Best Mouse for Drag Clicking in 2021

Are you in the market for the best mouse for drag clicking? If so, then you’ve probably heard about how learning to drag click can give you a competitive edge on Minecraft and other games where a high CPS (clicks per second) is crucial.

In simple terms, drag clicking is a technique wherein you push and drag your finger across a mouse button (left or right mouse button). The friction between your finger and the surface of the mouse button creates vibrations that register an insane amount of clicks per second (as much as 60 CPS). This is considerably more than the average gamer (6.1 CPS). As you might imagine, this can help you land more hits against opponents in Minecraft PVP.

  1. Roccat Kone AIMO – Best for drag clicking
  2. Roccat Kone Pure Ultra – Ultra-light weight
  3. Glorious Model O – Solid well-built mouse
  4. Redragon M711 – Great budget mouse
  5. Roccat Kain 200 Aimo – Wireless

If you want to learn how to drag click, check out our comprehensive guide to drag clicking. That said, you should know that not all mouse lends itself well to drag clicking. A good drag-clicking mouse needs two things. A matte, grippy surface and a set of durable switches to withstand the stress of drag clicking. If drag clicking is not your thing, check out the best Minecraft mice here.

To this end, we’ve done some research on your options for some of the best mouse for drag clicking in Minecraft. Let’s get right to it!

1. Roccat Kone AIMO

Roccat Kone Aimo

DPI: 16,000 | Interface: USB Wired | Weight: 130g | Buttons: 24 | Hand: Right-handed

  • Great design
  • 16k Owl-Eye optical sensor
  • Best for drag clicking
  • Drag-Free Cord
  • Right-handed only


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7,751 Reviews

First on our list is the KONE AIMO Gaming Mouse by ROCCAT. Note that we’re referring to the remastered version and not the original version. This is because the latter lacks the textured grip surface essential for drag clicking.

If you follow some of the most popular players on Minecraft PVP like Lebbyy and SSanti, then you would know that it’s one of their favorite mice to use for their gaming sessions and for good reasons. For one thing, the KONE AIMO is relatively large for a gaming mouse (4.92 x 3.35 x 1.57 inches). This gives it excellent stability and control, especially for gamers with big hands. 

With the KONE AIMO, gamers who are into drag clicking can get up to 60 CPS. This depends on their skill level, although its robust design and grippy surface will certainly help. Of course, it also helps that it features a futuristic design with plenty of RGB lighting. These are qualities that are sure to appeal to gamers everywhere. Not only is this mouse perfect for drag clicking but it’s also been rated a perfect mouse for CS:GO.

The ROCCAT KONE AIMO uses optical switches with no mechanical components. This makes it a lot more durable compared to traditional mouse switches. Optical switches don’t rely on physical contacts to transmit electric signals — perfect for drag clicking.

While relatively expensive, most avid gamers will agree that it’s well worth the cost, particularly if you’re looking for a gaming mouse that’s tough and offers the most potential in terms of CPS count.

2. Roccat Kone Pure Ultra

Roccat Kone Pure Ultra

DPI: 16,000 | Interface: USB Wired | Weight: 66g | Buttons: 6 | Hand: Right-handed

  • Ultra-light weight
  • 16k Owl-Eye optical sensor
  • Very durable
  • Basic features
  • Cheap feeling cable

−$7.00 $62.99

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1,456 Reviews

Are you looking for a good Minecraft drag clicking mouse, but don’t like the size and over-the-top design of the KONE AIMO? If so, then the ROCCAT KONE PURE might just be the perfect mouse for you!

The KONE PURE features the same optical switches and textured surface as the AIMO but in a smaller/lighter, and more minimalistic package. This makes it ideal for gamers with small hands and prefers minimal RGB lighting on their setup.

Despite its smaller size, the KONE PURE actually fares slightly better than the AIMO in terms of CPS count (up to 65 CPS). Of course, this potential is entirely subjective and depends on how skilled you are at drag clicking. 

In terms of price, the KONE PURE sells at a similar price range as the KONE AIMO. The fact that these two features the same optical switches and textured surface suggests that the choice boils down to your preference in size/weight and design. If you want a smaller and more laid-back alternative to most gaming mice in the market without sacrificing CPS performance, then you can’t go wrong with the ROCCAT KONE PURE.

3. Glorious Model O

Glorious Model O

DPI: 12,000 | Interface: USB Wired | Weight: 67g | Buttons: 6 | Hand: Ambidextrous

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Solid well-built mouse
  • Lightweight, flexible cable.
  • Not good for small hands

−$35.00 $49.99

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5,388 Reviews

The Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse is another strong contender for the title of the best mouse for drag clicking, and it’s easy to see why. It offers just about everything that you could need. A matte textured surface and durable Omron mechanical switches rated for 20 million clicks. Plus, its distinctive honeycomb shell design not only makes the mouse lighter (67 grams) but it’s also eye candy for many gamers looking to spruce up their gaming setup.

In terms of price, the Glorious Model O gaming mouse sells for around $70. This makes it a good choice for gamers looking for something out of the ordinary without breaking the bank. That said, there’s a wireless version of the Glorious Model O gaming mouse which is great for games like Valorant.

