The 8 Best Overwatch 2 Support Heroes, Ranked

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The number of Support Heroes in Overwatch 2 might be limited, but they play the most important role in the game. Their stats don’t look as good as Tanks or Damage on paper. However, they do most of the dirty work that no other role wants to do.

It’s tough to play a Support since they require great timing, juggling of abilities, and teammate awareness. It’s definitely not a role for everyone. So, if you think you’re up for the task, here are the 8 best Overwatch 2 Support Heroes you should be using.



A photo of the best Overwatch 2 DPS Hero, Lucio.

Lucio sits at the top of our list of the best Overwatch 2 Support Heroes. He features a lively kit that delivers healing and damage through the beat of his music. He’s a reliable Support who does a bit of everything, making him fit within pretty much any team comp.

He’s one of the most fun Support Heroes in Overwatch because of his crazy wall-riding skills. Lucio can provide his team not only with heals but also with movement buffs. He can also dish out some knockback and damage his opponents when needed. However, his most powerful skill is his ultimate, which supplies his team with a 750 shield boost.

Lucio’s our pick for number one because of his ability to affect the battlefield in more ways than one. We also recommend a larger OW2 crosshair on Lucio to compensate for his sonic waves.



A photo of Ana.

Ana is the long-range queen thanks to her highly effective Biotic Rifle, which damages opponents or heals allies. She’s one of the few Supports that can actually dish out some decent damage while still fulfilling her healing responsibilities. This makes her one of Overwatch 2’s best Support characters.

Her kit doesn’t stop at healing, though. She also has a Sleep Dart that instantly puts an enemy to sleep, leaving them vulnerable for up to 5 seconds. Finally, when used on the right ally, her Nano Boost can provide a huge momentum swing. It heals and improves their damage output and overall survivability, making it a devastating ultimate when timed correctly. Don’t forget to aim train so that you can hit your shots.



A photo of Kiriko.

We all know how cool ninjas are because of their acrobatic movements. Kiriko is no different. She can climb walls and instantly teleport to teammates in need of help. She also uses a Kunai as her main weapon, rounding up her ninja aesthetic.

What makes Kiriko one of the top Support Heroes in Overwatch is her great mix between offense and healing. Her Protection Suzu is also a huge asset in a meta where debuffs and crowd control are popular. She’s an overall fun and unique Support Hero that’s definitely worth playing in Overwatch.



A photo of Zenyatta.

Monks are traditionally known for keeping peace and being non-violent. However, Zenyatta is the complete opposite. He’s known as one of the more aggressive Overwatch 2 Support characters, utilizing his various Orbs to deal damage, provide heals, and apply debuffs.

Zenyatta’s aggressive playstyle can be hard for most players, especially beginners. However, its effectiveness is unmatched when mastered. His deadly combo of Orb of Discord and Orb of Destruction can take down even the toughest Tanks in the game.



A photo of Mercy, one of the Best Overwatch 2 DPS Heroes.

If you’ve been an Overwatch 2 player for a while now, I’m sure you already know how good flying characters are. Mercy is the only Overwatch 2 Support character that can fly, which already puts her on an elite list.

However, flight isn’t the only thing that sets Mercy apart. She’s a full-on supporting character dishing out heals and buffs using her Caduceus Staff. Her ability to revive a fallen ally in the midst of battle can quickly shift the momentum in her team’s favor.

Overall, Mercy is the perfect Hero if you prefer a more supportive playstyle. She won’t be dealing the most damage, but she’ll definitely be providing the most heals. This is why she’s always going to be one of the best Overwatch 2 Support Heroes.



A photo of Illari.

Next, let’s talk about the newest addition to the roster. Illari might be new, but she’s already one of the best Heroes to play in Overwatch. Her kit brings solid mobility, large heals, and decent damage at range, all through the power of the Sun.

She can create space and angles using Outburst. She can provide heals with her primary weapon or her trusty Healing Pylon. Finally, she can surprise enemies with the damage output of her Solar Rifle and Captive Sun.

Illari is one of the more exciting Support Heroes to play because of her refreshing abilities. The main reason she isn’t higher up on our list is that she takes some getting used to before fully releasing the energy of the Sun.



A photo Baptiste.

I’m sure you already know how important mobility is in Overwatch 2. Baptiste offers some of the simplest yet most effective forms of mobility through his Exo Boots that increase his jump height. Through it, he can provide support from up high or down low.

Baptiste has a ton of AOE healing built into his kit. His Biotic Launcher can lob healing grenades, while his Regenerative Burst instantly heals himself and the allies around him. I haven’t even mentioned his Immortality Field that literally prevents teammates from dying.

Overall, Baptiste has a pretty straightforward playstyle. Some of his abilities may require a bit of timing, but nothing too crazy that makes him unplayable.



A photo of Brigitte, one of the best Overwatch 2 DPS Heroes.

Brigitte gets the final spot on our list of the best Overwatch 2 Support Heroes. She earns her spot by being a semi-Tank, semi-Support type of character. She can duel it out in the frontlines, making her the perfect partner for keeping your Tanks healthy.

She has decent crowd control through her Rocket Flail and Whip Shot and great protection using her Barrier Shield. Most of her healing powers come from hitting enemies with her Rocket Flail. It allows her to passively provide support for the Tanks and close-up Damage Heroes while primarily focusing on the frontline.

Brigitte requires a more aggressive and up-close playstyle than the other Supports. This makes her a popular pick for players who’ve grown tired of sitting in the backline while everyone else gets to enjoy the fun.


That’s the end of our list of the 8 best Overwatch 2 Support Heroes. Overall, we’ve decided that Lucio deserves the top ranking because of his capability to provide different buffs, impressive mobility, and his game-changing ultimate.

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