20 Best Minecraft Survival Seeds (2024)

Start Your Journey With The Right Seeds!

Ryan Day
Ryan Day
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Minecraft has infinite world generation possibilities. Each world is generated based on chunks and is assigned unique seeds that can be used by everyone. 

Although each Minecraft world is unique, some worlds are better than others.

Some seeds feature unique structures and terrains, while others offer advantageous spawn points that can help you survive in the early goings. 

Today, we will check out the best survival seeds in Minecraft that can help you jumpstart your adventure! 


Woodland Village

Woodland Village

Seed: 1407374885693783
Coordinates of Screenshot: X: 320 Z: -192

Having a great start is crucial when playing survival mode in Minecraft. And what better way to start your game than a world that spawns you between a rare Woodland Mansion and a floating village?

This seed also offers lush forests with tons of resources that can help you craft starting tools to get going with your journey. 

The landscape also offers tons of areas where you can place your survival house

If that’s not enough, this seed also features two nearby shipwrecks at coordinates X: 120 Z: -152 and X: -152 Z: -232.


  • Ruined Portal (X: 1,368 Z: -552)
  • Ancient City (X: 584 Y: -51 Z: 856)
  • Ocean Monument (X: 1,784 Z: -952)
  • Witch Hut (X: -856 Z: 568)


Survival Island

Survival Island

Seed: 562949961421314
Coordinates of Screenshot: X: 64 Z: 384

Many Minecraft players love setting up camp on an isolated island and making the entire archipelago their own. What separates this seed is that there’s a nearby island with a plains village, making it a perfect spot to set up your fortress. 

While this seed won’t spawn you directly into the island, it’s just a boat ride away from the spawn point (X: 64 Z: 384). 

This also gives you time to gather things you need in a nearby sparse jungle, so you’re prepared for what you’ll encounter on the island. 

A nearby shipwreck and ruined portal are also available on this survival island seed. 


  • Buried Treasure (X: -535 Z: 89)
  • Mineshaft (X: 296 Z: -104)
  • Ancient City (X: 584 Y: -51 Z: -664)
  • Ocean Monument (X: -1,208 Z: -664)


Mixed Biomes

Mixed Biomes

Seed: -6568528670469225251
Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

Exploration is one of the crucial aspects of playing survival Minecraft. If you want to go on an adventure right off the bat, this mixed biomes seed is the one you should go for. This seed spawns you in a plains village that is surrounded by different biomes

Some biomes you’ll get to explore on this seed include badlands, forests, plains, deserts, oceans, and more. 

This seed also has tons of nearby features like shipwrecks, ruined portals, buried treasures, and desert temples. 


  • Desert Village (X: 2,976 Z: -768)
  • Ocean Monument (X: 3,224 Z: 280)
  • Jungle Temple (X: 2,328 Z: -1,736)
  • Trail Ruins (X: 824 Z: 904)


Plains Village w/ Ocean Monument

Plains Village

Seed: 844424953145004
Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point 

This Minecraft survival seed spawns you in the heart of a Plains biome. Here, you can gather some resources to make your initial tools. 

Once you’re ready,  you can head south to discover a village with a Blacksmith. There’s also a nearby forest that can provide plenty of resources and materials for your survival journey. This area can also serve as a good starting base. 

If you want more challenges, you can go to X: 8 Z: 8, and you’ll uncover a massive ocean monument waiting for you to explore.


  • Ancient City (X: 1,256 Y: -51 Z: 232)
  • Zombie Plains Village (X: 1,936 Z: -992)
  • Woodland Mansion (X: -1,800 Z: 472)
  • Igloo w/ Basement (X: 712 Z: 1,368)


Shipwreck Island

Minecraft survival seed

Seed: -8496124488663064751
Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

This Minecraft survival seed spawns you directly on an island with a village. The island is surrounded by large bodies of water in all directions, but there’s a catch. Beside the island is a complete shipwreck that can give you the initial resources you need to survive. 

If that’s not enough, there are also nearby islands that can serve as your starting base.

Two of the nearby islands feature a mushroom field biome, which is known for not spawning hostile mobs. They also feature caves that are full of ores and building blocks. 

Keep in mind, however, that this seed on Bedrock does not generate the shipwreck and village.