As for performance, the Glorious Model O offers up to 20 CPS depending on how skilled you are at drag clicking. That might seem unimpressive compared to most other gaming mice on this list. However, that’s still remarkable, considering that most gamers only have an average CPS of 6.1 using an ordinary mouse.

If you don’t mind the added cost, you may want to opt for the wireless version for more CPS. After all, it’s easier to drag click when there’s no wire cluttering your setup. That said, I’ve seen videos of gamers reaching as much as 127 CPS using the wireless Glorious Model O.

Regardless of which version you’ve set your eyes on, make sure that you only get the ones with a matte surface. This is because you can’t drag click on a mouse with a glossy surface.

4. Redragon M711

Redragon M711

DPI: 10,000 | Interface: USB Wired | Weight: 99g | Buttons: 7 | Hand: Ambidextrous

  • Great budget option
  • Comfortable
  • Software can be confusing

−$12.00 $14.99

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7,720 Reviews

Are you looking for a gaming mouse for drag clicking and got a limited budget to work with, then I think you’ll be pleased with the Redragon M711 Cobra gaming mouse! For just $20 ($25 for the white version), you get a decent gaming mouse that covers all the essentials — a grippy matte surface and fairly durable mouse switches (HUANO). Plus, you get plenty of RGB lighting that you can customize to complement your gaming setup.

CPS for the Redragon M711 Cobra gaming is around 20, which puts it on par with the Glorious Model O (for a lot less money). That said, the only downside is that you have to settle for the slightly inferior HUANO mouse switches, which are only rated to withstand up to 10 million clicks.

5. Roccat Kain 200 Aimo

Roccat Kain 200 Aimo

DPI: 16,000 | Interface: Wireless | Weight: 100g | Buttons: 8 | Hand: Ambidextrous

  • Wireless
  • Hinged buttons
  • Performance coating
  • Uncomfortable for palm grips

−$30.50 $69.49

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1,777 Reviews

It’s no coincidence that most of the gaming mice I mentioned in this list are from ROCCAT. They make high-quality gaming mice, and most gamers would agree that they make some of the best gaming peripherals available on the market today. The ROCCAT KAIN 200 AIMO Gaming Mouse is no exception.

One of the first things you’ll notice about the KAIN 200 AIMO is that it has a more toned down (almost professional) look compared to most other gaming mice from ROCCAT. There’s some RGB lighting for sure, but ROCCAT has limited it to the logo and the mouse wheel (both programmable, by the way). Design-wise, this gaming mouse is ideal for gamers looking for a compromise between the outlandish designs of most gaming mice on the market and the minimalist appeal of a professional mouse. It’s safe to say that no one will bat an eye should you decide to bring it with you in the office.

Another great thing about the KAIN 200 AIMO is that it’s wireless (although there’s also a wired version of this gaming mouse called the KAIN 122 AIMO) and comes in a matt finish. Again, these qualities are a must-have when shopping for a mouse to drag click with. 

In terms of performance, the KAIN 200 AIMO is capable of 20+ CPS which might not seem much, but enough to give you a competitive edge in Minecraft PVP. Again, the question of whether or not you’ll be able to hit this number depends on your skill level.

As for price, the KAIN 200 AIMO retails for around $100 or $65 if you opt for one of the wired versions (KAIN122). That might seem expensive, considering that you can get a mouse with a higher CPS for $60. However, you should consider that much of the cost goes toward its wireless functionality and that it uses  Titan-type switches — perhaps the single most impressive feature on this mouse.

The Titan Switch is an optical technology that delivers lightning-fast actuation and unparalleled durability. This mouse switch can withstand up to 100 million clicks, making it one of the most durable gaming mice in the world. Hence if you do decide to get the KAIN 200 AIMO, you can be sure that you’re buying something that will last and serve you well for many years to come.


So there you have it — a good look at some of the best mouse for drag clicking! If you want to learn how to drag click and start implementing the strategy, then you can’t go wrong with any of the gaming mice mentioned above. Just make sure that you choose the one that best suits your budget and individual preferences.

Of course, I’d be remiss if I failed to point out that you buying one of these gaming mice won’t guarantee victory in games like Minecraft PVP. As you may already know, other factors come into play when playing Minecraft competitively. For one thing, you need to be able to strafe your opponent (side-step dodge) to minimize damage from opponents, but that’s beside the point.

Also, consider that some Minecraft servers view drag clicking as an unfair practice. Hence, you can get banned for resorting to such a strategy. As such, only try drag clicking on these servers at your own risk

Indeed, drag clicking can help you land more hits on enemies. The gaming mice mentioned above can certainly help you master this skill and take your game to the next level.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and that you’ve found it helpful. Be sure to check out our game guides section for more tips and tricks.

Daniel Melana
Daniel Melana
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  1. I’m prefer Bloody Abedless (Bloody A70 Matte Black), Because it was smaller than Original Bloody A70, Better Quality, High CPS (40-60 CPS) and Can drag click without any help of electrical tape.

  2. What type of mouse is best for your wrist? If you have short fingers, a smooth ball mouse is best for your wrist. The reason behind this theory is that the smooth ball can help you increase your control over the mouse.

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