Best Palworld Server Hosting Providers (2024)

The Best Dedicated Servers You Can Get For Palworld!

Saad Muzaffar
Saad Muzaffar
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Let’s face it, killing Pokemon is fun. However, there’s only so much fun that can be had playing alone. Thankfully, Palworld allows you to host your own server. But, unless you have a literal supercomputer, playing the game while also hosting it leads to a lot of lag and crashes.

So, to avoid burning our PC, we’ve gone ahead and hosted our Palworld game on a hosting service. This got us thinking, what is the best Palworld server hosting for 2024? In this article, we’re going to go over which ones we like, and why you should go for them.


Pine Hosting

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Visit Pine Hosting

Pine Hosting takes the #1 spot this time around thanks to their extremely user-friendly dashboard, excellent pricing, and the ability to quickly get your Palworld server up and running in a jiffy. We’ve already used their Rust and Unturned servers. So, it was an absolute no-brainer for us to opt for their Palworld hosting as well.

Pine Hosting has a reputation for being a host that goes that extra mile and nowhere is that more prevalent than their incredible support team, not only was our experience with support quick and responsive but we felt that our server needs were genuinely cared for and important.

One of the biggest issues with Palworld is the fact that it’s extremely resource-intensive for a server. Thankfully though, having 8 GBs of super-fast RAM as the base configuration with plenty of locations around the world makes Pine Hosting the best option for Palworld hosting no matter your needs!




Visit DatHost

Featuring enterprise SSDS, a 10 GBPS Uplink and DDR4 ECC RAMs, DatHost is an excellent Palworld hosting provider if you want to get a server in regions like Turkey, thanks to them supporting servers in over 26 different locations.

DatHost features instant setup, and DDoS protection. Moreover, their support is second-to-none, with you being able to directly communicate with them in case of any trouble. Plus, they offer a wide variety of game servers, ranging from the obvious Valheim to games like Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike 2 and more.


Visit GameTeam

One of the more premium offerings on this list, Gameteam offers backup management and priority CPU performance as standard for all of its Palworld plans. Depending on the location you opt for, you may need to pay a premium to get that low-ping IP. But, thankfully, almost all the locations in the EU are free.

The hosting provider offers Intel i9 and AMD Ryzen 9 servers, with unlimited slots (huge plus given that most others don’t offer unlimited slots), with an NVMe SSD and DDoS protection baked right in.

If you don’t mind spending a bit more, Gameteam is an excellent choice, especially if you are planning to host more players and don’t want to pay per slot.



Visit Shockbyte

A returning provider in our list of the best Palworld hosting providers, Shockbyte was one of the first websites to offer Palworld hosting. Primarily specializing in Minecraft hosting, their Palworld servers start at around $11.99 / month, with a 12 slot limit and decent selection of locations.

Shockbyte has garnered a bit of a reputation, at least in the Palworld community to not be as great as the others when it comes to server stability. Multiple users on Reddit have reported rubber banding and glitching as primary issues when using Shockbyte.

However, we’ve had a pleasant experience with them with Minecraft and Valheim. So, with reasonable pricing, they definitely are worth a shot.


Visit ChicagoServers

A relative newcomer to Palworld hosting, ChicagoServers’ primary advantage is the fact that their servers are hosted in, well, you guessed it, Chicago. This means that if you live near the area, you will have excellent ping and an overall great experience with them.

Their servers are on the pricier end, primarily because of their more expensive location, we’d assume. However, they offer instant server panel set up and have great customer support alongside Day 1 support for Palworld, which means that all of your questions and concerns about your Palworld server should be answered immediately.




Visit BerryByte

Featuring more high-end servers than most of the other Palworld hosting providers in this list, BerryByte offers 8-40GB DDR4 RAM servers alongside automatic backup slots and a reasonable 100-500 GBs of NVMe SSD storage depending on your plan.

Their control panel is pretty sleek, clearly focusing on providing you with as much information and control as they possibly can. Their location selection is a bit barebones for now, with you allowing to choose between Europe and America which doesn’t really say much.

But, if you are looking for a proper dedicated server that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg for Palworld, BerryByte is a great choice. Plus, since they’re a relatively new host, they also seem to have great customer support!

The Verdict: What Is The Best Hosting Service for Palworld?

Pine Hosting is the best hosting service for Palworld. This is because they are reasonably priced, have a decent selection of locations, offer great customer service, and have great hardware that promises 99.99% uptime. In essence, they check all the boxes, and allow you to quickly get yourself up and running on Palworld.

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