  • Ocean Monument (X: -920 Z: 280)
  • Ruined Portal (X: -536 Z: 120)
  • Large Cold Ruin (X: 88 Z: -216)
  • Buried Treasure (X: -327 Z: -567)



minecraft survival seeds

Seed: 248329540035452975
Screenshot Coordinates: X: 104 Y: -17 Z: 21

Here’s an amazing seed that offers tons of activities right from the start. At spawn, you’ll find yourself inside a spruce taiga biome with a nearby village. The village is decently sized, giving you plenty of opportunities for villager trades and loot.

Another thing to note is that this seed features an ancient city at X: 136 Y: -51 Z: 440, giving you even more areas to explore.

In addition, there are also 8 spawners in this area, which you can find at X: 104 Y: -17 Z: 21.


  • Ancient City (X: 136 Y: -51 Z: 440)
  • Pillager Outpost (X: 552 Z: 344)
  • Taiga Village (X: 104 Z: 264)
  • Trail Ruins (X: 72 Z: 840)


Nether Fortress

Nether Fortress

Seed: 5154957738255504112
Coordinates of Screenshot: X: -80.688 Z: -130.868 (Nether)

At first, this survival seed doesn’t look special. You are spawned in a spruce taiga biome with a nearby village and ruined portal. However, there’s something amazing hiding within the depths of this world. 

Upon traveling to the Nether dimension, you’ll spawn near a Nether Fortress and Bastion Remnant, both of which are extremely hard to find. Although exploring these areas puts you at a huge risk, they are the most loot-heavy structures in the Nether dimension. 

Considering how important Smithing Templates are in Minecraft 1.20, going to the Nether is worth it since you can find three distinct templates within the same building. 


  • Taiga Village (X: 720 Z: -704)
  • Shipwreck (X: -168 Z: -696)
  • Ocean Monument (X: -664 Z: -728)
  • Ancient City (X: 840 Y: -51 Z: 88)


Giant Sinkhole

Giant Sinkhole

Seed: 1870652620
Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

Here’s a Minecraft survival seed that features a unique world generation. This seed spawns you inside a massive open cave with a fast stream of water gushing from the top. At the bottom, that water plunges directly into a pool of lava. 

If you can navigate the cave safely, you’ll find dozens of ores, iron, and diamonds to mine, giving you one of the best starts in the game. 

However, you’ll need to go outside the massive cave first to gather some wood for your initial tools. 

Outside the cave, you’ll be greeted by a desert and badlands biome that stretches for a few blocks. You’ll also find other features to explore outside the cave, including six nearby shipwrecks, a desert village, and an ancient city. 


  • Desert Village (X: -800 Z: -384)
  • Ancient City (X: -264 Y: -51 Z: 536)
  • Desert Temple (X: -1,192 Z: -136)
  • Shipwreck (X: 8 Z: -104)


Pirate Village

Pirate Village

Seed: 3153934843
Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

This Minecraft survival seed spawns you near a village with a shipwreck that is in pristine condition. The shipwreck doesn’t show any signs of wear and perfectly floats above water, giving you the impression that you’re in a pirate village. 

Inside the shipwreck, you’ll find a map that shows where the pirates buried their valuable treasures. 

There’s also a nearby desert temple that is 80 blocks beneath the surface, where you can get some armor trims and pottery shards. On the other hand, it can also work as an underground starter base. 

If you’re up for the task, there’s also a zombie village a few chunks away from spawn. 


  • Buried Treasure (X: 297 Z: 505)
  • Ruined Portal (X: 904 Z: 280)
  • Ocean Monument (X: -1,416 Z: -984)
  • Woodland Mansion (X: -1,896 Z: -2,008)


Woodland Mansion Island

Woodland Mansion Island

Seed: 6960347577965979123
Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

Woodland Mansions are quite difficult to find in Minecraft. However, this survival seed spawns on the roof of one that is sitting on top of an island. 

This can be a double-edged sword, depending on how you tackle the situation. You can head straight into the mansion and “yolo” everything or plan your approach and gather some resources first. 

If you choose the latter, you’ll find a nearby shipwreck where you can grab some food and iron to build some weapons and tools. 

The final thing to note is that there are two evoker rooms in the mansion, giving you the chance to gain two totems of undying early. 


