10 Best Mounts in Terraria, Ranked

Ride through the sunset with the best Terraria mounts!

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Unicorn running through the Hallowed biome

The best mounts in Terraria allow you to traverse both ground and air and sometimes even the sea. This list covers them all! Finding the right mounts will not just help with exploration but with boss fights as well. These helpful modes of transportation are not only fun to ride, but they also provide a huge boost to utility when used correctly.

Progressing through the game will show you various mounts that you’re free to choose from. That’s why we’ve taken it to ourselves to make a defined list of the best mounts, so you won’t need to test them all out yourself. 

Best Mounts in Terraria

With a total of 28 mounts in the game, the easiest distinction would be whether the mount is used on land or in the air. We’ve decided to rank both types while marking which kind they are and ranking them accordingly.


Slime Mount

best mounts in terraria slime mount saddle
  • Land mount
  • Jump Height – 42
  • Speed – 21 mph
  • Fall speed – 102 mph

The Slime Mount is the earliest mount you can achieve and is dropped by the King Slime boss. This mount offers more versatility than mobility. The main use of the mount is to fall faster, allowing you to traverse more vertical arenas faster. As a bonus, the mount has a built-in fall damage reduction that reduces any fall damage you take while mounted by half.

The falling mechanic is useful for large vertical arenas, such as what you’d use for Plantera and Duke Fishron. Some bosses from the Calamity Mod are also made easier when using this unique mount.



terraria goat mount
  • Land mount
  • Jump Height – 39
  • Speed – 61 mph
  • Master Mode exclusive

The Goat mount is a Master Mode drop from the Wall of Flesh. It offers a large boost to your movement speed and even allows you to charge into enemies once you reach full speed. This also allows you to double-jump while reducing your fall damage by 80%.

This mount is the very first Hardmode mount since you can get it just when you defeat the Wall of Flesh. That said, it doesn’t rank very high on our list since you’d have to be in Master Mode to get it, and fighting bosses in this mode is not a pleasant experience for beginners.



terraria unicorn mount blessed apple
  • Land mount
  • Jump Height – 39
  • Second Jump – 48
  • Speed – 61 mph

The Unicorn is the fastest non-Master mode land mount with stats just a bit higher than the Goat mount. Although quite similar, you don’t need to fight extremely buffed bosses to get it, plus it jumps higher as well.

Once Hardmode starts, all you need to do is farm Unicorns in the surface Hallowed Biome to get the Blessed Apple. This mount is useful in conjunction with Asphalt Blocks as it can boost your speed to godly amounts. This summon is great for fighting the daytime Empress of Light and Duke Fishron.



best mounts in terraria santank toy tank
  • Land mount
  • Jump Height – 12
  • Speed – 41 mph
  • Master Mode exclusive

The Santank is a unique mount that shoots down any enemy that gets within its range. This mount drops from the Santa-NK1 miniboss from the Frost Moon event. This is the only mount that attacks on its own, unlike the Goat and Unicorn where you’d have to charge into enemies at full speed for damage.

This mount is great for fighting waves of enemies but not for exploring due to its lack of speed and vertical movement. Although it provides a second jump, it does not reach very far, and since it’s obtained in Hardmode, the fall damage reduction it gets can easily be compensated with wings.



terraria tree hexed branch
  • Land mount
  • Jump Height – 39
  • Speed – 81 mph
  • Master Mode exclusive

The Tree Mount is the best mount in Terraria for traversing the ground. Its speed can reach the game’s upper limit with the proper mix of Asphalt blocks and speed-boosting equipment. This mount is obtained by defeating the Mourning Wood boss from the Pumpkin Moon event in Master Mode which is a challenge in itself.

This mount, while being ridiculously fast, is not the best choice for fighting bosses. It will overtake the Empress of Light daytime fight, causing your damage to fall off due to lesser contact with the boss. It is very effective for exploration due to its high speed.


Bee Mount

best mounts in terraria bee honeyed goggles
  • Flying mount
  • Flight height – 654 tiles
  • Speed – 10 mph (walk), 31 mph (fly)
  • Cannot touch liquids

In the earlier versions of the game, pre-1.4, the Bee Mount was the only means of flight pre-Hardmode. This mount is great for building larger structures and reaching high chasms (e.g. corruption and crimson chasms). Ultimately, it still provides better flight than the Fledgling Wings.

This mount can be obtained by defeating the Queen Bee boss in the Underground Jungle and serves as the only flying mount at this point in the game. While it offers great vertical utility, it leaves more to be desired when used for combat.



terraria pigron scaly truffle
  • Flight height – 218 tiles
  • Speed – 46 mph (walk/fly)

The Pigron mount is a huge upgrade from the previous Bee Mount as it also provides a decent walk speed albeit with slow acceleration. You can get this mount by fishing in the Underground Evil or Hallowed biomes and getting the Scaly Truffle.

This mount can indeed be viable for combat as it is a bit faster than your flying speed with the Terra Boots. The downside is that landing will cause the mount to move very slowly unless you’re already accelerating very fast before you hit the ground. The workaround is to quickly toggle out of the Pigron before you land and after you leave the ground.


Pirate Ship

terraria pirate ship black spot
  • Flying mount
  • Flight height – Infinite
  • Speed – 36 mph (horizontal), 41 mph (vertical), 54 mph (diagonal)
  • Master Mode exclusive

The Pirate Ship is a drop from the Flying Dutchman boss in the Master Mode Pirate Invasion. Although this is not as fast as the Pigron mount, it can charge through enemies when flying at full speed. This makes it a viable combat mount so long as you can keep your speed maxed.

This is the only flying mount that deals contact damage, making it lose less speed when crashing into enemies during flight. Since this only drops from a Master Mode boss, it falls short of the next item on our list.


Witch’s Broom

best mounts in terraria witch's broom
  • Flying mount
  • Flight height – Infinite
  • Speed – 46 mph (horizontal), 41 mph (vertical), 62 mph (diagonal)

The Witch’s Broom is the overall best vanilla flying mount for both combat and exploration. This is due to the sheer power of its flight speed while maintaining itself when submerged in liquid. Although the Cute Fishron mount is faster, it takes a lot of skill or preparation to guarantee its speed.

This item is dropped from the Mourning Wood in Expert Mode and is fairly easy to obtain. The infinite flight on this mount allows you to use it for building large structures as well. That said, we’re giving the top spot of this list to another mount.



terraria drill containment unit
  • Flying mount
  • Flight height – Infinite
  • Speed – 31 mph (horizontal), 41 mph (vertical), 51 mph (diagonal)
  • High-speed mining capabilities

The best mount in Terraria for flying and utility goes to the Drill Mount. Although it’s slower than the Flying Broom, this mount is not made for combat, as you’re not able to use any weapons or tools while riding it. This is due to the mount’s unique ability to mine through all blocks instead.

This mount is very important for terraforming and for erasing biomes completely. But since this is obtained after Moon Lord, vanilla players often find no use for it. This is great mainly for building and is the best choice for flattening your world.


The best mounts in Terraria can be obtained through sheer diligence and patience. While some of them are more difficult to obtain than others, the items we’ve pointed out are the best bang for the buck at their respective progression stages.

If you feel like there should be another mount included in our list, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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