Mountain Cave

Mountain Cave Minecraft PE Seed

Seed: 6445790121170679386

Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

Last on our list is this amazing Minecraft PE seed with a really cool starting point. In this seed, you’ll spawn right next to a mountain that has a big cave inside. The cave entrance looks epic because the mountain walls are hollowed out to cater to the cave. 

The cave itself is also massive and you can easily get lost exploring it. At the very top of the mountain, there’s also a house where you can see the whole world with a stunning 360-degree view. 

This is an incredible seed where you can start your adventure!


  • Ruined Portal (X: 171,080 Z: -484,312)
  • Ancient City (X: 171,384 Y: -51 Z: -484,808)
  • Cold Ruin w/ Cluster (X: 171,880 Z: -484,328)
  • Mineshaft (X: 169,688 Z: -484,216)
Minecraft PE Seed Map

Overall, the 15 Minecraft PE seeds we’ve listed above are some of the best in the current version. They offer a wide variety of breathtaking landscapes, structures, and biomes for players to explore and enjoy. 

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