10 BEST Minecraft Youtubers: Ranked

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Dylan Crosbie
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Minecraft is a sandbox game that doesn’t come with starting instructions. As a result, players resort to watching the best Minecraft YouTubers to learn how to play the game. As a result, the most entertaining and engaging Youtubers gain a following and a loyal fanbase.

We’ve searched Youtube to find the best Minecraft Youtubers based on published subscribers and videos. However, there are many Minecraft Youtubers out there, which makes this list subjective. If you think there’s a Youtuber that should be on this list, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

The 10 Best Minecraft Youtubers

The following Youtubers are Minecraft creators with Youtube channels that either focus on Minecraft or post Minecraft videos. The channels are entertaining and fun to watch, making them the best Minecraft Youtubers. There are Minecraft Youtubers for everyone on this list – from the let’s play series to Youtubers who try out challenges.



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Subscribers – 26.2 Million
Videos – 3,598

DanTDM is one of the best Minecraft Youtubers in the United Kingdom, with 26.2 million followers. Daniel Robert Middleton is a YouTube gamer who creates game commentary videos for Minecraft, Roblox, Pokemon, and more.

DanTDM recently celebrated his 10th anniversary on Youtube, releasing a video to thank his fans. In addition, some of his latest videos include a Minecraft Legends reaction and a Stray review.

You can find his Youtube channel here and his Minecraft Hardcore Season 2 playlist here.



Image Via Youtube

Subscribers – 22.8 Million
Videos – 5,649

Jelly is a Dutch Youtuber known for his gaming videos and vlogs, including Minecraft. His full name is Jelle Van Vucht – it’s clear where Jelly comes from. With 22.8 million subscribers.

He primarily plays Minecraft challenges along with modded Minecraft. His latest Minecraft videos include ‘Last to leave the circle wins’, and he broke 5 Minecraft world records last week.

You can find his record-breaking video here or watch his Minecraft survival playlist here.



Image Via Youtube

Subscribers – 21 Million
Videos – 3,053

SSundee, also known as Ian Marcus Stapleton. With 21 million followers, he’s an American gamer focusing on Minecraft and Among Us game content.

His latest content includes breaking 100 Among Us world records and playing modded Minecraft. His latest videos showcase playing Minecraft with the Insane Craft mod pack. Recent videos include unlocking infinity armour and adding the upside down to Minecraft.

You can watch his Insane Craft playlist here and his SkyFactory 4 playlist here.



Image Via Youtube

Subscribers – 17.2 Million
Videos – 4,686

PopularMMOs is a Minecraft Youtube channel run by two of the best Minecraft Youtubers – Pat and Jen. The pair is one of the most popular Minecraft Youtubers worldwide, with over 12 billion views combined.

Some of their most popular series include Minecraft mini-games as well as mods vs Minecraft maps. However, since Pat and Jen married almost a year ago, their posting schedule has been irregular.

You can find their Minecraft Youtube Channel here.



Image Via Youtube

Subscribers – 13.1 Million
Videos – 687

Preston is an American content creator with over 13 million subscribers. He’s part of a group of Minecrafters called The Pack and creates videos for Minecraft, Roblox, Fortnite, and Among Us. Another Youtuber on our list, JeromeASF, is part of The Pack as well.

His Minecraft journey started with him posting Minecraft PE videos, but now he mostly plays Java Edition. Preston’s channel is purely Minecraft, which is excellent for those who hate shuffling through video genres.

He plays modded Minecraft such as Minecraft but your XP = your age. In addition, he’s recently busted 100 Minecraft myths.



Image Via Youtube

Subscribers – 11.3 Million
Videos – 2,444

UnspeakableGaming has had massive growth since joining Youtube in 2016. At 24, he gained a massive following of 11 million followers from Minecraft’s gameplay and challenges.

Unspeakable has eight other Youtube channels that cover a variety of themes. In addition, he has a merchandise brand that has helped launch his career. His videos revolve around comedy and entertainment, playing with Minecraft mods and trying challenges. If you’re looking for a let’s play or building channel, Unspeakable isn’t for you.

You can find his channel here and watch his latest video here.



Image Via Youtube

Subscribers – 11.3 Million
Videos – 5,496

CaptainSparklez is an American gamer, Minecraft Youtuber, and streamer. He creates content in the Let’s Play, Comedy, Vlog and reaction genres. His channel ranks 755th on Youtube, which is a massive accomplishment. CaptainSparklez, also known as Jordan Maron, started his Youtube in 2010 and has since created eight additional challenges.

CaptainSparklez is known for his animated Minecraft music videos such as the Fallen Kingdom and Take Back the Night. In addition, he often plays Minecraft with his friends, of which Antvenom is one of them.

His latest series is a let’s play as he tries to survive one of the most challenging mods, RLCraft, in Hardcore.



Image Via Youtube

Subscribers – 6.91 Million
Videos – 1,042

LDShadowLady is also known as Lizzie D and is one of the best Minecraft Youtubers in gameplay. She mainly records her single-player series, Shadowcraft and Shadowcraft 2.0. She’s a British Youtuber who’s been making content for 11 years.

Her latest videos include an SMP server, Empires, which includes her husband, Smalishbeans, and other Minecraft Youtubers. In addition, she released a modded Minecraft video series called X Life and After Life. She also has a single-player survival let’s play.

You can find her Youtuber channel here.



Image Via Youtube

Subscribers – 6 Million
Videos – 3,944

TheAtlanticCraft is a Youtuber channel run by Cody Owen, while the channel was started by Cody and his friend, JoeBuzz, Joe left the channel, and Cody is now the sole owner. The channel focuses on modded Minecraft videos.

Cody runs a Minecraft realm where he plays with his friends called The Atlantic Realm. However, his main focus is his channel, where he posts Manhunt, Dragons 2 and Pixelmon series. Some of his latest content has been following pop culture, including Stranger Things and Jurassic World-themed episodes.

You can watch AtlanticCraft here.



Image Via Youtube

Subscribers – 5.49 Million
Videos – 9,540

JeromeASF, also known as Jerome Robert Aceti, is an American Youtuber who focuses on Minecraft content creation. While Jerome is known for his Minecraft videos, he also plays Call of Duty and Roblox, posting videos on their respective channels. He posts daily and has been on Youtube since 2011.

His latest videos have been focused on playing Insane Craft with his friends – a modded version of Minecraft. In addition, he posts 100 days of challenges where he survives in harsh conditions for 100 days in Minecraft.

You can watch his Insane Craft series here or browse his Youtube channel here.

Final Thoughts

We hope you recognized some of the names on this list; we know we did. In addition, we hope you’ve found some new YouTubers to follow and subscribe to.

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