8 Best Pals for Generating Electricity in Palworld

Where is a Pikachu When You Need One?

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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As your Palworld base gets more developed, you’ll eventually get to a point where a lot of power stations will need to be powered up. That’s where electric pals come into play. These pals will help in generating electricity for the entire base in Palworld. Let’s take a look at some of the best options we have.

Palworld offers multiple electricity-generating pals at each level of the game. You can find some early on, while others require substantially good gear, a good attacking pal team, and solid gear.




Generating Electricity: Lv 1
Handiwork: Lv 1
Transporting: Lv 1

Sparkit is going to be the best electricity-generating pal for players who have just started their Palworld survival journey. You can find Sparkit roaming the Windswept Hills and Twilight Dunes during both the day and night times.

Sparkit is also good at handiwork and will also help you carry resources around the base. Go and catch one using a Pal Sphere to bring some much-needed energy to your base.




Generating Electricity: Lv 2
Lumbering: Lv1

Univolt is the fastest early game ground mount in Palworld. It also provides level 2 electricity-generating capabilities. Univolt can be found roaming around the Bamboo Grooves at all times. You can also fight it as a level 35 alpha boss on the Sea Breeze Archipelago.

You can craft its saddle at level 14. Univolt was also included as an honorable mention in our list of the best pals for lumbering in Palworld. A very resourceful pal for the early game.



Grizzbolt - Best Pals Generating Electricity Palworld

Generating Electricity: Lv 3
Handiwork: Lv 2
Lumbering: Lv 2
Transporting: Lv 3

If you’ve followed WIG’s Palworld coverage, there is no way you are not already familiar with Grizzbolt. Perhaps one of the most mentioned pals in the game. It is just that good.

You’ll go toe-to-toe with Grizzbolt when you face off against Zoe at the Rayne Syndicate tower in Palword. This electric type pal can be highly resourceful to your base as it can produce electricity (level 3), help with woodcutting, move stuff around very quickly and even build structures.

Grizzbolt has also been heavily featured in Palworld’s promotional material. It’s that big pal with the minigun. You can unlock that minigun once you hit level 40 in the Technology tree.

You can also find Grizzbolt resting in the nature reserve located in the bottom right corner of the Palworld map.

Grizzbolt looks kind of like an Electabuzz, doesn’t it? Here’s a list of 25 pals that look similar to certain Pokemon.


Generating Electricity: Lv 2
Gathering: Lv 1
Transporting: Lv 3

Beakon is a fast electric type flying mount. While mounted, it changes the player’s damage to electric type. Beakon’s attacks also pack quite a punch.

You can find and tame a Level 29 Beakon near the Deep Bambo Thicket fast travel point. Not only is Beakon a very fast mount, but it can also produce electricity for your base (level 2) and help in resource transportation as well.


Mossanda Lux

Mossanda Lux - Best Pals Generating Electricity Palworld

Generating Electricity: Lv 2
Handiwork: Lv 2
Lumbering: Lv 2
Transporting: Lv 3

You can find Mossanda Lux as a level 31 field boss on the Eastern side of the Wild Island. This handy electric-type worker pal can prove to be quite useful.

Not only can it generate level 2 electricity, but it can also quickly carry around any farmed/mined materials lying around the base. If you don’t want it working on the other stations, you can assign it to the power stations specifically as well.



Rayhound - Best Pals Generating Electricity Palworld

Generating Electricity: Lv 2

Another ground mount that offers level 2 electricity generating work suitability. Rayhound is a mount that can double-jump and has pretty low cooldown electric attacks. Rayhound’s saddle can be crafted once you are level 21.

Rayhound roams the Dessicated Desert in Palworld. Make sure you have weather-resistant gear when venturing into the desert.


Relaxaurus Lux

Relaxaurus Lux

Generating Electricity: Lv 3
Transporting: Lv 1

Relaxaurus Lux is an electric-dragon type pal that offers level 3 electricity-generating work suitability in Palworld. This dragon can be found as a level 31 alpha boss at the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon in the middle of the Bamboo Grooves.

You can also unlock a missile launcher for the pal once you reach level 46. You can use this pal purely for work purposes and keep it on the charging stations in one of your bases.



Orserk - Best Pals Generating Electricity Palworld

Generating Electricity: Lv 4
Handiwork: Lv 2
Transporting: Lv 3

Orserk is the best electricity-generating pal in Palworld and the only one that offers level 4 work suitability. You can steal this pal from Nature Reserve No. 3, located at the top right corner of the Palworld map.

Interested in finding similar lists for other work suitabilities in Palworld? We’ve got you covered! Head over to the Palworld category on our website and find several lists covering works, mounts, team setups and much more!

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