7 Best Pals to get Early in Palworld

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Abdul Muqsit
Abdul Muqsit
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There are dozens upon dozens of pals for you to catch in Palworld. Some are relatively easy to come by, while others require you to unlock some technologies or venture deeper into the map. It can all be a bit daunting for a beginner. So, we’ve come up with the 7 best pals you should be catching early on in Palworld.

We’ve also included the stats and location for each pal to help you get to it easily. The ones we’ve filtered for you will ensure that your base-building efforts progress smoothly, and some of them will also offer decent offensive support.



  • Handiwork: Level 1
  • Gathering: Level 1
  • Mining: Level 1
  • Transporting: Level 1.

The first pal on this list is easily available in the game’s starting area. You’ll find Cattivas roaming around the Plateau of Beginnings in Palworld.

Cattiva is going to be essential for your base during the early hours as it can help you mine stones and carry resources to the base’s box. He also has an offensive skill called Punch Flurry.



  • Kindling: Level 1

Next up, we have Foxparks. This little fox is going to be very handy when you have to use the kiln in your base, or…if you need a pocket flamethrower early on. You can find Foxparks roaming the first island once you descend from the Plataue of Beginnings.

You can craft a harness for Foxparks once you have access to Level 7 Technology. Once you do that, you’ll be able to pick up the Foxparks and use it as a flamethrower to fend off any attackers. We’ve also talked about this pal in our Beginner’s Guide for Palworld.



  • Planting: Level 1
  • Handiwork: Level 1
  • Lumbering: Level 1
  • Gathering: Level 1
  • Transporting: Level 1

As you can see from the stat breakdown, this cute monkey is a great find for any base. Tanzees can be found roaming around a hilly area (marked on the map above) reasonably early in the game. If you have a wood-logging setup, this badass pal will help you quickly farm wood on your base.

Tanzees also have a passive ability called Cheery Rifle that allows them to wield weapons once you unlock them later on in the game. Get them Tanzees ASAP! you’ll thank us later.



  • Lumbering: Level 2

This majestic deer-like pal is your best bet if you want a pal that offers Level 2 lumbering. Eikthyrdeer is a must-have early pal for everyone in Palworld who wants to focus on base-building and making more wooden structures.

You can find it during the starting areas of the game. Start descending from the Plataue of Beginnings, and you’ll soon run into a herd of them. This pal is also great for keeping in your team for fights as it offers a bunch of really effective offensive skills as well.



  • Planting: Level 1
  • Handiwork: Level 1
  • Lumbering: Level 1
  • Gathering: Level 1
  • Medicine Production: Level 1

Lifmunks are great early all-rounder pals you can catch in Palworld that can help you with a number of different things around the base. It can do pretty much everything a Tanzee can do, but Lifmunk can help you produce medicine for your base instead of transportation.

You can find this cute pal pouncing around the same hills where we went to catch Tanzees. Lifemunk also comes with a skill called Lifmunk Recoil, allowing this pal to wield SMGs when you unlock them.



Mining: Level 1

We’ve added Rushoar to this list because of how useful it is for mining stones in Palworld. All you need to do is have a Rushoar, then craft a Rushoar saddle [At Technology Level 7]. You can find this boar roaming around the 2nd region of Palworld. The exact location is marked in the image above.

Then, you can mount the pal and start dashing towards any stone resource piles you see. Rushoar’s Hard Head skill allows it to smash large stone deposits and farm stones and ores from them.



  • Farming: Level 1
  • Gathering: Level 1

Want an infinite supply of Pal Spheres in Palworld? Start catching Vixys! Vixy comes with a partner skill called Dig Here!, which allows it to dig up random items from the ground when they are assigned to a ranch on your base.

While a Vixy will not always dig up a pal sphere, it is still the most common item they’ll find in the ground. If you leave a few Vixys in your ranch and check back after a while…you’ll find a dozen or so pal spheres.

You’ll need to head to the desert region of Palworld to find them though. So, make sure you’ve stocked up on food and caught the other pals before venturing deeper into the game. Their exact location is marked in the image above. It is very much possible to get them early on.

These were the best pals you should try to get early in Palworld. We hope you found this guide to be useful. Keep checking WIG daily, as we’ll cover a lot more informative content around Palworld.

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