8 Best Pals for Watering in Palworld, Ranked

Wet Work.

Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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Need to water your crops or plants in Palworld? You’ll need pals with the watering work suitability. Thankfully, the game provides players with a number of options to choose from. This article lists the 8 best pals you can find in Palworld for watering jobs around your base.

If you’ve kept up with our working pal lists, you’ll be familiar with how we include pals for early, mid, and late-game players. So, no matter how far into the grind you are…there will be a pal in here that suits your needs.




Watering: Lv 1
Handiwork: Lv 1
Transporting: Lv 1
Cooling: Lv 1

Pengullet is the perfect watering pal for starters in Palworld. It offers transporting, handiwork, and cooling work suitabilities as well. You can assign watering responsibilities around a small-scale base and Pengullet should be able to handle it all just fine.

You can find this water and ice-type pal all over the Palworld map. You’ll find it roaming the Plateau of Beginnings, between the coasts of Marsh and Eastern Wild Islands, and even at the base of the Astral Mountains.



Dumud - Watering Pals Palworld Feature

Watering: Lv 1
Mining: Lv 2
Transporting: Lv 1

Dumud can also be caught during the early hours if you go towards the Ice Wind Island, which is located just above the Twilight Dunes. The Tumud here will be a level 14 alpha pal.

While Dumud excels at mining, it can still work just fine as a starting pal that can handle watering work. Our intention here was the provide you with options that are usable for different purposes around the base.



Penking - Watering Pals Palworld Feature

Handiwork: Lv 2
Transporting: Lv 2
Cooling: Lv 2
Mining: Lv 2
Watering: Lv2

Pelking is a jack of so many trades and a rather easy pal to catch during the early-to-mid game stages of your Palworld grind. It offers level 2 watering work suitability.

You can get this pal from a few different locations. Here’s a list of all the options:



Azurobe - Watering Pals Palworld Feature

Watering: Lv 3

Enter the big bois. Azurobe is a pal that excels at watering and comes with level 3 work suitability. You can find this rare pal on Nature Reserve No.3, located at the bottom right corner of the map.

You can also find it as a level 17 alpha pal roaming the sea between the Windswept Hills and the Bamboo Groves. (just west of the Bridge of the Twin Knights).

Azurobe is not just a worker pal; it can even be used as a swimming mount and is considered one of the best pals for traveling on water. The saddle can be unlocked at level 24.


Broncherry Aqua

Broncherry Aqua

Watering: Lv 3

Broncherry Aqua is a grass/water type pal that can be located inside the Shoal Mineshaft as a level 30 alpha boss. This mine is located in the lower part of the Bamboo Groves.

This pal offers level 3 watering work suitability and can even be used as a ground mount. (although it does not perform that well as a mount). Having a Broncherry Aqua in your active party also increases your carrying capacity.

Here is a list of the fastest ground mounts in Palworld.


Elphidran Aqua

Elphidran Aqua

Watering: Lv 3
Lumbering: Lv 2

Are you looking for a dragon-type pal who also happens to excel at watering work? Well, Elphidran Aqua is the answer to your calls. This extremely rare pal can only be obtained via breeding in Palworld.

You’ll be needing eggs from a Surfent and Elphidran to breed an Elphidran Aqua in Palworld.

If breeding is new to you, consider checking out this guide on the best early-game breeding combinations in Palworld.


Suzaku Aqua

Suzaku Aqua - Watering Pals Palworld Feature

Watering: Lv 3

Another pal that can only be acquired via breeding, Suzaku Aqua, can be obtained by breeding a Jormuntide and Suzaku. Not only is it an excellent working pal, but you can also use it in offensive teams and as a flying mount as well.

You’ll need to be quite leveled up to capture a Jormuntide and Suzaku, so keep that in mind. This is a pal for late-game players.



Jormuntide - Watering Pals Palworld Feature

Watering: Lv 4

Jormuntide is the best pal for watering in Palworld. It is the only pal that comes with level 4 watering work suitability. You can find two Jormuntides on the Palworld map.

  • One is located as a level 45 alpha boss in the lake on the right side of Verdant Brook. (Southeast of Investigator’s Fork fast travel point)
  • The other one is located as a level 45 alpha boss, roaming the water body in the middle of the Bamboo Groves. (East of Mossanda Forest fast travel point)

Jormuntide’s saddle can be crafted once you are level 39.

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few more pals that can be used during the early, mid, and end-game stages for watering work around the base.

Early Game

  • Kelpsea
  • Teafant
  • Fuack

Mid Game

  • Relaxaurus

These were our picks for the best pals you can use for watering jobs in Palworld. Stick with WIG for more of the same, and keep grinding!

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