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Paulina Rodriguez
Paulina Rodriguez
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Mojang has shown us once more that they’re not afraid of reinventing their formula with the Caves and Cliffs update. Many players are already looking for the best Minecraft PvE maps for 1.17 to enjoy all types of adventures by themselves or setting them up in servers to play with friends. No matter your preference, the following downloadable maps offer countless hours of fun. Enjoy parkour challenges, facing dungeon crawlers filled to the brim with monsters, or test your deduction skills with escape maps!



Get into the abandoned facility in Itos, an exciting PvE map with an intriguing main story.
Screenshot by CastleFive

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We start our list with Itos, a parkour map set in an abandoned technological facility with an exciting story. Set the map’s difficulty at the first level, and you will be delighted with the inventive dialogue system the creator has placed to push the narrative forward. Itos won’t go easy on whoever dares to play it, so be prepared for a challenge…


HauntPuzzled House

Enter the mysterious mansion in HauntPuzzled House and solve the puzzle within.

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Are you looking for a puzzle challenge? In HauntPuzzled House, piece together the story of the haunted mansion and the purpose of your visit as you discover hidden rooms and solve puzzles. The map author has included 256 item frames and three hidden mobs who will unlock bonus content if you’re smart enough to find them!


Sprint Racer

Embark in an insane Mario Kart-themed map by yourself or with friends.

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An incredible combat racing map where you can play by yourself or set up a server with friends. Sprint Racer includes 35 race tracks and 15 battle arenas, an incredible work by its creator to provide one of the best Minecraft PvE maps to test your speedrunning skills. Of course, you can set up a server to compete against your friends, but the solo experience is frankly outstanding with the incorporated AI.


Tranquil Gardens

Immerse yourself in a beautiful and cryptic garden in this PvE Minecraft map.

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Tranquil Gardens is a beautiful puzzle map with pastel tones and mesmerising brain teasers that will blow your mind if you want to embrace the Minecraft vibe peacefully. We are honestly mesmerized by its aesthetic and ingenious puzzles. Sit down, put on your headphones and solve the puzzles!



Battle monster through different levels and face the final boss to clear the stage in Dungeons.

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Dungeons is a map heavily inspired by the rogue-like genre, and we may consider this one of the best Minecraft PvM maps out there.  If you have Optifine installed, the map author recommends turning off connected textures for the best experience. Just for its replayability potential and multiplayer compatibility, even if some of its content still needs polishing according to the creator, you cannot miss this map if you’re a fan of the genre.


Parkour Spiral Infinite

Parkour Spiral Infinite is an insane 500-block-high parkour map.

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If you just want to go all-in with Minecraft’s prolific parkour maps, you can start training your skills with this incredible 500 blocks tall map, with more than a thousand parkour jumps. You’ll need the best reflexes, so hopefully, you already have the best mouse and keyboard to land every jump! Find shortcuts, avoid obstacles and reach the moon!


Monstrosity: Remonstered

Face dangerous enemies in a thrilling dungeon crawler and vanquish the Monstrosity.

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You can never get enough Complete the Monument (CTM) maps in Minecraft, and Monstrosity has earned itself that title by the sheer amount of content available. Now available for 1.17, get Dropped in a massive cavern network with up to three players to conquer dungeons and defeat the Monstrosity once and for all!


Illemana Defense

Defeat the Eldrich in this CTM PvE Minecraft map.

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This insane map places you in the role of a Sage trying to defeat the Eldrich with insane mob waves as you explore the mysterious Valley of Mist. The creator includes a beautiful resource pack to fully immerse you in this wild descent to recover lost magic pieces from these evil creatures.


Sphaerica II

Don’t get lost in this confusing puzzle map created by Qrent.

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Here we have a PvE map featuring a surreal world based on non-euclidean geometry, which has become a genre of itself among Minecraft map creators. This updated version includes an instruction book, also available in Spanish and German to guide you through the map. Featuring seven levels, hop into the elevator and hope you won’t get lost so easily!


Across The Time II

Embark in an epic RPG Minecraft map with Across the Time II.
Screenshot by Piccomaster

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Coming up next, an incredible RPG Adventure story with a semi-open world, featuring quests, magic, and even a magic system to fully immerse you in this massive PvE map to play by yourself or with up to 5 players on a server. The project concluded in 2020 after 5 years of development, and there’s no need to play the first part to catch up with the story. 


Cubic: The Shattered Islands

Find the Trophies across the islands and collect your loot in Cubic: The Shattered Island.

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Taking some heavy inspiration from Skyblock, Cubic: The Shattered Island takes you to a fantasy world with incredible structures in the sky to explore, collect loot, and defeat monsters. Each island features a Trophy you can collect and display on The Hub, so make sure to search everywhere for these blocks!


World in a Jar: Remastered

Each jar represents a specific biome or structure available in Minecraft 1.17.

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If you still have an itch for solo survival experiences, World in a Jar presents floating islands encapsulated in glass jars. We consider it a strong contender as one of the best Minecraft PvE maps we’ve seen. With more than 30 floating structures, you can find almost every biome and structure available in vanilla Minecraft. Watch your step as you tread the skies!


The End Is Extremely Nigh, Chapter 1

A thrilling and challenging story based on the famous resource pack with the same name.
Screenshot by SpiralRiot

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Taking strong inspiration from Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us and the resource pack with the same name, we have a story-driven map with abandoned buildings, infected creatures, and the mission to save the only patient who can cure it all. While it still has some rough edges, the creator will eventually release the second chapter of this thrilling map, so be sure to keep an eye out for that!


Mine Your Own Business

Mine blocks and ores, purchase upgrades and become the richest Minecraft player in Mine Your Own Business.

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Sometimes you just want to avoid killing mobs and focus entirely on overcoming self-imposed challenges. There is only one clear objective with Mine Your Own Business: money, money, and more money! Featuring auto Smelters and Miners, the map includes custom items and achievements to keep track of your progress.


Skyblock 4

Skyblock is an emblematic PvE map and has inspired many other creators to emulate and upgrade the formula.

Download map

We just cannot leave a classic behind. Skyblock is already available for Minecraft 1.17, featuring the best-looking blocks from this update without losing the spark and challenge from the original map. We personally love to go back to the classics, so we cannot wait to see how they’ve implemented the new blocks and items here!

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