10 Best Minecraft Village Ideas

Joshua Munoz
Joshua Munoz
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The things you can create in Minecraft are near-infinite. While many of us make do with the good ‘old-fashioned cabin house — the best of us take our worldbuilding skills to a whole other level and make some of the best Minecraft villages.

The villages below aren’t the procedurally generated complexes that you can stumble upon in various biomes. They’re player-made. They’re also all so full of detail and life, you can’t help but stare in awe over their craftmanship.

Here are some of the best Minecraft Village Ideas that can help serve as your source of inspiration.


Underground Village


The picture before you isn’t a nighttime shot — it’s dark because the entire village is encased inside a massive mountain! The Underground Village by JINTUBE is a Minecraft Village idea that finds its abode blocks deep within the mountain’s rock face.

As sunlight can’t penetrate the cavern’s crevices, you’ll need lanterns and various light sources to brighten the place up and prevent spawning hostiles. Thankfully, the perpetually dark lighting makes planning the light placement a less-cumbersome ordeal. And, fun fact: that tree in the middle has no greenery on it. It’s made out of stone and hanging blocks — like an ancient relic.


Ohayou! Japanese Minecraft Village

SOURCE: Cortezerino

Have you ever wanted to step outside your door and find yourself in the land of the rising sun? Now you can! With this gorgeous and scaled Japanese Village by Cortezerino, your dreams of exploration can come true with rural features of Japan just one step outside your door.

This Minecraft village idea has everything that underlines what we all know and love about Japan — a Shinto shrine, bamboo, sakura trees, and a Toori gate. You can also find Japanese architectural homes where you and your villagers can call home. 

While it’s definitely no Tokyo, this village idea comes with its own distinct charm that can give many great ideas for your Japanese-themed village. Perhaps you can even spruce it up with some anime mods to make your world even more special.


Kingdom Village

SOURCE: Varuna

Perhaps a few calibers up a normal village, but I’d say this Minecraft village idea still deserves praise.

There’s no greater flex than telling your friends, “Yeah, I built that.”, and then promptly guiding them through rows of stores and homes large enough to fit an actual city. This Kingdom Village by Varuna is an all-complete kingdom with red-roofed homes situated right by a body of water. 

With a plethora of houses and buildings, a distinct walkway, and a towering central castle, only the most dedicated of builders can dream of achieving this grand design.


Mercantile Village

SOURCE: TheMythicalSausage

Let’s face it: no village is complete without its villagers! This Mercantile Village by TheMysticalSausage features a town where each house is centered around the villager professions found in Minecraft.

With armorers, farmers, clerics, cartographers, and more, each house comes with its own distinct style. A farmer’s house could be filled with plants and hoes, whereas a cartographer can have a home whose walls are filled with papers and maps. You can even incorporate your own unique building idea to enliven the space a little bit more. 

And if you do push on with this village idea, don’t forget to put in a campfire or fire pit in the town center for any late-night festivities!


Medieval Town

SOURCE: BlueNerd

Drop by the local tavern and drink your heart out in this Medieval Town built by BlueNerd Minecraft. Each manor in this town is designed with such impressive detail, it’s as if the decorative blocks used are from a different game! 

Various homes come with a character as lively as their roof colors. The faraway house also features a gorgeous cascading rooftop and a tower that juts out off the side — might just be the shaders, but you can’t deny the creativity of the builder as they work with the geometrical features in Minecraft.

If you’re planning to build something similar — you have to protect yourself from raiders with fortified building walls.


Tiny Village


Sometimes, we just don’t have the time or resources to make highly intricate buildings, or a hundred. That’s no problem at all. You can get away with making a Tiny Village (by fWhip) for a Minecraft village idea that’s as good as finished in hours and not days.

This tiny village comes with the bare essentials for its citizens: a small store, some houses, a watering hole, and a watchtower for scouting for any trouble. A wall surrounds the village vicinity for added protection. And once you step out, rows and rows of wheat fields glisten against the sun and act as the village’s source of food. 

If you crave a simple and slow life, this village is one to consider.


Taiga Village

SOURCE: TheMythicalSausage

If a tiny village is too small but you still like that rustic appeal, you can upscale and create something similar to the Taiga Village by TheMysticalSausage’s village. This village closely resembles a traditional village with its spaced-out homes, plots for crops, and gated fences.

The village draws its charm from its wooden, idyllic, and rural look. Upgrade your farm with some Redstone contraptions, and you’re on your way to sending your village to the grips of the next technological era.


Mountain Village

SOURCE: Cortezerino

The mountains are calling… and they want you to build a village in it. This Mountain Village build by Cortezerino makes great use of elevation and flatness — creating a multi-layered village with some homes nestled in rocky surfaces on one hand, and other homes perched on loamy soil on the other.

Having your base built on the rugged peaks grants you an incredible view of the dark wooden roofs below. And if you strategize your location just right, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the sunrise or sunsets outside your windowpane or balcony.


Survival Village

SOURCE: Endavar

Are you planning to play on Hard mode? You’ll need to fortify your base — and fast. This Survival Village by Endavar can provide some inspiration to help you not get run over by Skeletons and Creepers. The Fences on the outer wall also provide added protection against Spiders from scaling the logs and generally ruining your day.

But if fences aren’t enough, various light sources brighten the area to keep enemies from spawning too. 


Plains Village

SOURCE: TheMythicalSausage

The Plains Village by TheMythicalSausage is no ordinary village. The village’s river, which is its lifeblood, flows around each home to keep the villagers’ livestock and plants happy and healthy. 

The liveliness of the village and the rural feel runs with its own distinct charm. It’s also one of the greater Minecraft village ideas if you’re going for the busy “Fisherman’s Wharf’ or port town vibe. 

Once you build a couple of huts, you’ll need to cover them with some good floor decorations.

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