Best MW3 Lockwood 300 Loadout (One Shot Build)

Become a one-shot monster with this Lockwood 300 build.

Umer Cheema
Umer Cheema
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The Lockwood 300 is considered the best shotgun in MW3. If you know what attachments and equipment to use, you’ll be unstoppable at a close range. That is why we will show you the Modern Warfare 3 best Lockwood 300 loadout.

We will show you how to turn this shotgun into an absolute beast thanks to all the attachments and gear. With that said, let’s dive right in and get started with the Modern Warfare 3 best Lockwood 300 loadout.

Gun SetupClass Setup
Barrel: Matuzek 811 BarrelSecondary: M4
Muzzle: GW MaxVests: Gunner Vest
Trigger: Maelstrom Dual TriggerGloves: Quick-Grip Gloves
Stock: Heist Stock ModBoots: Lightweight Boots
Ammunition: 12 Guage SlugGear: Ghost TV Camo

Gun Setup

You can customize every gun to favor one aspect, but in the end, what matters is how you intend to use it. If you optimize a weapon for hard pushing and you end up playing defensive, then it isn’t beneficial.

With this Lockwood 300 Loadout, we will explain the essential attachments that will benefit this weapon the most for the overall playstyle from which this weapon benefits the most.

Barrel (Matuzek 811 Barrel)

Having this barrel will allow you to have more range and bullet velocity. It will let you fire at enemies that are slightly far away (not long-range, though).

Plus, it reduces the bullet spread and ensures that your pellets hit the target. This works perfectly with the trigger.

Muzzle (GW Max)

While you can use other muzzles to extend your range, I suggest the GW Max for one reason alone: the ability to be silent while firing at the enemy.

This will suppress your shots and you can easily focus on the backline without any problems. While it does lower your mobility a bit, your equipment will cover it.

Trigger (Maelstrom Dual Trigger)

After trying out different attachments, I can safely say that the Maelstrom Dual Trigger is the best option for the Lockwood 300. It allows you to fire both shells at the same time. Due to this, your shotgun has insane one-shot potential.

However, since you will fire both shells at the same time, you will have to reload quite frequently. So, if you miss your shot, you are helpless for some time.

Try to pick close-range fights and aim near the head. Even if you hit the torso, you are bound to one-shot the enemy. If you really want that range though, check out the best snipers you can use in MW3.

Stock (Heist Stock Mod)

As a shotgun user, the main thing you should focus on is mobility. Thankfully, this stock gives you tons of mobility and allows you to run across the map without any issues.

Plus, you also gain ADS speed, and Sprint-To-Fire time which is always a welcomed addition. The major downside to this is that your aiming stability will drop. However, the other attachments and equipment will cover the weakness.

Ammunition (12 Gauge Slug)

Having the 12 Gauge Slug will give you more range and accuracy which is much needed with the Lockwood 300. It will allow you to take mid-range fights and actually hit your target.

While one-shot isn’t a guarantee at mid-range, you can damage them a lot.

Class Setup

Everyone can have the best loadout, but having the perfect class setup can go miles. As the perks and grenades you select should benefit your overall loadout, you wouldn’t have a sniping loadout on an SMG now, would you?

The class setup for Lockwood 300 will allow you to carry two primary weapons and quickly swap between them. Plus, you will have mobility as well.

For lethals, you’re going to carry Frag Grenades.

Secondary (M4)

The M4 is a legendary AR that is always reliable and will come in handy during long-range fights. Since the setup for the Lockwood 300 is close/mid-range, you will need a long-range weapon.

Vest (Gunner Vest)

Vest (Gunner Vest)

While using a shotgun, I like having the ability to have another primary weapon instead of a secondary one. This allows me to carry an SMG for a faster fire rate during mid-range fights.

Alternatively, you can choose the M4 for long-range fights as well. I personally prefer going for the M4 as I love the weapon and it will cover your shotgun’s weakness.

Gloves (Quick-Grip Gloves)

Gloves (Quick-Grip Gloves)

Since you will be using two primary weapons, switching between them can take some time. This can prove fatal during long-range combat. Having the Quick-Grip Gloves will allow you to reduce this time and quickly switch between both your primary weapons.

Boots (Lightweight Boots)

Boots (Lightweight Boots)

As the name suggests, these boots are lightweight and allow you to quickly move around the map. These boots are superb for mobility as you can easily run around without any issues.

Since you will want to run up to the enemy and quickly one-shot them from close/mid-range, these boots will be a lifesaver.

Gear (Ghost TV Camo)

Gear (Ghost TV Camo)

The Ghost TV Camo allows you to block detection from UAVs, enemy radar sources, and Heartbeat Sensors. Since you will focus on a silent build, having this is crucial.

This will allow you to enter enemy backlines easily without getting detected.


And there you have it, that is the Modern Warfare 3 best Lockwood 300 loadout and class setup. the Lockwood is the best shotgun in MW3. Having the ideal loadout will allow you to perform even better and enhance this weapon a lot.

Hopefully, this guide helped you find the ideal loadout for the Lockwood 300. If you have a better loadout that you are using, let us know in the comments below!

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