8 Best Pokemon Platinum ROM Hacks (2023)

Delightful Gen 4 mayhem!

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Every Pokemon game has a global following despite its shortcomings, but Game Freak’s Pokemon Platinum is widely seen as one of the best Gen 4 releases to date. That being said, the game can still be improved – if not enhanced – in many ways, and here’s where the best Pokemon Platinum ROM hacks come into play!

If you’re itching to explore Sinnoh again albeit with improved systems and features, then consider playing any of these eight best Pokemon Platinum ROM hacks today!


Pokemon Renegade Platinum

Creator: Drayano
Base ROM: Pokemon Platinum
Region: Sinnoh

Drayano’s Pokemon Renegade Platinum was always going to be on this list. It’s seen as the first truly complete Platinum ROM hack that introduces all the best additions that many others eventually adopted into their own hacks as well.

Despite retaining the original storyline, meaning you’ll still get to capture one of the best Dragon-type Pokemon in Giratina, a majority of the game’s content has been revamped to offer 100% more fun and replayability!

Expect changes like new legendary Pokemon events, the removal of many HM obstacles, and evolvable trade Pokemon, among the many great things added.

Capturable Pokemon up to Gen 4 (including starters)
Inclusion of the Fairy type
Improvements to underutilized moves
Significantly cheaper Pokeballs
Early-game key item acquisitions
NPC trainers’ Pokemon are somewhat tougher with different teams and stats
A lot more trainer battles


Pokemon Following Platinum + QoL

Creator: [Following Platinum] Mikelan98, AdAstra/ LD3005, [QoL] SpagoAsparago
Base ROM: Pokemon Platinum
Region: Sinnoh

Follower Pokemon (those that stay outside of their Pokeballs) is an ingenious mechanic that many Poke fans have been asking for as a permanent feature. However, apart from Pokemon Yellow, Pokemon HeartGold, and Pokemon SoulSilver, it was never truly embraced until Pokemon Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!

Through the combined efforts of enthusiasts, Mikelan98 and AdAstra, Pokemon Following Platinum came to fruition, allowing our chosen Pokemon to roam free by our sides during our adventures!

Although Following Platinum does present other changes, like Fairy-type Pokemon, it works the best when paired with another ROM hack, Pokemon PlatinumQoL, which streamlines many gameplay aspects, such as immediate Honey Tree encounters, and reusable TMs, among other transitions.

Pokemon follower at your side (interactable)
Faster in-game UI (HP bar, text, etc.)
Usable HMs without Pokemon (except Surf, Fly, and Defog)
Egg-hatching steps reduced to the minimum
Many exquisite and legendary Pokemon are locked behind National Pokedex completion
PlatinumQoL only works with the non-Fairy type version of Following Platinum


Pokemon Altered Platinum

Creator: Lithium
Base ROM: Pokemon Platinum
Region: Sinnoh

For those interested in a re-envisioned Sinnoh, Pokemon Altered Platinum is right up your alley. Keeping the overall plot intact, the changes made by the creator, Lithium, make the game feel like an absolutely different game altogether, but in a good way!

Many Pokemon now have their own unique Sinnohan forms, complete with their unique typings. While the game uses Renegade Platinum as its primary foundation (permitted by Drayano himself), a lot of tweaks have been made as well, including incredible new Pokemon moves for you to experiment with.

Altered Platinum is also amongst the latest Platinum ROM hacks released thus far, meaning the game is still fresh and updated since its completion in January 2022.

Special Sinnohan forms for selected Pokemon
Different shiny Pokemon (improved recolors)
Retouched Pokemon stats and abilities
New Pokemon moves and animations (including the Fairy type)
Different type-effectiveness chart
Trainers’ Pokemon are almost as powerful as yours, with new team compositions


Pokemon Platinum Redux

Creator: Henny Van Patten/ hennus666
Base ROM: Pokemon Platinum
Region: Sinnoh

After countless playthroughs and re-runs, many veteran Platinum players are always on the lookout for more challenging iterations of the game, particularly for Nuzlocking (strict rules related to catching Pokemon and permadeath).

Well, 2022’s Pokemon Platinum Redux should satisfy that craving! The game was specifically designed to test players’ Pokemon battling knowledge, expertise, and patience.

The mind behind it, Henry Van Patten/ hennus666, fine-tuned the game to be slightly more difficult than the original Platinum experience, but not too punishing by allowing plenty of utility for you to level things around (near unlimited Rare Candies for leveling, free Nuggets for money, etc.)

Plus, a wide range of Pokemon have had their biologies and elemental natures reworked, like the now cyan bat Pokemon, Noibat. Platinum Redux is a great ROM hack to consider if you’re interested in surprises.