  • Ocean Monument (X: 328 Z: -280)
  • Buried Treasure (X: 361 Z: 217) (X: 361 Z: 169)
  • Taiga Village (X: 656 Z: 112)
  • Shipwreck (X: 72 Z: -152)


One Man Island

minecraft survival seeds

Seed: 1330860731914536901
Screenshot Coordinates: Spawn Point

This seed offers an extreme survival experience. On this seed, you’ll spawn in the middle of a tiny island with a tree, some sand, and dirt. If you plan on using this seed, make sure to act fast and consume resources efficiently.

Despite giving you an extremely difficult start, you’ll find a couple of shipwrecks and ocean monuments around the island.


  • Shipwreck (X: 248 Z: 232)
  • Ruined Portal (X: 88 Z: 56)
  • Ocean Monument (X: 280 Z: -360)
  • Warm Ruin (X: 136 Z: -248)


Cherry Mountain 

Minecraft survival seed

Seed: 454655646551226
Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

If you want to build a base around the new cherry grove biome, this survival seed is the one for you. This seed spawns you next to a mountain crater that has cherry trees spread across its peaks. Setting up camp inside the crater will give you a stunning view of the cherry biome every time you go out of your house. 

This seed also features several nearby mineshafts that you can explore to gather ores, gold, and other resources. 

Looking northeast, you’ll find a pillager outpost where you can test your fighting skills.

If you want to explore further, there’s also an ancient city (X: -248 Y: -51 Z: -552) waiting for you to discover. 


  • Ruined Portal (X: -376 Z: 40)
  • Shipwreck (X: -984 Z: -552)
  • Buried Treasure (X: -1,159 Z: 89)
  • Ocean Monument (X: -1,960 Z: -312)


Beach Mansion

Beach Mansion

Seed: -3420545464665791887
Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

This Minecraft seed spawns you near the beach, where you’ll find a river flowing freely into the ocean. If you head east, you’ll find a Woodland Mansion (X: 120 Z: 56) that is adjacent to a Taiga Village (X: 128 Z: 176). 

This makes a perfect starting point for you to gather enough tools and weapons to explore the Woodland Mansion. 

Once you’re done with the mansion and village, you can take a boat southeast, where a Pillager Outpost (X: 560 Z: 656) and an Ancient City (X: 1,160 Y: -51 Z: 792) are waiting for you to explore. 


  • Ocean Monument (X: -296 Z: -376)
  • Shipwreck (X: -168 Z: -88) (X: 184 Z: -184)
  • Ruined Portal (X: -264 Z: 72)
  • Buried Treasure (X: 665 Z: -487)


Woodland Village

Woodland Village

Seed: 2374522903531219544
Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

Here’s an unusual Minecraft seed that will fit any survival gameplay. This seed spawns you near a Woodland Mansion with a thriving village on top of it. 

Not something you’ll see every day, right? 

Fortunately, this rare world generation can go your way and help you thrive during the early goings. With the village, you can get access to tools and items faster, which should allow you to explore and loot the Woodland Mansion. 

A few blocks away from the village and mansion, you’ll find a ruined portal that you can repair to explore the Nether dimension. 

As with other ruined portals, you’ll find a chest that contains gold items. 


  • Buried Treasure (X: 153 Z: -247)
  • Shipwreck (X: -296 Z: -168)
  • Plains Village (X: -752 Z: -816)
  • Cold Ruin (X: -456 Z: 24)


Mushroom Island

Minecraft survival seed

Seed: 2949846612
Coordinates of Screenshot: X: -734 Z: -598

This Minecraft survival seed spawns you next to massive mushroom fields island that can be a perfect spot to build your fortress. The island is surrounded by water, but the mainland is just a few blocks away. 

While there’s nothing much to see on the island, the surrounding mainland features tons of structures to explore. 

For one, there are at least four ancient cities north of the mushroom island. There are also at least ten nearby villages on the mainland, giving you plenty of trade options. 

Head south, and you’ll discover a Woodland Mansion with a nearby ruined portal and at least four buried treasures. 


