8 Best Pals for Lumbering in Palworld

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Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Wood and stone are the two most important resources you’ll be farming for in Palworld. We’ve already covered the best pals for mining in a previous guide. Now, let’s talk about some of the best pals you can capture and assign lumbering duties to around your base in Palworld.

We’ve tried to include pals for early, mid, and late game stages so that everyone gets to benefit from this list, be it a newcomer to the game or someone with multiple established bases and good gear. Here we go!




Planting: Lv 1
Lumbering: Lv 1
Transporting: Lv 1
Gathering: Lv 1

Tanzee is a chipmunk pal that you can acquire pretty early on in the game and will serve a lot of different roles around the base. We are focusing on Tanzee’s woodcutting abilities in Palworld. This is one of the best early-game pals for lumbering that can also wield a gun pretty soon.

Here’s how you can get a gun early on in Palworld.

You can find Tanzees roaming around the upper (right) side of the Windswept Hills in Palworld. Once done with all the woodcutting, you can even take your Tanzee with you while exploring the world and let it use an Assault Rifle to support you. (unlocks at level 12)



Eikthyrdeer - Lumbering Pals Palworld Feature

Lumbering: Lv 2

You can easily acquire Eikthyrdeer at the very beginning of your pal-catching adventure. This pal not only offers level 2 lumbering but also acts as a mount. Eikthyrdeer will speed up your base’s woodcutting routine.

You can find this pal at the base of the Plateau of Beginnings in Palworld. A saddle for this pal can be crafted once you hit level 12. This is probably the first pal most players will capture that offers Level 2 lumbering.

Here’s a guide covering the 7 best early-game pals you should be getting in Palworld.



Dinossom - Lumbering Pals Palworld Feature

Planting: Lv 2
Lumbering: Lv 2

Dinossom might not be the best option for mid-to-late game players, but it’ll prove to be handy when you are still gathering basic pals and grinding for gear. This grass-type dragon pal will help you out by planting seeds or lumbering wood around the base.

You can find Dinossom roaming around the Plateau of Beginning, Sea Breeze Archipelago, and the Marsh Islands as well. They are pretty low-level pals and should not prove difficult to capture. You can use Dinossom as a mount as well. It won’t be very fast, but hey, it still looks cool.

A guide that tells you everything about getting and riding mounts in Palworld.




Planting: Lv 2
Lumbering: Lv 2
Mining: Lv 2

While you can spot a Mammorest pretty early on while roaming the Plateau of Beginnings, you cant really catch it that easily. The Mammorest you see is a Lvl 38 alpha pal. So, expect to get this pal around the mid-game stage of your journey.

Not only will it help you in lumbering, but this pal can also be used to mine for different materials since it also has Lv2 mining and planting suitabilities as well. You can put a saddle on this bad boy as well.

Do keep in mind that if a pal has multiple work suitabilities and your base has more than one vacancy for different jobs, the pal might start working on something else.

Here’s a handy guide on how to assign work to specific pals and avoid this problem.



Grizzbolt - Lumbering Pals Palworld Feature

Handiwork: Lv 2
Lumbering: Lv 2
Transporting: Lv 3
Generating Electricity: Lv 3

Grizzbolt is a rare pal that you’ll encounter when you face off against Zoe at the Rayne Syndicate tower in Palword. This electric type pal can be extremely resourceful for your base as it can produce electricity, help with woodcutting, move stuff around very quickly and even build structures.

Oh, and….did we mention how Grizzbolt has an unlockable Minigun? No? Well, there you have it. Acquiring a Grizzbolt involves stealing one from the nature reserve in the bottom right corner of the map.

Beware though, as doing so might trigger the Wanted status on your character, and the law enforcement will start hunting you.

Here’s how you can remove the Wanted status in Palworld.



Bushi - Lumbering Pals Palworld Feature

Handiwork: Lv 1
Lumbering: Lv 3
Transporting: Lv 2
Gathering: Lv 1

Another mid-late game pal that will either require you to infiltrate and steal it from a nature reserve (the one in the top right corner of the map), or capture one from the lower left side of Mount Obsidian.

To survive in that area, you’ll need heat-resistant gear, powerful pals, and food/healing items. The reward for all that hassle is a dependable pal that can perform level 3 woodcutting and even help with kindling duties around the base.




Planting: Lv 1
Lumbering: Lv 3
Handiwork: Lv 1
Transporting: Lv 3

Warsect is a rare and capable grass-type pal that can be found roaming around the nature reserve on the map’s left side. This pal offers Level 3 lumbering and transporting, making it self-sufficient.

It will quickly cut down trees and place them in the storage chest at the same speed. Waiting to get your hands on a Warsect sure pays off nicely in the end. Having a Warsect in your party also boosts your defense and overall fire resistance.




Lumbering: Lv 3
Handiwork: Lv 2
Transporting: Lv 4
Cooling: Lv 2

Wumpo can be found all around the Astra Mountains in Palworld. Getting to this area is a bit of a grind, and you’ll also need cold-resistant gear and mounts. But the reward for all that is awesome, we promise!

Wumpo is an amazing pal to have in your team when you are out on farming/gathering runs since it increases your carrying capacity by a considerable margin. It offers Level 3 lumbering and Level 4 transporting which make it very useful as a base worker pal. It can also preserve your food with its cooling capabilities.

Check out our guide on the best pals for farming in Palworld.

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few other pals you can consider for lumbering jobs around your base in Palworld:

Early Game

  • Lifmunk
  • Arsox
  • Univolt

Mid Game

  • Beegarde
  • Menasting
  • Wumpo Botan

Late Game

  • Necromus
  • Paladius
  • Elphidran Aqua

Chop chop! These pals should make the whole lumbering process in Palworld a lot more accessible for you, and you should never run out of wood. We plan on covering the best pals for each work type, so keep checking WIG for those guides!

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