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Since the Almighty Raiden Shogun’s banner was released in the Genshin Impact 2.1 update, thousands of Ei wishers are testing their luck to bring her home without top-up. The 5-star polearm Electro Archon character is excellent with support and sub-DPS builds. Although her playstyle can be a bit tricky, Raiden is an irreplaceable character with a versatile skillset.

With the numerous builds discussing the pros and cons of the Electro Archon, it can be confusing what to follow and what build is best given the current characters you have available. We at WhatIfGaming have gone ahead and compiled a complete guide to help your Raiden Shogun shine in any team composition.

A Summary Of Raiden Shogun’s Kit

Raiden Shogun, titled “Plane of Euthymia”, is a 5-star Electro polearm user who is also the Inazuman Electro Archon. Her abilities allow Ei to deal ridiculous amounts of DMG, and can also support your on-field characters with her Baleful Omen ability.

Raiden‘s Elemental Burst and Skill are both integral parts of the character’s kit. A complete Raiden Shogun build would focus on upgrading both abilities, and equipping the character with the Emblem of Severed Fate artifact set, along with the 5-star Engulfing Lightning polearm. The 4-star alternative is the Refinement Rank 5 “The Catch” weapon.

Raiden Shogun’s Ascension Costs/Mats

Ascension Level
Materials Required Mora Cost
Bonus Energy Recharge %
Level 20x1 Vajrada Amethyst Sliver
x3 Amakumo Fruit
x3 Old Handguard
Level 40x3 Vajrada Amethyst Fragment
x2 Stormbeads
x10 Amakumo Fruit
x15 Old Handguard
Level 50x6 Vajrada Amethyst Fragment
x4 Stormbeads
x20 Amakumo Fruit
x12 Kageuchi Handguard
Level 60x3 Vajrada Amethyst Chunk
x8 Stormbeads
x30 Amakumo Fruit
x18 Kageuchi Handguard
Level 70x6 Vajrada Amethyst Chunk
x12 Stormbeads
x45 Amakumo Fruit
x12 Famed Handguard
Level 80x6 Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone
x20 Stormbeads
x60 Amakumo Fruit
x24 Famed Handguard
Totalsx1 Vajrada Amethyst Sliver
x9 Vajrada Amethyst Fragment
x9 Vajrada Amethyst Chunk
x6 Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone

x18 Old Handguard
x30 Kageuchi Handguard
x36 Famed Handguard

x46 Stormbeads

x168 Amakumo Fruit
Materials List for Ascending the Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun’s Talent Upgrade Costs/Mats

The following list displays the cost of upgrading just one of Ei’s three combat talents. In Ei’s case, we recommend the traveler completely max out her Elemental Burst, and follow up with her Elemental Skill.

Talent Level
Materials Required
Mora Cost
Level 2x3 Teachings of Light
x6 Old Handguard
Level 3x2 Guide to Light
x3 Kageuchi Handguard
Level 4x4 Guide to Light
x4 Kageuchi Handguard
Level 5x6 Guide to Light
x6 Kageuchi Handguard
Level 6x9 Guide to Light
x9 Kageuchi Handguard
Level 7x4 Philosophies of Light
x4 Famed Handguard
x1 Molten Moment
Level 8x6 Philosophies of Light
x6 Famed Handguard
x1 Molten Moment
Level 9x12 Philosophies of Light
x9 Golden Raven Insignia
x2 Molten Moment
Level 10x16 Philosophies of Light
x12 Famed Handguard
x2 Molten Moment
x1 Crown of Insight
Totalsx3 Teachings of Light
x21 Guides of Light
x38 Philosophies of Light

x6 Old Handguard
x22 Kageuchi Handguard
x31 Famed Handguard

x6 Molten Moment

x1 Crown of Insight
Materials List for Raiden’s Talent Upgrades

Raiden Shogun’s Passive Talents

Talent Name Talent Description
Wishes UnnumberedWhen nearby party members gain Elemental Orbs or Particles, Chakra Desiderata gains 2 Resolve stacks.
This effect can occur once every 3s.
Enlightened One
Each 1% above 100% Energy Recharge that the Raiden Shogun possesses grants her:
->0.6% greater Energy restoration from Musou Isshin
->0.4% Electro DMG Bonus.
Mora expended when ascending Swords and Polearms is decreased by 50%.
Raiden Shogun Passive Talents
Raiden Shogun Character Screen
Raiden Shogun Character Screen

Raiden Shogun’s Normal Attack

Raiden Shogun Normal Attacks
Raiden Shogun Normal Attacks

Origin: Normal Attack
Performs up to 5 consecutive spear strikes.

Origin: Charged Attack
Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to perform an upward slash.

