10 Best Phantom Skins in VALORANT (2023)

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Every time a new skin bundle in Valorant gets released, everyone first looks for a Phantom or a Vandal. There have been numerous Phantom skins in Valorant through the years. This gives you various options for great skins, but buying multiple skins can get pretty expensive, and sometimes you only have enough VP for one.

It’s definitely tough to choose a single skin from everything that has been released so far. So, today I’m going to help you out. Here are 10 of the best Phantom skins in Valorant you can buy.



The best Phantom skin in Valorant, the Spectrum Phantom.

Date Released: September 8, 2021
Price: 2675 VP

The honor of being the best Phantom skin in Valorant belongs to the Spectrum Phantom. It was definitely a hard choice, but it’s just tough to beat a skin with its own theme song. That beat is so addicting and can even help you chill out in the middle of a round.

The Spectrum Phantom can be upgraded up to three times and has three color variants. The updates add new VFX, inspect animations, the theme song, and a finisher. Unfortunately, it’s not one of the cheapest skins out there. It’s actually tied for the most expensive Phantom skin on our list. You can’t deny that it’s god-tier, though.


Champions 2022

A photo of the Champions 2022.

Date Released: August 23, 2022
Price: 2675 VP

Next up is the Champions 2022 Phantom. It was released for a limited time during the 2022 VCT Champions event. This means that it’s a relatively rare skin, which definitely adds a coolness factor to it. The skin literally glows when you’re top fragging, it plays the Fire Again instrumental when you inspect it, and it’s one of the most elegant-looking skills in the game.

You can upgrade the Champions Phantom thrice, but it has no color variants. The upgrades add new inspect VFX and SFX, kill banners, and kill animations. Its red, black, and gold colorway hits hard. It also includes one of the best knife skins in the game, making it a crazy flex to own both.



A photo of the Oni.

Date Released: July 21, 2020
Price: 1775 VP

This next skin is something that I’m sure all the OG Valorant players will love. The Oni Phantom is one of the first hard-hitting Phantom skins added to Valorant, and it still holds its ground today. The Japanese theme, combined with fantastic colorways, simply makes the skin top-tier.

The Oni Phantom features three upgrade levels with three color variants. It adds new VFX, inspect, kill animations, and a crazy finisher that has the enemy executed and chained down with katanas. The demonic aura surrounding the skin just looks amazing and scary at the same time.



A photo of the Singularity Phantom skin in Valorant.

Date Released: October 13, 2020
Price: 2175 VP

The Singularity Phantom is another skin released during the early days of Valorant that held its ground against newer skins. Those were the days when Riot released banger after banger. The cosmic theme matched with black holes looked amazing, and was the top Phantom skin in Valorant for a while.

It offers three upgrades with three colorways. The base black and purple colorway is by far the best, in my opinion, though. The finisher was also a sight to behold, spawning a black hole that sucked the enemy in. The overall angular look of the Singularity Phantom is just clean, add in those cool space-themed SFX, and you’ve got one of the best Phantom skins in your hands.



A photo of the Prime// 2.0.

Date Released: March 2, 2021
Price: 1775 VP

We’ve got the first Phantom skin on our list that belongs to a second bundle. The Prime//2.0 Phantom also adopted the clean and sleek black, white, and gold colorway of the OG Prime Collection. It’s definitely one of those skins that’ll have you checking your Valorant store daily.

The Prime//2.0 Phantom features three upgrade levels with three colorways. The futuristic glowing look is just hard to argue with, not to mention the satisfying bullet sounds, and the crazy lightstick reload. This, without a doubt, deserves its spot as the 5th best Phantom skin in Valorant.



A photo of the Ruination.

Date Released: July 7, 2021
Price: 2175 VP

This next one is perfect for League of Legends fans who also enjoy Valorant. The Ruination Phantom is inspired by Viego’s return to Runeterra. It features a ghastly-looking finish with black mist all over and is definitely what a gun would look like in the Shadow Isles.

It has three upgrade levels and three color variants. All of the various VFX, SFX, and extra details found on the weapon are either inspired by or directly from League of Legends. The Ruination Phantom also has one of the more cold finishers in the game, where the enemy gets possessed by Viego himself and is suspended in the air.


Reaver 2.0

A photo of the Reaver 2.0 Phantom skin in Valorant.

Date Released: August 9, 2022
Price: 1775 VP

Next, we have another weapon from a second collection release. This time it’s the Reaver Phantom. The Reaver Phantom didn’t change much from the original Reaver bundle, but that is what makes it great. It kept the dark shade, the grim look, and the creepy finisher. You know what they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

The Reaver Phantom has three upgrade levels and three color variants. These upgrades add additional lighting and SFX, new inspect and reload animations, and a finisher. Overall, the Reaver Phantom is a pretty safe pick that you simply can’t go wrong with.



A photo of the Glitchpop skin.

Date Released: August 4, 2020
Price: 2175 VP

If pizzazz and color are more your style, then the Glitchpop is the best Valorant Phantom skin for you. It features bright neon colors with popping holographic stickers and glowing lights all over. Even its other colorways go hard with the lights. It also has this futuristic and cyber-like bullet sounds that are very satisfying, especially when you get multi-kills.

The Glitchpop Phantom has three upgrades and three color variants. However, the base color variant is hands down the best, according to most Valorant players. It also features a cool holographic sticker explosion that brings life to the environment as its finisher.



A photo of the Ion skin.

Date Released: November 10, 2020
Price: 1775 VP

The Ion is one of our list’s simplest yet cleanest-looking Phantom skins. It has a futuristic design that features a rotating blue orb in the middle of the weapon. The rest is covered in a sleek metallic silver finish with blue accent lights. It’s one of those skins where less is more.

It features three upgrade levels and no color variants. Luckily, the base design is more than enough to get it included in our list of the best Phantom skins in Valorant. It also has a mesmerizing finisher with the enemy captured and trapped within an orb before it shrinks to thin air.


Protocol 781-A Phantom

A photo of the Protocol 781-A Phantom skin in Valorant.

Date Released: January 11, 2022
Price: 2475 VP

The final entry on our list of the best Phantom skins in Valorant belongs to the Protocol 781-A Phantom. It features a futuristic and high-tech military theme, with AIs assisting the users. It also has one of the coolest pull-out animations in-game, where the weapon comes out in a decompressed state and forms as you equip it.

Protocol 781-A offers up to a level 5 upgrade with three color variants. The final upgrade adds an AI voiceover that speaks depending on the actions that you perform in the game. The Protocol 781-A Phantom also has an insane finisher where a mech lands from the sky and fires down on the slain enemy.


The Spectrum Phantom is our pick for the best Phantom skin in Valorant because of its unique concert-like finisher, satisfying inspect, and sleek look. Although, the other picks are top-tier as well and are just as deserving to be added to your inventory.

Did we miss your favorite Phantom skin in Valorant? Comment it below.

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