10 Best Minecraft Steampunk Texture Packs

Paulina Rodriguez
Paulina Rodriguez
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Love it or hate it, steampunk has a distinct look that’s impossible to confuse with any other style. The first industrial inventions combined with high-end technology is a pretty cool concept, after all. Knowing how Minecraft has many potentials to recreate your Victorian futuristic fantasy, we present you with our selection of the ten best Minecraft steampunk resource packs available for your game. Whether you combine it with technology mods or go with the vanilla experience, we can assure you that you’ll find what you need!


Battered Old Stuff

Steampunk Minecraft HD Texture Pack 1.17
Screenshot by ozBillo

Download Pack

The following Minecraft Steampunk texture pack by ozBillo sticks to the aesthetic perfectly, especially if you want to use it alongside mods adding new technology and transportation methods. Just as the mod author explains in the mod description, they want to emulate the ambience you find within an old shed. Weathered old metal and wood, rust, and often knocked-around tools are explicit references for the colour palette and textures you can find in this resource pack.

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Anthem Steampunk/Fantasy

Best Minecraft Steampunk Resource Pack for 1.17 Singleplayer
Screenshot by Big Dye Gaming

Download Pack

We have a fantastic steampunk resource pack for Minecraft brought by Big Dye Gaming that gets into our list because of how great it looks and performs. The author initially released this Minecraft steampunk resource pack for Bedrock, which you can use with 1.17 without any issues whatsoever. As we can tell by the screenshots and testing the texture pack ourselves, Anthem adds a refreshing interpretation to the vanilla aesthetic. Besides, the 32x resolution is the perfect setting for almost any machine to enjoy the best performance possible.


Devorian Steampunk

Beautiful Steampunk Texture Pack Minecraft 64x Resolution

Download Pack

Are you looking to start a new Minecraft world and build your steampunk empire from scratch? Devorian Steampunk by Dark_Sheep is an excellent choice as a Minecraft 1.17 texturepacks– the name kind of gives it away! There are four resolutions available, ranging from 64x up to 512x so that you can choose the one that suits your computer’s performance better. However, you can only access the full range of resolutions if you support the author via Patreon. Note that the description page recommends using SEUS Renewed shader to get the best results.

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The Asphyxious CustomPack (Rusty)

Asphyxious Rusty Old Steampunk Minecraft Texture Pack Custom
Screenshot by Asp_Blackhole

Download Pack

We have already featured the original texture pack by Asp_Blackhole in our 10 BEST Minecraft Medieval Texture Packs list, but the author has also uploaded another version that could be perfect for steampunk fans. The Rusty version heavily relies on a copper colour pallette to fundamentally change the way you look into your Minecraft world, so we highly suggest you download and test it alongside your favourite shader packs and tweak it to your heart’s content!


John Smith Legacy

Screenshot by JimStoneCraft

Download Pack

John Smith Legacy may already ring a bell in your mind since JimStoneCraft has created and supported their resource pack from way back. This resource pack is also perfect for those looking for a more fantasy-like vibe, ideal for players building an RPG experience. We strongly suggest complementing John Smith Legacy with their 3D models’ addon available at their site to make your blocks and items truly pop! It’s definitely a great steampunk Minecraft texture pack if you already have retrofuturistic technology mods included in your world.


Crisp Revival

Steampunk Aesthetics Resource Pack Minecraft Adventure Survival
Screenshot by cheezylordy

Download Pack

Crisp Revival is the second attempt of the author cheezylordy to bring this project back into Minecraft from 1.6. While it may not have many downloads registered via CurseForge, we believe it deserves a spot on our list for how good it looks in any Minecraft world. If you already have a steampunk-themed base, you may want to revise it while using Crisp Revival to take full advantage of what it offers! The textures are smooth and, most importantly, ores look amazing as building blocks for your projects.

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Distinct Waxed Copper

Copper Brass Ore Iron Minecraft Texture Pack Caves and Cliffs Update
Screenshot by Brosiyeah

Download Pack

The following Minecraft resource pack will only affect the Copper block added with the first part of the Caves and Cliffs update. However, considering how a crucial element of the steampunk aesthetic is the polished brass, the best next option available is tweaking Copper to suit your needs. It makes some much-necessary tweaks to make the various blocks available even more pleasing to the eye. The Oxidized variant will now combine with Prismarine bricks, opening new opportunities for harmonious colour pallets. Your retrofuturistic buildings have never looked this good!

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Steampunk Texture Pack Minecraft Best for 1.17 Technology
Screenshot by Hidyk

Download Pack

Up next, we have a more subtle texture pack that can help you build your Victorian-inspired fantasy. The resource pack created by Hidyk features a custom GUI with plenty of random entities that change mobs according to the biome they’re generated at, like clothes or camouflage. You can also install a CIT models addon on top of HIDYK’s REALM to add some much-needed variety! This Minecraft steampunk resource pack requires Optifine to work correctly, which you can do so by following our guide on How to Install Optifine In Minecraft if you don’t have it yet.


Balanced Energy

Balanced Energy Fantasy Steampunk Vibe Minecraft Singleplayer 1.17.1
Screenshot by Eutatsu

Download Pack

Next, we have Balanced Energy by Eutatsu, available as a 16x Minecraft texture pack for 1.17. An exciting detail you may find while using this resource pack is that it includes textures such as a purple flowing texture and gold because the author conceptualised some items infused with “Ender Energy”. Overall, it hits the steampunk nail with a lot of charm and should help you maintain a good balance between looks and performance.

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Ozzy’s Deep Sea Deco

Art Nouveau Steampunk Oldschool Minecraft Resource Pack Best Download
Screenshot by Ozzy_KP

Download Pack

Okay, we may be getting a bit outside of the steampunk aesthetic with the following Minecraft resource pack by Ozzy_KP, but hear us out! Ozzy’s Deep Sea Deco is a stunning texture pack that, while it’s primarily inspired in the art nouveau movement, can still hold great potential to recreate a retrofuturistic aesthetic similar to Bioshock. We include it in our list because it features an incredible art style and combines fairly well with technology/transportation mods.

We’d love to see more creators have their resource packs fully updated for 1.17! Which one of these steampunk Minecraft texture packs was your favourite? Don’t forget to leave your comments below!

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