  • Ancient City (X: -1,416 Y: -51 Z: -1,384)
  • Plains Village (X: -752 Z: -1,584)
  • Warm Ruin (X: -504 Z: -856)
  • Pillager Outpost (X: 1,328 Z: 752)


Breathtaking Bamboo Jungle

Minecraft survival seed

Seed: 8061
Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

With a spawn point near a stunning terrain generation and lush forest, this seed is one of the best survival seeds out there. Having a jungle biome nearby, you can gather all the resources you need to make your initial tools, weapons, and base. 

If you want, you can even set up your base inside the massive ravine. There’s also a wide beachfront at the center of the dense jungle, making it a perfect spot to build your dream rest house. 

If that’s not enough, there are also two jungle temples (X: -200 Z: 552) (X: 536 Z: 296) nearby that could hold armor trims, which were added in Minecraft 1.20. 


  • Mineshaft (X: 88 Z: -200)
  • Warm Ruin (X: -168 Z: -152)
  • Ocean Monument (X: -328 Z: -312)
  • Ruined Portal (X: 88 Z: -392)


Snowy Mountain 

Snow Mountain

Seed: 65434346551264
Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

Upon starting the game, this survival seed will take your breath away. At spawn, you’ll see a massive snowing mountain with beautiful cherry trees beneath it. If the stunning landscape is not enough, there’s also a nearby village that can help you survive in the early goings. 

Further exploring the nearby area, you’ll find a giant ravine near the cherry grove with dripstone caves on either side. 

If you head south, you can find an Ancient City (X: -184 Y: -51 Z: 424) with promising items to loot. 


  • Igloo with Basement (X: -296 Z: 600)
  • Ruined Portal (X: -376 Z: 200)
  • Plains Village (X: 336 Z: 544)
  • Pillager Outpost (X: 224 Z: -496)


Desert Frenzy 

Desert Frenzy

Seed: 6516547870636750
Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

If you love the desert biome, this survival seed will surely catch your attention. What this Minecraft seed offers is a spawn point at the center of three desert villages that offer tons of food supply. 

Not only that, you also have an opportunity to obtain a fast and safe transport through camels, provided you get your hands on a saddle. Exploring nearby areas or unlocking the leatherworker Minecraft villager job is your best bet to ride a camel early. 

A few blocks away, you’ll find a Pillager Outpost in the middle of the desert. 


  • Ruined Portal (X: 120 Z: 296)
  • Shipwreck (X: 552 Z: -104)
  • Warm Ruin (X: 136 Z: -536)
  • Desert Temple (X: 776 Z: -344)


Giant Valley

Giant Valley

Seed: 8764718009920
Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

This Minecraft survival seed is one of the best out there, thanks to the myriad possibilities it offers. Upon spawning, you’ll find yourself in an expansive valley that boasts two villages. Encompassing this valley are towering cliffs, mountainous terrains, lush forests, and stunning cherry groves. 

The initial spawn point makes for a great location for a base, giving you a breathtaking view all around.

However, it’s worth noting that the entire valley rests upon an extensive dark biome that spans thousands of blocks. Exploring this dark biome, you’ll stumble upon ancient cities, mineshafts, ruined portals, and more villages.


  • Ancient City (X: -264 Y: -51 Z: -232)
  • Igloo (X: 280 Z: 152)
  • Plains Village (X: 624 Z: -256)
  • Ruined Portal (X: 312 Z: 808)


Survival Island Village

Minecraft survival seed

Seed: 323234
Coordinates of Screenshot: Spawn Point

Survival Island Seed puts you on a reasonably sized island that provides tons of features to explore. Situated to the south of the island is a village perched atop a series of floating islands. This makes the village difficult to navigate, but the overall landscape provides an excellent canvas for endless construction possibilities

On the island, you’ll find stunning waterfalls and serene meadows, all within a Taiga biome. 

This Minecraft survival seed also provides you with enough land to build structures and place farms, making it effortless to expand your survival base

There’s also a massive mushroom fields biome at coordinates X: 215 and Z: 215, offering a promising location for establishing a fortress or another base. 


  • Ruined Portal (X: 280 Z: -584)
  • Shipwreck (X: 472 Z: -712)
  • Cold Ruin (X: 152 Z: -472)
  • Ocean Monument (X: 744 Z: -936)


With these carefully curated Minecraft survival seeds, you can embark on your adventures with unique starting points that can help you thrive in the overworld. Whether you prefer survival islands, lush biomes, or difficult terrains, we make sure that there’s a seed here for everyone. 

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