9 Best Minecraft Terraforming Tips

Andreas Ojala
Andreas Ojala
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When it comes to building in Minecraft, the building is the jewel of your Minecraft build. However, no matter how impressive your house is, it won’t look as amazing if you don’t take the time to work on the surroundings.

So in this blog post, I’ll give you some valuable Minecraft Terraforming tips to improve your surroundings. The advice is listed based on the step-by-step structure. So if you find that interesting, then keep on reading.


Think Ahead When Terraforming

Minecraft Terraforming Tips - Plan Ahead

Before you start terraforming, it’s always great to think ahead. You’re terraforming the place for a reason! So what are you going to build on it, and where? Once you’ve got these answers, you know exactly how to modify the terrain to fit your build perfectly.

Otherwise, you might have a beautiful landscape finished, which you’ll have to modify later to make your house fit there.

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Always Work With The Terrain

Minecraft Terraforming Tips - Work With Terrain

This is one of the most important Minecraft terraforming tips out there! And that is to always work with the terrain! While you’ve seen Minecraft Youtubers create impressive mountains and other spectacular landscapes, it’s usually not worth the effort!

That’s because Minecraft already has impressive terrain generation, especially if you’re playing in Minecraft 1.18 or above. So, try to work with your landscape instead of changing the terrain drastically.

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Tidy Up Your Terrain

Minecraft Terraforming Tips - Tidy Up Your Terrain

Now that you’ve got a plan in your mind, it’s time to build the terrain. The first step for it is to tidy up the place. For this, you must ensure you fill any cave openings that are ruining its look. 

And don’t forget to destroy any trees/floating blocks that are on your way!


Always Double-Layer Your Terraforming

Minecraft Terraforming Tips - Double Layer

When filling a cave opening or a ravine, it might be easier just to add a one-block thick layer and be done with it. That way, you’ll be saving resources, and you’ll spend less time.

And while that makes sense, it’s something you shouldn’t do! That’s because many things can go wrong! For example, you could break a block and fall into it. Or sometimes a creeper might explode, and there will be a massive hole. 

So instead of doing that, at least double-layer your terraforming. The future self will thank 


Start With an Outline

Minecraft Terraforming Tips - Start With Outline

So you’ve found a place and have a plan on what it’s going to look like? Great then all that is left to do is begin terraforming. However, before you start, here’s a tip. Instead of creating a layer in one sitting, I suggest you create an outline for it! 

That way, you can modify the look for it without having to destroy too many blocks. And once you’re happy with the outline, then just fill it with the blocks you want.


Never Have a 7 Block Straight Line When Creating a Curve

Minecraft Terraforming Tips - 7-block rule

This is yet one of the essential Minecraft terraforming tips you need to know! If you want to make the surroundings look great, then having natural curves is critical. So how do you create one? Well, in many ways, there are no tips for it. Most of the time, you want to work with the eye.

But there’s one rule you should follow: never go beyond seven blocks straight! That’s because it doesn’t look that natural. So try to create less than that, and also be sure to choose odd numbers or two blocks.


Make Sure Every Layer Doesn’t Look The Same

As you build hills and cliffs, it’s vital to ensure you don’t make the terrain look precisely the same as the previous layer. That’s because if you do, it will look like the landscape seems unnatural, and we don’t want to do that.

So, one of the best Minecraft terraforming tips is to make sure you make every layer a little different instead of doing that. Maybe sometimes the layer gets closer to the edge and then a little further. Small changes like that make your terrain look ten times better than before.


Add Some Details/Texture to Your Terrain

Minecraft Terraforming Tips - Add Details

Now that you’ve completed your landscape, it’s time to make it look even better by adding some decorative details! What you’d want to add depends on how your terrain looks, but here are a couple of ideas:

  • Add Custom Trees – If you know how to make trees yourself, then adding them will add a fantastic atmosphere to your area. For a quick tutorial, I suggest you watch this custom tree tutorial.
  • Add Rocks & Pebbles – Adding a few rock piles can make your landscape look that much better and make your house look amazing.
  • Add Some Water Features – By that, we mean you can add some lakes, rivers, and waterfalls.

But additionally to that, you should also add some texture to your terrain. And by that, we mean you’d change up the blocks. For example, if you’ve modified a plains biome, you could add a couple of patches of rooted dirt or some green concrete powder to make your landscape look more impressive.

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Don’t Make a Straight River

If you don’t know how to create a Minecraft river as I do, then I recommend you to watch this video.

Building a river can liven up your surroundings and make them more beautiful. And if you’d like to ensure that it looks that way, you must ensure that the river won’t be straight. That’s because then it seems more like a canal than a naturally flowing river.

So make sure to make the river bend some corners. If you’re making a smaller river, then an S-shaped river will do nicely.

Bonus: Create a Garden

Minecraft Terraforming Tips - Create a Garden

As thanks for reaching this far, I’ve decided to give you one last Minecraft Terraforming tip. And that tip is to build a garden. While you now have a fantastic house built in a stunning environment, you can take it up a notch by adding a surrounding garden to it.

And if you need inspiration for building your garden, then why not check out our article about it? You can find many ideas there!

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And those were the Minecraft terraforming tips! Now you have all the necessary knowledge to level up your building skills and make stunning landscapes. So in your next project, add these tips to your build, and you’ll awe your friends.

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