The Best Minecraft Trident Enchantments for 2024

The Best Enchantments to Make Your Minecraft Trident Absolutely Un-fork-gettable

Dylan Crosbie
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Since its introduction in 2018, the Trident has become one of the favorite weapons of Minecraft players, due to its ability to deal both melee and ranged damage. If you’ve found your way here, it’s likely that you love the Trident as well and are looking to enhance its power. 

Fortunately, the Trident can be enchanted just like any other weapon in Minecraft. 

Join us as we take a closer look at the best Minecraft enchantments for your Trident to unlock its full potential!




Levels: III
Incompatibilities: Riptide

Loyalty is one of the best enchantments for your Trident. This enchantment transforms your weapon into a loyal tool that returns after each throw. With this, you can efficiently deal damage to your opponents from a safe distance. 

Loyalty has a maximum of 3 levels and the speed your Trident returns depends on the level of your enchantment. However, keep in mind that your trident will get damaged when thrown in lava. It will also not return from the void for the Java edition. 




Levels: I
Incompatibilities: Riptide

If you want to be like Thor who can channel lightning and wreak havoc on enemies, then the Channeling enchantment is the one for you. 

This Minecraft enchantment allows you to produce lightning when you throw your Trident. It only has one level and channels lightning from the sky. This means that this enchantment won’t work if you are underground and must be used during thunderstorms. 

Besides producing lightning, this enchantment also does the following: 

  • Light the area of the target on fire
  • Turn Minecraft villagers into witches
  • Convert creepers into charged creepers. 




Levels: V
Incompatibilities: None

Impaling is among the best Trident enchantments in Minecraft in terms of dealing damage to mobs. It has a maximum level of 5 and can be applied using enchanted books and enchanting tables. 

For each level of Impaling, it adds 2.5 hearts of damage to your Trident. This means at max level, you can kill a player with a single hit.

To keep the balance, this enchantment only works on aquatic mobs in the Java edition. For Bedrock players, you can use it as long as the mob is in contact with water, including rain. 




Levels: III
Incompatibilities: None

Similar to other tools or weapons, the Trident can break when it runs out of durability. 

Since this weapon can’t be crafted, preserving it is a priority for many players. With the Unbreaking enchantment, you can reduce the chance of your Trident getting its durability decreased when used. 

As a result, you can use your Trident longer and kill more opponents.



Mending minecraft trident enchantments

Levels: I
Incompatibilities: None

To further extend the life of your Trident, you can also apply the Mending enchantment. Instead of increasing your weapon’s durability, this enchantment restores durability using the experience you gain while doing various things in Minecraft. 

Mending restores two durability for each experience orb and includes experience gained from cooking, killing, and more. 

With Mending and Unbreaking applied, you pretty much have a Trident that will last your entire gameplay, given the right circumstances. 



minecraft trident enchantments

Levels: III
Incompatibilities: Loyalty, Channeling

It’s already given that a Trident is a very powerful weapon. But with the Riptide enchantment, you can turn it into a useful mode of transportation. When you throw a Trident that is enchanted with Riptide into a body of water, you will be hurled in the same direction. 

This allows you to swiftly travel through rivers and oceans. It can also work during rain. 

Keep in mind that this enchantment does not work with Loyalty and Channeling, so it’s recommended to have a separate Trident with Riptide enchantment. 


Curse of Vanishing

minecraft trident enchantments

Levels: I
Incompatibilities: None 

The Curse of Vanishing is a double-edged sword if you decide to use it. It has its risks and rewards but overall a decent enchantment for Tridents. 

Any tool or weapon cursed with the Curse of Vanishing will disappear when you die instead of dropping in the area where you died. On PvP modes, this can be advantageous to prevent other players from getting your Trident. 

However, it can also be annoying since the Trident can only be obtained by defeating a drowned.

The Trident has secured itself as a fan-favorite weapon in Minecraft. With these Minecraft enchantments, you can improve your weapon’s effectiveness, durability, and damage, giving you peace of mind regardless of the challenge you’re facing. 

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