9 Best Ranged Accessories in Terraria

Shoot down your enemies at a distance with ease!

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Best Ranged Accessories in Terraria

Rangers are one of the deadliest classes, especially when equipped with the best ranged accessories in Terraria. These long-ranged protectors dish out large amounts of damage while maintaining a steady distance. Finding the right accessories that get you to your optimal loadout can be jarring, so here’s our list of the top accessories for your ranged class character.

Ranged accessories give you bonuses that go from additional damage to extra projectile distance. These boosts pile up due to the nature of the fast-firing or hard-hitting weapons that the ranged class encompasses.

Increase Your Firepower With The Best Ranged Accessories

Ranged weapons include everything from fast-firing miniguns, long-ranged bows, and over-the-top rocket launchers. Some accessories benefit either a few or even all of these weapon types. We’ve listed some of the most important ranged accessories in the game to help you through your journey.


Stinger Necklace

best ranged accessory in terraria stinger necklace
  • Provides 5 armor penetration
  • Releases bees on hit
  • Gives you the Honey buff for 5 seconds when hit

The Stinger Necklace is a combination of the Honey Comb and the Sharktooth Necklace. This is a versatile accessory that extremely benefits rapid-fire weapons like the Minishark and the Chain Gun. Most fast guns will have their base damage scaled down which will have great use for the armor penetration and the extra bees that the Stinger Necklace provides. 

This allows you to dish out better damage even with significantly weaker weapons. The Stinger Necklace is fairly easy to obtain as you’ll only need to encounter the Blood Moon and the Queen Bee to acquire the materials for it.


Obsidian Shield

terraria obsidian shield
  • Grants immunity to fire blocks and knockback

Being pushed around can be dangerous especially since you’ll have a significantly lower defense stat as a Ranged user in Terraria. Knockback could be easily mitigated using the Cobalt Shield, which is then upgraded into the Obsidian Shield. Unlocking this accessory would require you to defeat Skeletron as the Cobalt Shield is acquired in a Dungeon Chest.

Having Knockback immunity means your escape won’t get impeded even if enemies block your trajectory of escape. Upgrading it to Obsidian is mostly for the convenience of an accessory slot being freed up. You can then upgrade the accessory to the Ankh Shield at a later time.


Ranger Emblem

terraria ranger emblem
  • Increases ranged damage by 15%

After defeating the Wall of Flesh, you’ll get access to your first damage-increasing accessories. If you don’t get your specific emblem of choosing on the first try, you can quickly search for the Shimmer biome and transmute your emblems until you get the Ranger Emblem. Alternatively, you can just re-fight the Wall until you get 3 emblems and, hopefully, one of them will be the one you want.

The Emblem accessory family is your primary source of damage boosts throughout the game. These can also upgrade into other accessories, which is why we advise you to get multiple of them.


Avenger Emblem

best ranged accessory in terraria avenger emblem
  • Increases damage by 12%

The Avenger Emblem, although weaker than the class-specific emblems, boosts your overall damage, regardless of weapon type. This means that you can potentially stack this with the Ranger Emblem for a massive boost to your overall firepower. You can acquire this as soon as you beat all 3 mechanical bosses.

This accessory is purely for damage and is the stopping point for extra damage if you don’t fancy using guns. If you’re looking to use firearms, it would be best to skip this entirely and just use the Destroyer Emblem instead since it will later upgrade to a gun-specific accessory.


Flesh Knuckles

terraria flesh knuckles
  • Increases defense by 8 points (12 total with Warding prefix)
  • Increases enemy aggro by 400

Rangers are known for always staying in the backline due to their low defense stat. The Flesh Knuckles is a great accessory to have if you find yourself getting ganked in the middle of a huge fight. The accessory grants you a significant defense increase, akin to a piece of hardmode armor.

If you’re finding that your defense stat is a bit low, you can reforge the Flesh Knuckles with the Warding prefix and you’ll have extra armor with stats exceeding the defense of the Shroomite headpieces. You may want to stay clear of this accessory in multiplayer since it increases enemy aggro.


Molten Quiver

terraria molten quiver
  • Increases bow damage by 10%
  • Increases arrow speed
  • 20% chance of not using arrows
  • Converts regular wooden arrows to flaming arrows

The Molten Quiver is one of the best ranged accessories in Terraria if you favor using the bow. It adds a unique, weapon-locked, damage boost that stacks additively with the Emblem accessories, allowing you to reach deadly numbers with each arrow fired.

This quiver also allows you to convert regular arrows into Flaming arrows which have higher base damage and the ability to light enemies on fire. This synergizes particularly well once you have created an Endless Arrow Quiver that provides you with unlimited Wooden Arrows.

This is a must-have accessory if your primary weapons of choice are bows, crossbows, and repeaters.


Sniper Scope

best ranged accessory in terraria sniper scope
  • Increases acceleration by 75%,
  • Grants infinite flight 
  • Increases jump speed by a 1.8 multiplier
  • Increases movement speed by 7.5%

The Sniper Scope is the second weapon-specific accessory of the Ranger class. It provides gun-type weapons with an extra “zoom” mechanic that allows you to shoot targets from further away. Normally, your character is always fixed at the center of the screen but using the zoom button allows you to move your aim towards your cursor instead.

Unlike the Molten Quiver, the Sniper Scope can be of use to other ranged weapon types since they increase overall ranged damage. The only feature that’s locked to guns is the zoom feature. This means bow users can still benefit from the extra critical chance and damage that this accessory provides.


Volatile Gelatin

terraria volatile gelatin
  • Reduces gelatin projectiles at nearby enemies
  • Has a range of 40 tiles and a knockback of 7 (Strong)

Ranged users are susceptible to close-range attacks and enemies that can mob you from the rear. This is why Terraria ranged accessories like the Volatile Gelatin are good to have. This equipment will provide you with ample protection against enemies that get too close.

This is especially helpful when you’re using abilities like the Sniper Scope’s zoom that takes your focus away from your character, or when you’re fighting events and you do not have any crowd control. It releases a projectile every 0.8333 seconds that can pierce through 3 enemies or bounce 3 times, whichever comes first.


Terraspark Boots

terraria terraspark boots
  • Allows you to run and have rocket flight (separate from wing flight)
  • Increases your base speed from 15 mph to 34 mph
  • Adds 8% movement speed (stacks with other sources)
  • Allows you to walk on liquids (You don’t take fall damage when landing on them)

The Terraspark Boots is the Zenith of the Boots accessories in Terraria. It combines the effects of all the accessories used to craft it, making it the best movement accessory in the game. This is important for any class that you play since most of Terraria combat leans toward mobility for survivability. 

This accessory is an indispensable one, even for just the base speed increase. While you CAN indeed beat Terraria without them, it’s ill-advised for beginners and veterans alike. So keep your toes protected with the Terraspark Boots, and you’ll be blitzing through the game.


There are multiple ways to sort out which accessories to wear in the game. That said, there is only a handful that can be considered the best ranged accessories in Terraria. Some argue that wings are better than boots, or that you don’t even need accessories with a good enough arena. Tell us, which of the 300+ accessories you think are the best in the comments below!

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