Raiden Shogun’s Elemental Skill and Burst

Ei’s Elemental Skill (E), Transcendence: Baleful Omen, deals Electro damage to nearby opponents. Once activated, the active partner member will be buffed with Raiden’s Eye of Stormy Judgment, which deals AoE Electro damage.

The effect lasts for 25 seconds and provides the whole team with an elemental burst damage bonus.

Next, the Shogun’s Elemental Burst (Q), Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu, is an attack that initially deals AoE Electro damage. The amount of damage dealt is based on the number of Chakra Desiderata Resolve’s stacks on the field when the skill is activated.

Chakra Desiderata’s stacks increase each time another character uses an Elemental Burst skill.

After activating the Shogun’s Elemental Burst, she enters the Musuo Isshin state: her normal, charged, and plunging attacks are infused with Electro damage. Each infused attack that hits an opponent regenerates energy for your party members.

Raiden SHogun Elemental Skill and Burst
Raiden Shogun Elemental Skill and Burst


A brief note is necessary here.. C0 Raiden is a fantastic unit. Please do not feel forced to roll for a character’s constellations. They are nice to own and can boost a character’s effectiveness, but they aren’t worth spending real-world currency on unless you have a large reserve of expendable income. 

However, if you do end up getting more constellations, congratulations! Let us get you familiar with Raiden‘s Stella Fortuna.

Raiden Shogun’s Constellations

Constellation 1: Ominous InscriptionChakra Desiderata will gather Resolve even faster. When Electro characters use their Elemental Bursts, the Resolve gained is increased by 80%. When characters of other Elemental Types use their Elemental Bursts, the Resolve gained is increased by 20%.
Constellation 2: Steelbreaker
While using Musou no Hitotachi and in the Musou Isshin state applied by Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu (Burst), the Raiden Shogun’s attacks ignore 60% of opponents’ DEF.

Constellations 3 and 5:
Shinkage Bygones
and Shogun’s Descent

Shinkage Bygones (C3) increases the talent levels of Raiden’s Elemental Burst, Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu, by 3.

Shogun’s Descent (C5) increases the talent levels of Raiden’s Elemental Skill, Transendence: Baleful Omen, by 3.

The maximum upgrade level for both of these abilities is now 15.

Constellation 4: Pledge of Propriety
When the Musou Isshin state applied by Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu (burst) expires, all nearby party members (excluding the Raiden Shogun) gain 30% bonus ATK for 10s.
Constellation 6: WishbearerWhile in the Musou Isshin state applied by Secret Art: Musou Shinsetsu, attacks by the Raiden Shogun that are considered part of her Elemental Burst will decrease all nearby party members’ (not including the Raiden Shogun herself) Elemental Burst CD by 1s when they hit opponents.
This effect can trigger once every 1s and can trigger a total of 5 times during Musou Isshin’s duration.
Raiden’s Constellations

Raiden Shogun’s Best Weapons

Weapon NameWeapon Description
Engulfing Lightning
Engulfing Lightning
At Max Level and Refinement Rank 1:
Base ATK: 608
Bonus Energy Recharge 55.1%

Timeless Dream: Eternal Stove
ATK increased by 28% of Energy Recharge over the base 100%. You can gain a maximum bonus of 80% ATK. Gain 30% Energy Recharge for 12s after using an Elemental Burst.
“The Catch”
The Catch
At Max Level and Refinement Rank 5d:
Base ATK: 510
Bonus Energy Recharge 45.9%

Increases Elemental Burst DMG by 32% and Elemental Burst CRIT Rate by 12%.
Raiden Shogun’s Best Weapons

Raiden Shogun’s Best Artifact

ArtifactArtifact Description
Emblem of Severed Fate
Emblem of Severed Fate
2-Piece Bonus
Energy Recharge +20%
4-Piece Bonus
Increases Elemental Burst DMG by 25% of Energy Recharge. A maximum of 75% bonus DMG can be obtained in this way.
Emblem of Severed Fate

Raiden Shogun’s Best Artifact Stats

Artifact Piece Preferred Stat
Sands of Eon
Energy Recharge%
Goblet of Eonothem
Electro DMG %
Circlet of Logos
Best Stats on Raiden Shogun’s Artifacts

Ultimately, here is what you should look for in your artifacts for Raiden.


  • CRIT Rate
  • Energy Recharge
  • ATK %


After spending hours farming for artifacts and collecting ascension materials, maybe you want to take a quick break and go sightseeing or upgrade your teapot! Take some beautiful pictures with your Electro Archon at these beautiful spots or spice up your teapot with these amazing designs.

The best build for your Raiden Shogun ultimately relies on your team’s composition. Make sure to consider what elemental reactions you want to achieve. Above everything else, don’t forget to have fun!

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