8 Best Pals for Farming in Palworld

Resourceful Pals.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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As you expand your base in Palword, level up, and unlock more technologies, you’ll need resources like wool, cotton, milk, etc., to craft those items. The best way to acquire said items at a steady pace is to assign work to farming pals. This guide looks at the 8 best farming pals you can utilize in Palworld to gain certain resources.

Some of these pals can be acquired at the very start of the game, while others require some grind. We’ll be mentioning all of these details below, so keep on reading!


Lamball – Best Early Game Pal for Wool


Handiwork: Level 1
Farming: Level 1
Transporting: Level 1

Lamball is an early game pal in Palworld that can be assigned work at your base’s ranch to produce wool. You can find this pal roaming around the Plateau of Beginnings. You’ll be needing wool to craft clothing, bedding, and a few saddles as well.

Lamball can also lend a helping hand by transporting mined ores to the base’s storage chest. An overall handy pal to have on your team during the early hours of your adventure.


Vixy – Best Pal for Producing Pal Spheres


Gathering: Level 1
Farming: Level 1

Want an infinite supply of Pal Spheres in Palworld? Start catching Vixys! Vixy comes with a partner skill called Dig Here!, which allows it to dig up random items from the ground when they are assigned to a ranch on your base.

While a Vixy will not always dig up a pal sphere, it is still the most common item they’ll find in the ground. If you leave a few Vixys in your ranch and check back after a while…you’ll find a dozen or so pal spheres.

You’ll need to head to the desert region of Palworld to find them though. So, make sure you’ve stocked up on food and caught the other pals before venturing deeper into the game. Their exact location is marked in the image above. It is very much possible to get them early on.

Here’s a guide talking about the locations of the best early-game pals in Palworld.


Caprity – Best Pal for Producing Red Berries

Caprity - Best Farming Pals Palworld

Farming: Level 1
Planting: Level 2

Caprity is easily available in the early areas of Palworld and is a great farming pal for producing red berries at your base. We strongly suggest that you set up your red berry farm early on to have a stable supply of food from the get-go.

You’ll be needing red berries for making foods like jam-filled buns, baked berries, pizzas, and even cakes that are required for pal breeding. The resource will run out soon if you rely on picking berries from bushes around the map.


Mau – Digs Gold Coins

Mau - Best Farming Pals Palworld

Farming: Level 1

Mau is a dark-type kitty pal that can dig up gold coins if you assign it to a ranch. It won’t be making much of a difference on its own, but if you assign a couple of Mau pals to a ranch, then they’ll eventually start supplying you with a steady supply of gold coins.

Oh, you can also sell your pals to make some easy gold.

Mau can be bought from the Black Marketeer, whose pal stock changes every day. You can also encounter Mau in different dungeons. You can also find this pal as an Alpha boss around the Hillside Cavern dungeons.


Flambelle – Produces Flame Organ

Flambelle - Best Farming Pals Palworld

Farming: Level 1
Handiwork: Level 1
Transporting: Level 1
Kindling: Level 1

Flambelle can be bought from the Wandering Merchant, located in the map’s bottom-middle area. Flambelle can produce Flame Organs at your base. That resource is needed for crafting different technologies, weapons, and even armor pieces.

This pal can also be used for offensive purposes as it has very decent movesets such as Spirit Flame, Ignis Rage, Flare Storm, etc.

Here’s a list of the best attacking pals you can acquire early on in Palworld


Beegarde – Farm Honey for Cakes

Beegarde - Best Farming Pals Palworld

Farming: Level 1
Handiwork: Level 1
Transporting: Level 2
Gathering: Level 1
Planting: Level 1
Lumbering: Level 1
Medicine Production: Level 1

Beegarde can be considered one of the best pals for farming in Palword since it will be a crucial part of your ranch team if you are planning to invest a lot of time into pal breeding. You’ll need honey to bake cakes in the game. Beegarde will be able to produce honey for you when assigned to a ranch.

You can find this pal roaming all around the Verdant Brooks island both, during the day and night. You can also find Beegardes in the Mountain Stream Grotto dungeons.


Sibelyx – High Quality Cloth for Armor


Sibelyx is a mid-to-late game farming pal that can produce high-quality cloth for you. Acquiring this pal requires you to have decent cold-resistant gear or a ground mount that can keep you warm.

If you are looking to capture a ground mount for yourself, here’s a list of the fastest ground mounts in Palworld.

You can find Sibelyx roaming the Astral Mountains in the upper corner of the Palworld map. Once acquired, you can assign this pal to the ranch and produce high quality cloth. This material will be used in crafting certain technologies, weapons, and a lot of different armor.


Mozzarina – Produces Milk for Cakes


Farming: Level 1

Milk. Mozzarina is a cow pal that will produce milk for your base. Another vital farming pal that you’ll need if you plan on eventually baking cakes for pal breeding. You can find Mozzarina roaming the lower regions of the Bamboo Groves. (can be found both during the day and night)

You can also buy this cow from the Pal Merchant. You can use milk to make food like Mushroom Soup, Pizza, Cake, Carbonara, and other dishes.

This was a look at some of the best farming pals in Palworld. These pals will be a fine addition to any player’s base who aims to reduce the grind for frequently needed resources. We hope you liked this list and also checked our other Palworld coverage.

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