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Scott Livingston
Scott Livingston
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Starting the free-to-play on OSRS magic gear is probably the most depressing out of all other magical gear. But, to maximize the experience per hour when training your magic, you should use the best mage armor gear in OSRS. The better the gear, the better the experience per hour, though it will cost more. If you’re a rich player, it’s worth every coin!


Full Ancestral Robes

Full Ancestral Set

Requirements: 90 Magic, 75 Defense, and 77 Prayer

You know you have reached the end game when you see yourself wearing full ancestral robes. These robes are for people who put damage above everything else during activities such as the Chambers of Xeric or Theatre of Blood. Best mage armor gear obviously requires extra attachments.

Arcane Spirit Shield and Imbued Heart can be further upgraded to increase your damage per second while doing certain activities, adding 150.000 ancient essences to the imbued heart and Elidins’ ward (f) to the arcane spirit shield. But, attaching the ward to the arcane sigil will require 90 prayer, 90 smithing, and 10.000 soul runes.

Unless you’re one of the best pking players in OSRS, you should avoid taking such risks to wilderness. The players that take these kind of risks, most of the time PK with their clan members. They will spot your world and make sure to kill you for all your armor!


Late Game Magic Armor

High level Magic Armor

Requirements: 75 Magic, 75 Defense

Upgrading to a kodai wand, magic cape two (2), eternal boots, tormented bracelet, and imbued heart is the closest a player can get to maximum magical defense. If you’re a wealthy player who enjoys maximizing their experience rates per hour or a Player Killer that loves to take risks, then this gear is for you.

To unlock the highest magic bonus, one has to unlock the Augury prayer. Even though you will burn a lot of prayer potions, it’s very worth using while training if you can afford it. The imbued heart will increase your magic level, while the kodai wand will give you unlimited water runes.

Not many players will risk high amounts of money while pking. This is a mage armor training gear, that will allow you to gain some fast mage levels.


Full Ahrim’s Mage Armor Gear

Full Ahrim's Armor

Requirements: 70 Magic, 70 Defense

Mid-game levels make your account strong enough for you to be able to afford an amazing set of magic. After you’ve finished a bunch of quests and made a respectable amount of wealth, you should be able to afford the mid-level gear.

Using Ahrim’s, in combination with a magic wand or even a toxic trident, is an amazing way to train your stats. This will increase your experience rates immensely, especially if you’re using ice burst or ice barrage to train your magic level.

Many Pkers prefer using Ahrim’s when player killing, because it offers high defense level while casting spells. This allows the player to gain momentum and be able to dominate their fights.


Full Mystic Mage Armor Gear

Full Mystic Osrs

Requirements: 40 Magic, 25 Defense

To completely revamp your magic bonus, you should get into member worlds. Starting with the cheap upgrades, you can get a mystic elemental staff, a broodoo shield, an amulet of glory, a combat bracelet, and a blessing of your choice. Slightly more expensive, but also immediate updates include: Seers ring, wizards boot, mystic hat, top and bottom.

If you’d like to upgrade your armor further, I’d suggest getting 50 Magic with 55 Slayer. This will allow you to equip slayer staff, then buy ancient pages for the book of Darkness, a Farseer helmet, and one out of three god capes. Mystic armor is considered to be the best mage armor gear for 20 defense pure.


Void Magic Gear

Void Gear OSRS

Requirements: 42 Magic, 42 Magic, 22 Prayer

Void armor can be obtained from the Void Knights with commendation points earned through Pest Control. The armor is a popular choice for players because it has a set effect in addition to each item’s stats. Using Void mage helm with the set will provide +45% magic accuracy.

The upgraded Elite mage version will provide the player with a 2.5% magic damage bonus. The Void Knight armor grants only accuracy effects and does not increase damage, though most players have the wrong perception that the set offers bonus magical damage.

Void armor is the best mage armor gear for pkers. The risk is a couple of million, but the damage input makes it worth the risk! The most amazing thing that makes Void armor low risk, as it is protected on death below level 20 wilderness.

However, the armor will be unusable and must be repaired by using the set on the NPC ‘Perdu.’ Whereas the killer will receive 75% of the repair cost.


Free To Play OSRS Magic Gear

Free to Play Magic Gear

No Requirements

The free-to-play OSRS magic gear is the cheapest and most inefficient way to train your magic. Unless you’re a dedicated free-to-play gamer, who has restricted his account on free-to-play worlds, this gear is an absolute waste of experience.

Always try to avoid free-to-play gear. This mage gear is basically for players that have just started to play, but still one of the best OSRS mage armor gear in Free-To-Play. You can easily get your hands on different staffs that will provide you with additional magical bonus, but nothing will be even close to what P2P worlds can offer.


There are other amazing magic staffs also that, in different situations, can find better uses. Honorable mentions would include harmonized nightmare staff, the ancient Wyvern shield, and the Sanguinesti staff.

While different armor can be used for different reasons, some players like to splash, and for a proper way of splashing, check out our guide for Splashing. Which armor would you use to efficiently train your magic level and why?

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