Custom events and quest lines
Huge Nuzlocking potential
Redesigned selected Pokemon’s appearances and elemental types
Diverse wild Pokemon encounters
No more trade evolutions
Simplified gameplay experiences (a portable PC, instantaneous texts, 2.5 gameplay speed, etc.)
Nearly all Pokemon moves and abilities have been adjusted
Champion-level AI for many Pokemon trainers
Requires relearning of the type-effectiveness chart


Pokemon Refined Platinum

Creator: RefinedPlat
Base ROM: Pokemon Platinum
Region: Sinnoh

Pokemon Refined Platinum is another good Platinum ROM hack that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Basically, the vanilla experience is respected, but a lot of the in-game mechanics have been replaced.

By this point, it’s customary that every Pokemon up to Gen 4 should be capturable, and Refined Platinum does the same. However, the creator, RefinedPlat, did a splendid job of expanding the game’s NPC interactions by letting you meet various reputable trainers in the Overworld now (such as the Elite Four), making the continent feel more alive.

Most of the ROM hack’s impressive additions are only accessible after you become Sinnoh’s champion, though, but the other changes made to the early-to-mid game will still keep you entertained, such as swapped abilities for nearly every AI trainer’s Pokemon to spice up the challenge.

Nearly all Pokemon are now in the wild (including starters, fossils, etc.)
Removed trade evolutions
All legendary/ mythical Pokemon available (until Gen 4)
Modifications to unused moves
More held items on wild Pokemon
Many amazing changes locked behind the post-game
Scarier Pokemon trainer teams
Some wild Pokemon locations aren’t quite updated in the Pokedex


Pokemon Flawless Platinum

Creator: Draknir
Base ROM: Pokemon Platinum
Region: Sinnoh

For anyone who enjoys catching Pokemon, Pokemon Flawless Platinum fits you most. Not only are all Gen 1 – Gen 4 Pokemon present, but cute baby Pokemon and roaming legendaries are now obtainable from certain areas and static encounters as well.

Furthermore, all Pokemon (excluding legendaries) can now be found prior to the Elite Four, meaning you can already assemble the perfect team before unlocking any end-game content.

That being said, some aspects have been edited to balance the difficulty curve, like smarter NPCs and higher-level legendary Pokemon. For Pokemon collectors, though, these don’t compare to the allure of getting your favorite Pokemon into your collection!

Improvised Pokemon typings
Capturable baby Pokemon in the wild (no more annoying egg-hatching)
Removed roaming Pokemon
Many events are doable without item restrictions/ story progress
Streamlined almost all Pokemon evolutions through leveling (no trade, happiness requirement, etc.)
Increased Overwold Pokemon levels (legendaries, etc.)
Slightly tougher trainers


Pokemon Origin Platinum

Creator: Lazerith
Base ROM: Pokemon Platinum
Region: Sinnoh

While Pokemon Platinum‘s storyline mainly revolves around Giratina, Dialga, and Palkia, Lazerith’s Pokemon Origin Platinum expands on it via multiple new subnarratives, notably those pertaining to other legendaries.

This gives you an actual incentive to explore Sinnoh and capture all Pokemon, with your end-game goal directly related to it (no specifics to remain spoiler-free). Countless systems have also been customized to ensure the best single-player experience, such as purchasable evolution items from relevant NPCs.

It should be said that Origin Platinum is best enjoyed when you’re nearing the latter stages of the game, like beating the Elite Four. If you’re invested in a Platinum ROM hack with post-game potential, then this should be worth a try.

Complete Pokemon roster up to Gen 4 (including legendaries)
Trade evos redone (only require items or leveling now)
Two Master Balls
Special instances and original events
Late-game Super Rod
Harder wild Pokemon catches
Certain missing animations


Pokemon Platinum: Enhanced Edition

Creator: JePP/ Wolfsclaw
Base ROM: Pokemon Platinum
Region: Sinnoh

Pokemon Platinum: Enhanced Edition is the final Platinum ROM hack on this list, and it’s amongst the first ever to be introduced back in 2009!

Granted, the game isn’t without its faults, with various things clearly not as polished as many of its competition. Still, just months after Pokemon Platinum was officially launched, Enhanced Edition was quick to give priority fans what they yearned for from the original game: unconventional starters (Dragon-type Pokemon), EV-training details, a significantly harder challenge, and many more.

Give Enhanced Edition a run if you’re curious about what Platinum ROM hacks were like during the early days!

Every Pokemon from Gen 1 to Gen 4
All Dragon-type Pokemon starters
Replaced trade evos with proper leveling or items
Lore-friendly NPC text and event edits
Competitive AI trainers (6-Pokemon Gyms Leaders, retouched lineups, etc.)
Different wild Pokemon spawn locations
Visual bugs or incomplete changes (different Pokemon avatars when picking starters, etc.)


And that’s eight of the best Pokemon Platinum ROM hacks many true Poke fans should check out today! With so many ROM hacks available out there, there’s bound to be some that you feel deserve mention too. If so, share them in the comments section below!

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