5 Best Realistic Roblox Games with Insane Graphics 

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Bilawal Bashir
Bilawal Bashir
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Roblox runs on any device thanks to its simplistic graphics. It’s a great way to make sure everyone enjoys together.. However, some realistic Roblox games have incredible graphics. That’s right, we were surprised to see incredible-looking games made on Roblox as well. 

Many creators also show off their work on Roblox in showcases. These are demos that display their creativity or skill, we are not including the simple showcases as they lack proper gameplay. We are only listing realistic Roblox games with sweet-looking graphics. 

Frontlines is the game that really wowed everyone with its stunning graphics. It’s one of the most realistic Roblox games ever made. The game is taking aim at Call of Duty and it is doing a remarkably great job at it. Not only the game looks comparable to the latest Call of Duty game, but the gameplay also reminds us of classic COD. 

A dedicated team of just 5 people who’ve worked on it since 2019 made the game. This is a labor of love and passion and it clearly shows. From the gunplay to the textures, everything looks stunning in this great-looking Roblox game. If you are looking for one of the best looking Roblox games that have some great shooting, this is the one made for you. Frontlines is worthy of being in our best FPS games on the Roblox list, it truly deserves every praise it’s getting. 


Vehicle Legends 

Image shows a red racing car

Check Out the Game Here

Racing games usually push the limits of what’s possible whether they are released on phones (Real Racing), PC (Project Cars 3), PlayStation (Gran Turismo), or Xbox (Forza Horizon). The same can be said about the Roblox platform. One game that stands out from the rest is Vehicle Legends, this game has some of the best car models hands down. The car models rival even console games in terms of details. 

Vehicle Legends is a racing game that allows you to drive, race, and explore its well-designed world. You also get to try out cars, planes, helicopters, and boats in the game. Think Crew 2 and you have the right idea. Make money by racing and then purchase better vehicles in this stunning Roblox game. 



Image shows the interior of a mall

Check Out the Game Here

Livetopia is a role-playing game that lets you play any role you like. There are plenty of roles to choose from and many jobs to do in the game. What sets this role-playing game apart is the level of detail the developers have poured into the city. It is a gorgeous-looking place to explore and stay in. Clearly, people who love making detailed cities made the in-game city, it is quite evident.

The buildings are unique and filled with great props to enhance the feeling of belonging. You can own houses in the game and change how they look. There are also vehicles to drive around in the big open city. You can also take the boat or go flying in this great-looking Roblox game. Enjoy Livertopia with a couple of friends as it is more fun that way. Overall, this game has a unique style to it and realistic gameplay. 


Hellreaver Arena 

Image shows a hellish structure in realistic Roblox games

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What if you mixed Doom and Quake with a healthy dose of Roblox? You’ll get Hellreaver Arena, a fantastic-looking shooter with some incredible visuals. We recommend the game to advanced players. There is advanced movement involved in the game so make sure you don’t hand it to your kid or little sibling. You start off with a lightning gun, which is an amazing choice for a starter weapon, and make your way to collect more in one of the best looking Roblox games.

As for the visuals, the game is clearly inspired by Doom, it is also evident in how they write “RooM 2”. From the gun models to the textures, the game looks visually spectacular and pretty. It is a little dark, but that is to be expected from a game that follows Doom Eternal. Overall, it’s an enjoyable experience that will leave you out of breath with its fast-paced movement. 


Rolling Thunder

Image shows a soldier mounting a gun while flying in realistic roblox games

Check Out the Game Here

Concluding our list of the most realistic Roblox games, there are two versions of Rolling Thunder and both of them are equally beautiful to play. The one featured here is the player-against-player experience that pits a team of 25 players against another team. The gameplay is the standard warfare affair with plenty of weapons to choose from and shoot your enemies with. The game has stunning and enjoyable gameplay that will keep you hooked. The weapons featured in the game are realistic and fire with proper recoil.

The other version is the player vs. enemies cooperative experience. If you just want to relax and take down AI-controlled enemies, this game is for you. Take in the beauty of the world and have a good time taking down NPCs. The developers did a fantastic job creating beautiful-looking foliage in this realistic Roblox game, it is very impressive to see it running live.


These were some of the best-looking Roblox games available right now for you to enjoy. We highly recommend playing these games on a PC with a graphics card to get the full experience. While they can run on smartphones, the graphical fidelity would be a little lower.

Check out our best Roblox Horror games and the best shooting games to expand your collection. What are your favorite best-looking games on Roblox? Tell us in the comments, we’d love to check them out. 

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