8 Best Pals for Handiwork in Palworld


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Abdul Muqsit
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Building bases and structures in Palworld can be quite tedious if you don’t have the right team assembled. You need pals that work fast and have the Handiwork work suitability. We’ll be helping you fix that problem by suggesting the best pals for handiwork in Palworld.

We’ve also covered a guide on the best pals for mining in Palworld, should you be interested.

As always, we’ve included pals suitable for all kinds of Palworld players, be it newcomers, those in the middle of the grind, or the experts who have already entered the endgame phase. You’ll find something that suits your needs.



Lamball - Best Pals Handiwork Feature

Handiwork: Lv 1
Farming: Lv 1
Transporting: Lv 1

You’ll find Lamball roaming the Plateau of Beginnings. This all-rounder of a worker pal will handle anything from handiwork to material transport around the base and even farming work.

This is ideal for anyone looking to set up a ranch or hire helping hands around the base. You can also read our detailed guide on the best pals you should be getting early on.



Lovander - Best Pals Handiwork Feature

Transporting: Lv 2
Handiwork: Lv 2
Medicine Production: Lv 2
Mining: Lv 1

Lovander gives players the Life Steal ability and turn some of the received damage into their HP. You can find Lovanders wandering the desert (only at night) where you went to fight the Anubis Alpha pal. This is also a very good all-rounder pal that offers many work suitabilities. We are interested in its level 2 handiwork stat for the sake of this guide.

Lovanders also drop cake when killed, which can be sold to the merchants in the game for 1,000 gold. This pal can also be assigned to work around the base to produce medicine, transport stuff around, or mine for resources.




Handiwork: Lv 2
Transporting: Lv 2
Cooling: Lv 2
Mining: Lv 2
Watering: Lv2

Seeing the work suitability stats should be enough to tell you how important and useful this pal is. Pelking is a jack of so many trades and a rather easy pal to catch during the early-to-mid game stages of your Palworld grind.

You can get this pal from a few different locations. Here’s a list of all the options:



Incineram - Best Pals Handiwork Feature

Kindling: Lv 1
Handiwork: Lv 2
Transporting: Lv 2
Mining: Lv 2

Another pal suited for those with heat-resistant gear, Incineram, can be found all over the left side of the volcanic island in Palworld. You can utilize it for its handiwork by assigning it to a certain station around the base.

You can also use it for mining resources once you’ve found better pals suited for pure handiwork. Incineram remains resourceful until you reach the end game and find the ultimate pals.




Kindling: Level 2
Transporting: Level 2
Handiwork: Level 3

With Level 3 Handiwork, Wixen will help you build stuff around your base really fast. The Level 2 Kindling can also be helpful for smelting ores. Wixen will also apply fire damage to the player’s attacks if you’ve kept the pal in your party.

You can find Wixen roaming the volcanic rocks towards the middle-right side of the map (just ahead of the Verdant Brook). This area is designed to give the players a taste of what to expect from the lava region located on the map’s lower left side.




Handiwork: Lv 3
Planting: Lv 4
Medicine Production: Lv 3
Gathering: Lv 2

Lyleen is one of the best pals you can hire for handiwork and planting in Palworld. A true grass-type pal that excels at everything related to planting, medicines, and even handiwork.

Such an excellent pal is equally rare to find. You can only capture Lyleen from Nature Reserve No.3, located in the north (top right) of the map.

Once you find a better team of workers, your Lyleen can be assigned planting duties around the base. This is an S-Tier pal right here.




Handiwork: Lv 3
Planting: Lv 2
Lumbering: Lv 2
Gathering: Lv 3
Transporting: Lv 2

Verdash is one of the best pals for handiwork in Palworld. And…another trip to the Nature Reserve. (The one on the left). Either that or as a level 35 Alpha Pal field boss in the Sealed Realm of the Swift located near the northern edge of Verdant Brook.

Verdash offers Lv 3 handiwork work suitability and Lv 3 gathering as well. Keeping a Verdash in your party increases movement speed and changes your damage type to grass.



Anubis - Best Pals Handiwork Feature

Handiwork: Level 4
Transporting: Level 2
Mining: Level 3

Anubis is, hands down, the best pal for handiwork in Palworld. The Level 4 Handiwork stat will ensure that this pal zooms around the base, getting stuff done, and can also help in mining nodes. It is the best pal for crafting base items.

You can find a level 47 Anubis as a world boss in the middle of the Twilight Dunes. Make sure that you are well-equipped for this fight, as Anubis won’t go down easily.

Anubis can also be a very effective pal for your fighting team as well. With moves like Sand Tornado, Stone Blast, Ground Smash, and Forceful Charge…you’ll be tearing through enemies and pals without breaking a sweat.

GET AN ANUBIS ASAP! Thank us later…

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few honorable mentions covering some decent pals for handiwork duties in Palworld.

Early Game

  • Lifmunk
  • Cattiva

Mid Game

  • Elizabee
  • Inceneram Noct
  • Lunaris

End Game

  • Grizzbolt
  • Orserk

There you have it, folks, our picks for the best pals you can hire for handiwork in Palworld. If you found this guide helpful, consider checking out our other Palworld coverage as well.

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