The 8 Best Overwatch 2 DPS Heroes, Ranked

More pew pew = more damage.

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The Damage or DPS role in Overwatch 2 is one of the most popular roles in the game. I mean, who doesn’t want to play a position where your main job is to shoot at enemies, get eliminations, and deal damage, right? However, not all Overwatch DPS characters are created equal.

We’re here today to help you find the right Damage Hero for your play style. Here are the 8 best Overwatch 2 DPS Heroes. Join us as we discuss what makes them great and the best ways to use them.



A photo of the best Overwatch 2 DPS Hero, Tracer.

At the top of our list of the best DPS in Overwatch, we have non-other than the face of the game herself, Tracer. Tracer takes the top of our list because of her insane mobility while being able to quickly take out the priority enemy targets.

She’s an in-your-face type of character that uses her Pulse Pistols that can unload 20 bullets per second. Her kit isn’t as punishing as some of the others because of her ability to quickly travel back in time using Recall. Tracer does have an extremely low health bar, so you’ll still need to be careful.

If you like moving around the map fast and being an annoying target to hit, then Tracer is your gal. She has a bit of a learning curve, mainly the timings of her Blink and Recall abilities, but nothing too hard to handle.



A photo of Sojourn.

Next up, we have one of the best Overwatch 2 Heroes for beginners in Sojourn. Sojourn has a pretty straightforward kit while still being able to dish out insane amounts of damage. We can easily recommend her to anyone first trying out Overwatch, especially if you’re coming from other shooter games.

She has decent mobility through her Power Slide, but her main power comes from her Railgun. Sojourn’s Railgun has a 45-round magazine with a quick 1.2s reload. It has a secondary fire that collects energy from enemies you hit and transforms them into one powerful shot that deals insane amounts of damage.

Overall, Sojourn is great for all types of play styles. I do recommend playing her within mid-range to effortlessly land her powerful secondary shots.



A photo of Ashe.

You probably weren’t expecting Ashe to be this high on a list of the best DPS in Overwatch 2. However, she can be a force to reckon with when put in the right hands. Ashe requires good in-game knowledge and solid mechanical skill to be successful.

She doesn’t have much mobility but can dish out crazy damage through her primary weapon. Ashe deals devastating headshot damage, making her great for players with solid aim. She also has a powerful ultimate that spawns a mechanical butler and bodyguard to assist you in battle.

Ashe is currently the go-to long-ranged Hero in Overwatch, especially since others have been nerfed hard. If you prefer a more “behind the lines” playstyle and looking for unique angles, then Ashe is your gal.



A photo of Genji.

Now we’re moving on to the more complicated Heroes with Genji. Genji is by far one of the flashiest Overwatch DPS characters2, with insane mobility. He’s also one of the best flankers in the game because of his ability to adapt to different scenarios quickly.

Genji can use his Shurikens to dish out sharp damage at range or use his Swift Strike to close the distance and swing at enemies with his Katana. Swift Strike also resets upon kills, effectively allowing him to keep dashing till all enemies are dead. This is especially true when he activates his Dragonblade ultimate, which allows his Katana to deal more damage.

There’s no denying that Genji’s main strength lies in his mobility. It takes a lot of time and dedication to unlock Genji’s full potential, but when you do, he’s nearly impossible to stop.



A photo of Echo, one of the Best Overwatch 2 DPS Heroes.

The current meta favors characters with insane mobility. This is why most of the best Overwatch 2 Heroes right now are the ones with great movement. There’s nothing more annoying to hit than a flying target, right? That’s where Echo comes in. Echo is an all-around DPS that can easily fit into team comps.

Her aerial abilities, like Flight and Glide, are perfect mobility tools that make her incredibly hard to hit. Echo may have a slow fire rate, but her damage output is still one of the best with her hard-hitting abilities, like Sticky Bombs and Focusing Beam, that can quickly kill or damage multiple enemies.



A photo of Mei.

Next, we have a Hero built for those ice-cold clutches. Mei is one of those characters that most Overwatch players won’t like. She requires a vastly different playstyle because of her more defensive abilities, which kind of goes against the traditional aggressive DPS gameplay.

Mei creates opportunities to get eliminations by isolating enemies using her Ice Wall. You can then use her Endothermic Blaster to finish off opponents in one-on-one battles, which she’s great in.

Mei is easily one of the best damage Heroes in Overwatch due to her insane 1v1 potential, great sustain, and solid crowd-control abilities.


Soldier: 76

A photo Soldier: 76.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-play, high-damage Overwatch DPS character, look no further than Soldier: 76. Solider: 76 quite literally has aim hacks built into his kit, making him an easy recommendation for players who haven’t even mastered the basics of Overwatch yet.

However, don’t underestimate his power. Soldier: 76 may be one of the most straightforward characters in the game, but he still provides solid firepower. He has decent mobility with his Sprint, great sustain through his Biotic Field, and solid AOE damage with his Helix Rockets.

Solider: 76 is the safest Hero to use in-game. You really can’t mess up any of his abilities, and he also fits well with most comps.



A photo of Pharah, one of the best Overwatch 2 DPS Heroes.

We’ve finally reached the bottom of our list of the best Overwatch 2 DPS Heroes with Pharah. Don’t count her out just yet. Pharah offers exceptional aerial movement that goes unmatched by any other Overwatch DPS character.

She provides solid AOE damage through her primary Rocket Launcher weapon. If things go south, Pharah can easily create space through Concussive Blast or take to the skies with her Jump Jet and Hover Jets. We haven’t even mentioned her Barrage ultimate, which allows her to become a one-woman rocket launching machine.

Pharah’s main downfall is that her abilities are very limited when she’s on the ground. This is why it’s extremely important to monitor the gasoline she has in her tank, to ensure that she can always create chaos in the skies.


Tracer gets to receive the honor of the best Overwatch 2 DPS Hero our eyes. Her insane mobility, easy escape routes, fantastic damage, and forgiving kit are just too hard to match. She’s tough to counter because of how slick she can be.

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