15 Best PS2 Horror Games of All Time

The PS2 has scary good games.

Milan Zagorac
Milan Zagorac
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Sitting alone in the dark (pun intended) and having to face the horror of a monster breathing down your neck is unlike any other gaming experience. Modern horror games took inspiration from previous titles, notably the best PS2 horror games.

Trust me, I’ve gotten the bejesus scared out of me more than a few times when playing these horror games. So, after getting them all sorted, here’s my list on the best PS2 horror games of all time.


Resident Evil – Code: Veronica

As far as Resident Evil games are concerned, Code: Veronica is a special one, on any platform.

Release: 2000/2001
Developer: Capcom Production Studio 4
Publisher: Capcom

Resident Evil titles are synonymous with great horror games. Code: Veronica was the first in the franchise to utilize fully 3D-rendered scenes, compared to the previous pre-rendered ones. That means a better experience for the player, of course.

It is still a classic RE game with puzzles, survival, and some combat. However, the camera is less annoying and makes things easier for the player. Code: Veronica is one of the best PS2 horror games and a great RE game, which is saying a lot.


The Thing

The Thing follows up on the movie and gets spicier and scarier.

Release: 2002
Developer: Computer Artworks
Publisher: Black Label Games/Konami

John Carpenter’s The Thing is a great movie, and this game is based on the eponymous title. It is a squad survival horror/shooter. Following the story of the movie, you end up in Antarctica to check up on the research team.

They were not responding for a while. Little did you know that there are monsters there, quite literally. You play as Blake, a U.S. Special Forces Captain. Following up on the events of the movie, things get even weirder in Antarctica. 


Silent Hill 2

The Silent Hill franchise is legendary on the PS2 as far as horror games are concerned.

Release: 2001
Developer: Team Silent (Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo)
Publisher: Konami

The Silent Hill franchise was very popular during the 2000s and for a good reason. They are amazing survival horror games. Silent Hill 2 follows up geographically on the events of the first game, as we control James Sutherland through his journey in Silent Hill.

After receiving a letter from his deceased wife, Sutherland journeys to the town of Silent Hill. It is full of monsters, of course. We must navigate the challenges and see who or what sent James the letter. It is an amazing game, one of the best PS2 horror games.


The Suffering

The Suffering tells a story of a man wrongly sentenced who gets thrown into a horror story, as well.

Release: 2004
Developer: Surreal Software
Publisher: Midway Games/Warner Bros.

Sentenced to death for a crime he does not remember committing, Torque is sent to Abbot State Penitentiary. It is located in the town of Carnate in Maryland. Torque apparently killed his own spouse. 

Once he arrives at the prison, an earthquake hits. You start the game in a rather chaotic environment, as monsters start attacking prisoners and guards alike. Your goal is to survive, for starters, in this horror masterpiece, also available on GOG.



Kuon explores the scary in a different way.

Release: 2004
Developer: FromSoftware
Publisher: FromSoftware/Agetec/Indie Games Productions

Kuon takes place in Japan, exploring some folklore myths that include monsters and lots of scary elements as soon as you start the game. There are three protagonists, Sakuya, Utsuki, and the historical figure Abe no Seimei.

Explore a large mansion and find its secrets by solving puzzles and battling monsters. Noise attracts them, so try and be patient. Each of the three characters has their own weapon and unique approach. It is a great game by any standard. 


Rule of Rose

Rule of Rose is a trip down memory lane, a scary one.

Release: 2006
Developer: Punchline
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment/Altus/505 Games

Rule of Rose is a psychological survival horror where we follow a young Jennifer as she traverses levels and finishes puzzles while battling or running away from various monsters. We soon realize that things are not as they seem.

From a third-person perspective, Jennifer is relatively easy to control, and with a sidekick by her side, things just seem like they could be better. Memories can be traumatizing and for Jennifer, the reasons why can be found out by playing through the story.


Haunting Ground

Haunting Ground is as haunting as you would expect from a horror game.

Release: 2005
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom

Female protagonists and canine companions seem to be a common occurrence in horror titles. We take control of Fiona Belli and her dog, Hewie, in what is a survival horror game. Fiona gets into an accident and ends up in a dungeon.

She has no memory of how she ended up from a car accident to a dungeon, but the cage was unlocked. Monsters of all sorts can attack you and you have to deal with your own stamina, as well as your own mind, when the panic sets in.


Obscure II

Obscure II is as great as its predecessor, both fun horror games.

Release: 2007
Developer: Hydravision Entertainment
Publisher: Ignition Entertainment/Playlogic Entertainment

The sequel to the popular co-op title Obscure (link to PS2 co-op article) Obscure II is also known as Obscure: The Aftermath. As it might be suggested by its name, two years after the first game, we follow up on the survivors as they enroll in college.

