The 10 Best R-99 Skins in Apex Legends

The trusty R99 - effective and stylish!

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The R99 is the most popular gun in the game; as such, the best R99 skins are a coveted prestige token. There’s nothing quite like the R99. It’s effective, elegant, and packs a big punch in a small package. So, it’s no wonder that some of the best Apex Legends players swear by this gun.

Considering the fact that the R99 has been in the game since the very beginning, there are a lot of skins to choose from. One thing to note before we begin, however, is the fact that all of these skins are purely aesthetic. Since Apex Legends isn’t a pay-to-win game, the only way to enhance your performance is to simply get better at the game.


The Alchemist

the best r99 skin The Alchemist

There’s nothing quite like The Alchemist; that’s why it’s on the #1 spot for the best R99 skin in the game. It’s stylish, ferocious, and aesthetically pleasing in every regard. It enhances the R99’s features in just the right ways.

How to get this skin: This skin can be crafted for 1200 crafting materials in the in-game store.


Rule of Law

Rule of Law

In a close second position, we have the Rule of Law skin. This skin takes a different approach to enhancing the R99’s features, and it makes it more “old-timey” by including stylish golden engravings as well as adding a few leather pieces… And is that a saddle on the butt stock?

How to get this skin: This skin can be crafted for 1200 crafting materials in the in-game store.




The Wishbone skin isn’t that much of a wishbone as it’s a jawbone… and a few other bones, probably. This skin takes a more “Do It Yourself” approach to enhancing the R99’s features. It does this by quite literally ripping out the skull of some poor animal and slapping it onto the R99. Unconventional, but stylish!

How to get this skin: This skin was part of the Chaos Theory collection event, so if you didn’t get it then, it’s practically impossible to get it now.



the best r99 skin Revolutionary

With the Revolutionary skin, the R99 is practically unrecognizable. It’s exactly that characteristic that makes it one of the best R99 skins. It gives the R99 a dark and mechanical sort of aesthetic, quite sleek as well. I’d say that it’s even reminiscent of H.R.Geigar’s art.

How to get this skin: Sadly, this skin cannot be bought or earned anymore as it was a Season 7 battle pass reward. Bummer!




The Multitool skin for the R99 has a similar design philosophy to the Wishbone skin, just more humane. The Multitool is a DIY skin that oddly adds fur covers to the barrel exhaust and part of the butt stock… And the butt stock is now an ice-pick.

Well, it probably isn’t the most practical skin on this list, but it’s definitely one of the best R99 skins, so we’ll let it slide just this once.

How to get this skin: You can’t. The Multitool was a 3rd Anniversary Collection Event exclusive, so if you didn’t unlock it, then it’s gone forever.


Sirens Song

Sirens Song

The Sirens Song is a “weird” skin, to say the least. It does, however, go great with Wattson’s Kawaii Kitten skin. Nothing’s more intimidating than the best Controller Legend in Apex Legends with a pink gun! This skin reimagines the R99 by giving it a pastel-colored makeover. Cute.

How to get this skin: This skin was available in the Dark Depths event. However, it’s also craftable for 1200 crafting materials.


Magnum Opus

Magnum Opus

The Magnum Opus skin has a similar profile to The Alchemist but with a totally different color scheme. While The Alchemist preferred brighter, more, “benevolent” tones. The Magnum Opus prefers darker, more “sinister” tones.

How to get this skin: To get this skin, you need to have bought The Alchemist first; you can then spend Legend Tokens to do a Legendary Recolour to get the Magnum Opus.


Floral Fireshow

The best r99 skin Floral Fireshow

Floral Fireshow, two words that you wouldn’t think go together, and yet, they do! The Floral Fireshow skin for the R99 takes a minimalistic approach to reimagining the gun. It gives it a pleasant yet exciting composition of flowers and fireworks.

How to get this skin: This skin was part of the Celestia Sunrise event and is unable to purchase or crafting.


The Paradigm Shifter

The Paradigm Shifter

The Paradigm Shifter skin for the R99 looks like a futuristic contraption gone wrong. It’s not a bad skin per se; it’s just not for everyone. If you’d like a more grim, metallic look for the R99, then this skin is for you.

How to get this skin: This skin was part of the Iron Crown collection event. If you didn’t unlock it then, it’s practically impossible to unlock now.


Outlands Avalanche

Outlands Avalanche

Concluding our list of the best R-99 skins in Apex Legends, the Outlands Avalanche doesn’t really feel like an R99. It feels more like a Kriss Vector. Compared to the other Legendary skins, it’s subpar. However, if you compare it to all of the R99’s skins, then it definitely deserves a spot!

How to get this skin: This skin can be crafted for 1200 crafting materials in the in-game store.

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