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Scott Livingston
Scott Livingston
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Oldschool Runescape was highly voted on in 2013 because of the nostalgia that the playerbase had for the early Pking years of 2006/2007/2008. In 2013 the Runescape community managed to upvote the return of 2007 servers with 449,351 votes.

The Pking community was finally satisfied and impatient to start playing the 2007 servers. Most of the player base was going to go into the wilderness and PK. Since then, the OSRS player base has managed to advance immensely when it comes to Pking skills, and they have created different account builds on different combat brackets.

But I’m here to share with you my favorite and Best OSRS PK Builds with you. Through my Pking years, I have tried different builds, and these tend to stand out for me.


1 Defense Pure OSRS PK Build

1 Defense Pure

Requirements: 50 Attack, 1 Defense
Combat Level: 76

Without a doubt 1 Defense Pures have been the Best Pking build since “Kids Ranqe” and “I Mahatma I” days. Long story short, the trend of 1 def level pures has been a thing since 2006.

But, in 2023, the Pking has advanced so much, and the Pkers have developed their player-killing skills to a different level. Therefore the combos are incredible.

This build goes with Magic Shortbow into 1 tick G-Maul Spec, switching to Berserker Necklace and Obby Maul for K0. Always hitting high and risking millions with the possibility of smiting their opponent is what any Pker loves to do.


The Zerker OSRS PK Build

The Zerker Build

Requirements: 60 Attack, 45 Defense and 55 Prayer
Combat Level: 94

The Zerker Build holds a long-standing reputation as one of the best OSRS PK Builds in the Runescape Community. This build was first popularized by B0aty back in late 2012 and has since maintained its dominance.

One of the main reasons why this build remains powerful in the present day is the potential to equip the Inquisitor’s armour. Each piece of this armour set provides a 0.5% damage and accuracy boost when employing the crush style attack, giving the player a significant advantage in combat.

The effective use of the Dragon Scimitar into the Granite Maul (G-Maul) special attack, followed by switching back to the Colossal Blade in conjunction with Vengeance, makes this build’s knockout (KO) potential almost unsurpassable compared to other builds. The combination of these techniques allows you to penetrate through the opponent’s defense effectively.


Dragon Warhammer Build

Dragon Warhammer Build: Account

Requirements: 60 Strength, 60 Ranged, and 75 Defense
Combat Level: 73.55

This particular build is specifically designed for combat against pures and is one of the best OSRS pure builds out there, as opposed to opponents with heavy armour and high defense levels. One interesting aspect of this account is the utilization of the Serpentine Helm, Full Bandos, and Dragonfire Shield, a combination that minimizes the risk of death while maximizing potential damage output.

The account’s 68 Range allows the player to use Dragon Knives and perform a 1-tick special attack with the Dragon Warhammer. For those adept at switching, the Ring of Recoil can be swapped in a three-way switch to the Berserker Ring (i), enhancing your maximum hit by 2 and potentially raising your maximum hit to 62+.


Void Pure OSRS PK Build

Void Pure Build

Requirements: 42 all Combat Stats including 22 Prayer
Combat Level: 88

The Void PK build is regarded as one of the top PK builds in OSRS. Its appeal stems from the high accuracy and the 10% bonus to melee or ranged damage provided by the Void set, making it popular among players who enjoy a versatile combat style with high KO potential.

To capitalize on this KO potential, many players favor the Magic Shortbow into Granite Maul (G-Maul) special attack sequence, switching back to the Heavy Ballista for a finishing blow. However, the specifics of this build can vary greatly, allowing for personalization to align with your preferred PKing style and comfortable combat bracket.

Void PKers may appear less formidable due to their low defense bonuses, leading some to believe they can easily penetrate their armor. However, this perception can be deceptive. When Vengeance is expertly timed, Void PKers can secure inevitable KOs, turning the tide of combat in their favor. It’s a stark reminder that even seemingly vulnerable builds can wield significant power in the right hands.


Low Level Ancient Godsword Build

Ancient Godsword Build

Requirements: 75 Attack and 65 Ranged
Combat Level: 48

This intriguing low-level build might initially raise some eyebrows due to its unusual feature: a 75 attack level with only 23 Strength. You may find yourself asking, “What kind of damage can be dealt with such low Strength?” Allow me to explain.

The key to this build lies in its strategic combination of the Ancient Godsword, Dragon Knives, and Dragon Thrown Axes. The Ancient Godsword’s special attack marks a target for sacrifice when you land a successful hit. If the target fails to move away from you within 8 ticks, or 4.8 seconds, they receive 25 damage, while you regain the same amount of health.

Given that you’ll likely be facing opponents with low hitpoint levels at Combat Level 48, here’s how the combination works: you begin with the Godsword special attack, follow up with a thrown Dragon Knife, then transition into a Light Ballista attack, and finish with the Thrown Axe’s special attack. This dynamic, rapid-fire combo turns this seemingly unusual build into one of the best OSRS PK builds.


Experienced Pkers understand the importance of combination in any account builds or combat bracket that they’re in, they tend to experiment a-lot and that is how many of them came up with builds such as these.

Of course, the updates will always dictate the meta for different builds and weapons that particular builds should use to maximize their bracket potential, but nevertheless, pking will always be fun.

These are just some of the most interesting and the Best OSRS PK Builds in my opinion. Everybody has different Pking experience, would you mind sharing yours with us? It might be something totally different and still be entertaining!

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Scott is a seasoned RPG gamer with a particular passion for the classic OSRS. With years of experience under his belt, he is widely regarded as an expert in the gaming community.
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