However, things are not simple for our heroes and their new friends, as a drug turns people into monsters. With eight playable characters, Obscure II is as interesting, if not more, as its predecessor. It is a great horror title for those who like co-op gameplay.


Fatal Frame III: The Tormented

Fatal Frame III is a great horror PS2 game.

Release: 2005
Developer: Tecmo
Publisher: Tecmo/Take-Two Interactive

The third game in the Fatal Frame franchise, The Tormented brings back some elements of gameplay but adds new things, including a fresh scary story. Three playable characters are present in the game, Rei Kurosawa, Kei Akamura, and Miku Hanasaki.

The combat system from the previous games is back, using the Camera Obscura to literally take shots of ghosts, thus damaging them. The better the shot, the more damage you deal. The story is fascinating, so it is recommended to play the game and even the entire franchise.


Cold Fear

Cold Fear is a different game of what was expected of horror games at the time.

Release: 2005
Developer: Darkworks
Publisher: Ubisoft

Cold Fear pushed the boundaries of horror games back in 2005 when it was released. We follow ex-Special Forces, current Coast Guard Tom Hansen as he boards a Russian ship, the Eastern Spirit, in search of his shipmates.

Things turn south as the Russians start attacking, and some even get back up after being shot. The ship moves and presents various challenges as you start losing balance. It was a technological marvel at the time, with unique gameplay for a horror title.


Echo Night: Beyond

Echo Night: Beyond puts us behind a camera and in space, what more could you ask from a PS2 horror game?

Release: 2004
Developer: FromSoftware
Publisher: FromSoftware/Agetec/Indie Games Productions

FromSoftware has made games almost exclusively for the PlayStation, with a few games on other platforms, even one for the Sega Dreamcast. Beyond takes place in its own little pocket universe of the Echo Night franchise. We follow a newlywed couple as they take a space shuttle ride to the Moon of all places, for their honeymoon.

The shuttle crashes and we take the role of the husband, Richard Osmond. He searches for his wife Claudia, while also running away from ghosts. This is a first-person game, and you have no means to battle the spirits, so be cautious as you explore the Moon.


Clock Tower 3

The Clock Tower series is simply great if you like horror games. This is the third title, amazing in its own right.

Release: 2002
Developer: Capcom/Sunsoft
Publisher: Capcom

Clock Tower is also a series of horror games, made by Capcom. They are all great, but Clock Tower 3 is currently in the limelight. We follow 14-year-old Alyssa Hamilton, as she disobeys her mother and goes back to her boarding school.

Needless to say, she gets transported to a rather strange world where she must battle monsters, but also run away from them if the time isn’t right. This is a third-person survival horror game, unlike the previous titles which are point-and-click.


Forbidden Siren

Forbidden Siren is a great horror game on the PS2.

Release: 2003
Developer: Japan Studio or Project Siren
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Siren or Forbidden Siren, depending on the region, is a survival horror title that tells its story through multiple protagonists. All of them are survivors of a disaster in Hanada, a town in Japan. This is no ordinary disaster, however.

The game is interesting because one completed quest can open up routes in that of another protagonist. Typically you avoid the undead, called Shibito in this game. It is a lovely spun tale, one of the best PS2 horror games.



Infected are annoying and Dennis Riley has to deal with a lot of them in Extermination.

Release: 2001
Developer: Deep Space
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Infected people tend to be problematic and Dennis Riley, of the U.S. Marine Corps Force Recon, finds that the hard way. A secret research facility sends a distress call and since this is a horror game, Dennis ends up in a heap of trouble.

You have limited ammo but are given the means to defend yourself, however, the infected do not go down easily. You also have to take care of your own health, so survival is prioritized, rather than combat. 


Evil Dead: Regeneration

Ash is back in Evil Dead: Regeneration, a great PS2 horror game.

Release: 2005
Developer: Cranky Pants Games
Publisher: THQ

Evil Dead is a known series of movies that feature Bruce Cambell as Ash Williams, a rather interesting killer of the possessed. Williams has a chainsaw instead of his right hand, due to it being infected at one point.

In the game, we still battle the deadites, though Ash was committed to an asylum following the events of the first two movies. It is a hack-and-slash horror game, breaking apart from all the clumsiness and vulnerability of the previous titles.


Horror games can be very fun and very scary at the same time. The fact that you are almost helpless is a thrill of its own, having to find a way around the threat without guns or sharp objects.

These are the best PS2 horror games, though not the only titles that you should play if you enjoy the genre. Whether with a PS2 emulator or through other means, try not to jump out of your seat too much when you eventually start playing.

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