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Abdul Muqsit
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The different minerals you find scattered across the islands in Palworld are the backbone of almost every major upgrade/base component you need to craft. It’s only natural that you find the most optimal way to mine these resources. Lucky for you, there are a wide variety of pals for the job. Let’s take a look at the 8 best pals you can use in Palworld specifically for mining purposes.

We’ve tried to include pals for players in the early, mid, and late stages of their Palworld journey. So, there should be viable options for everyone. Some of these pals can also be used as mounts, which further increases their utility. Let’s dive into the list now!



Cattiva - Mining Pals Palworld Feature

Gathering: Level 1
Level 1
Transporting: Level 1
Handiwork: Level 1

Cattiva might be the very first pal you ever see in Palworld. This pal roams the starting areas of the game and is an all-rounder. It will mine nodes for you, collect and place the materials in the chest, gather materials, and help around in building the base as well.

You’ll unlock the full potential of Cattiva if you build your first base somewhere that has a lot of stone nodes close by, as that’s one of the two resources you’ll be needing abundantly at the start. (The other one being wood)




Mining: Level 1

Rushoar will make the whole stone mining process a breeze for you. All you need to do is have a Rushoar, then craft a Rushoar saddle [At Technology Level 7]. You can find this boar roaming in the area above the Windswept Hills in Palworld.

Then, you can mount the pal and start dashing towards any stone nodes you see. Rushoar’s Hard Head skill allows it to smash large stone deposits and farm stones and ores from them.

Here is a list covering the 7 best early-game pals in Palworld.




Mining: Level 3

Digtoise is a mining turtle pal that can be found in the Twilight Dunes. This desert area for beginners contains an Alpha boss and loads of materials for players to farm. You can also find a good amount of Sulfur nodes in this area.

Digtoise can help you a lot in the starting hours of Palworld as it has Level 3 mining and can quickly destroy resource nodes. You can also use Digtoise to set up an AFK Ore farm in Palworld.

Note: Digtoise does one damage per tick; hence, its AFK mining speeds might be a bit slow compared to other mining pals, such as Tombat. Keep that in mind while setting up your mining farm.




Gathering: Level 2
Level 2
Transporting: Level 3
Handiwork: Level 1

You’ll be able to find a Level 23 Quivern as an Alpha boss at the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant fast travel point. Quivern’s saddle can be crafted at Level 36.

Quivern can be quite helpful as a miner or for transporting materials between your bases because of the Level 3 transporting skill. You’ll need this skill a lot in Palworld if you plan on establishing mining routes between your bases.

Here are a few rare pals that you should acquire early on in Palworld.

Its multi-work capabilities make it a pal worth having. And it is cute as a pie as well, so bonus points for that.



Tombat - Mining Pals Palworld Feature

Gathering: Level 2
Mining: Level 2
Transporting: Level 2

Tombat is a multi-purpose flying pal that can use its SONAR ability to scan for nearby pals and highlight them on your map. Other than that, Tombat can also be assigned mining duties around the base.

It will mine the nodes, and then place them in the storage chest as well. Tombat is a nocturnal pal, meaning it can only be caught during the nighttime. You can easily find Tombat roaming the starting islands of Palworld if you venture out in the night.



Anubis - Mining Pals Palworld Feature

Handiwork: Level 4
Transporting: Level 2
Mining: Level 3

Anubis can be considered one of the best late-game mining pals in Palworld. The Level 4 Handiwork stat will ensure that this pal zooms around the base, getting stuff done, and can also help in mining nodes. It is the best pal for crafting base items.

You can find a level 47 Anubis as a world boss in the middle of the Twilight Dunes. Make sure that you are well-equipped for this fight, as Anubis won’t go down easily.

That’s still not all! Anubis can be a very effective pal for your fighting team as well. With moves like Sand Tornado, Stone Blast, Ground Smash, and Forceful Charge…you’ll be tearing through enemies and pals without breaking a sweat.



Astegon - Mining Pals Palworld Feature
  • Mining: Level 4
  • Oil Extracting: Level 3
  • Handiwork: Level 1

This pal can be used to attack ore deposits and mine them very quickly. Paired with any pal that offers a high level Transportation skill, and voila! Your mining efficiency will skyrocket as soon as Astegon joins the team.

Astegon can be found as a level 38 field boss in the middle of the volcano region in Palworld. Astegon’s flying speed might be very slow when compared to other mounts of the same level, but he serves our purpose of being an effective pal for mining resources.



  • Mining: Level 4
  • Kindling: Level 3

Blazamut is a late-game mining pal with a level 4 mining skill that can be found as a level 49 field boss on Mount Obsidian. You can also find it in the nature reserve in the map’s upper right corner.

Not only is Blazamut good for mining, but it can also be used for kindling purposes around the base and craft ingots etc. A very strong pal with multiple work utilities and a strong attacking kit as well.

Honorable Mentions

Here is a list of a few other pals who are suitable for mining in Palworld:

Early Game

  • Dumud
  • Depresso
  • Fuddler
  • Lovander

Mid Game

  • Mammorest
  • Incineram
  • Reptyro

End Game

  • Paladius
  • Necromus

These were our picks for the best mining pals in Palworld. We hope you are able to optimize your mining runs by recruiting these pals to your team. We’ve also covered the best pals for farming In Palworld. Do check that guide out as well!

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