Best Modern Warfare 3 Kastov-74U Loadout and Class Setup

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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The Kastov-74U is one of the best Assault Rifles ( that is almost like an SMG) in Modern Warfare 3 due to its high damage and fire rate. Plus, you get a lot of mobility with this weapon as well. That is why we will show you the Modern Warfare 3 best Kastov-74U loadout.

We will show you how to turn this AR into an absolute beast thanks to all the attachments and gear. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started with the Modern Warfare 3 best Kastov-74U loadout.

Gun SetupClass Setup
Barrel: Shorttac 330mmSecondary: MCPR-300
Optic: Cronen Mini DotVest: Overkill Vest
Underbarrel: Phase-3 GripGloves: Ordnance Gloves
Magazine: 45 Round MagBoots: Running Sneakers
Ammunition: 5.45 High VelocityGear: EOD Padding

Gun Setup

Having the perfect gun setup takes time and practice, continuously changing and optimizing attachments, which can quickly become overwhelming. The loadout mentioned below will let you skip all that fuss and jump directly into the game with the best Kastov-74U loadout available.

With this setup, your play style will be aggressive, with all guns blazing, as being stealthy with this gun is pretty useless because it is practically an SMG.

Barrel (Shorttac 330mm)

Since you will focus on running and running, having less recoil will help you out a lot. Luckily, this lightweight barrel allows you to dampen your recoil a bit and aim precisely. Plus, it also increases your bullet velocity which is always a good thing.

Optic (Cronen Mini Dot)

The Cronen Mini Dot is an optic designed to be used on run-and-gun setups with SMG-like guns in mind, as it is a small red dot sight with an unnoticeable frame and clear sight picture helping you net clean kills.

Underbarrel (Phase-3 Grip)

To make your aim more stable, you can use the Phase-3 Grip. It will further reduce recoil and increase your hipfire accuracy. This is perfect for short-range fights, especially against multiple targets.

Magazine (45 Round Mag)

Having an increased magazine capacity will assist you greatly as you can continuously run around without having to reload after every kill. This will also indirectly give you more damage as you can keep firing without stopping.

The only downside is that it reduces your handling a bit but the benefits outweigh the risks.

Ammunition (5.45 High Velocity)

The 5.45 High-Velocity rounds are designed to increase Bullet velocity, allowing for greater recoil control, while slightly decreasing the damage. These are my favorite, as the base damage of all Kastovs is already great.

Combined with the barrel, this reduces the recoil a lot and makes your weapon more responsive.

Class Setup

Now let’s talk about our class setup. With this setup, you will use two primary weapons: one for short-range (the Kastov), and one for long-range (MCPR-300). Your reload and weapon switching speed will increase, allowing for greater loadout control.

As far as the lethals go, you can use the Frag Grenade as it will help you get a few extra kills.

Secondary (MCPR-300)

MCPR 300

The MCPR-300 is a great sniper rifle in Modern Warfare 3. Having this as your secondary will help you against long-range targets since the Kastov-74U isn’t ideal against them.

So, this removes the weakness of taking long-range fights. However, I would still suggest that you try to run close to the target and finish them off. Use the MCPR-300 only when you don’t have any other option.

Vest (Overkill Vest)

The Overkill Vest allows you to equip two primary weapons.

While using the Kastov-74U, I like having the ability to have another primary weapon instead of a secondary one. This allows me to carry a long-range weapon to make up for the short-range of the AR.

Gloves (Ordnance Gloves)

These gloves allow you to throw your grenades and other equipment further than normal.

Since your vest allows you to reload while sprinting and has a faster reload speed in general, you can use the Ordnance Gloves instead of the Quick-Grip Gloves.

These gloves allow you to throw your grenades and other equipment further than normal. It is great for crowd control or getting a few extra kills from your lethal.

Boots (Running Sneakers)

The Running Sneakers increases your Tac Sprint duration.

Since you’ll want to get up close and personal with the enemy, these sneakers will help you Tac Sprint frequently and longer. It helps you get close to the enemy and make use of your Kastov at optimal range.

Plus, it can help you reposition yourself in case the enemy has an UAV active.

Gear (EOD Padding)

The EOD Padding reduced damage from non-killstreak explosives and fire.

Running and gunning can be quite fun but it comes with a few risks. Chances are that you’ll be hit by random explosions or fire. To reduce their effect, you can use the EOD Padding and have more sustainability.


And there you have it, that is the Modern Warfare 3 best Kastov-74U loadout and class setup. the Kastov is a great AR in MW3. Having the ideal loadout will allow you to perform even better and enhance this weapon a lot.

Hopefully, this guide helped you find the ideal loadout for the Kastov-74U. If you have a better loadout that you are using, let us know in the comments below!

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