4 Best Recon Legends in Apex Legends: Ranked (2023)

Here's a quick look at the best Recon Legends in Apex Legends!

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Have you ever wanted to know who the best Recon Legends in Apex Legends are? Having a pair of eyes and ears is an indispensable asset to have. By knowing where the enemy currently is, you can more effectively position yourself to gain an advantage over them. Because in Apex, proper positioning is everything!

The Recon class can also interact with survey beacons to reveal the position of every enemy in a certain radius. Arguably, this class feature isn’t quite as useful as, say, the class feature that Supports have. But hey, you can be the judge of that; check out our previous article on the best Support Legend in Apex Legends and judge for yourself.

With all that said, there are currently 4 Recon Legends in the game, so let’s take a look at how we ranked them, shall we?



the best Recon Legends in Apex Legends Crypto

Crypto is by far the best Recon Legend in Apex Legends. And here’s why.

Unlike the other recons whose abilities last for only a few moments, Crypto’s drone last indefinitely. This means that he can continue to reveal the enemy’s position, so long as the drone remains active.

His ultimate is also great for disrupting enemies and destroying any gadgets they might have put up. An ability HisWattson probably loathes, seeing as he’s a Wattson main. But hey, he’s one of the best Apex Legends players, so it’s probably just a nuisance to him.

On top of all that, Crypto can also use his drone to interact with consoles, and, as a cherry on top, he can also grab the respawn banners from fallen allies and respawn them at a respawn beacon. If that isn’t utility, I don’t know what is.




Right after Crypto, we have Bloodhound. I think Bloodhound is the Legend that has the best design in the entire game, he’s also the first Legend I ever played with. Plus, his Heirloom Set looks amazing.

He makes the second spot on account of his tactical ability. His ability to reveal every enemy in a large radius around him is great, but the fact that he can also spam this ability on account of its relatively short cooldown time is a cherry on top.

His ultimate is also quite good compared to certain other Legends and their ultimates. The speed boost you get is nice, but the ability to see every in your general vicinity is too good. One of the best abilities to have for clutch moments.




Seer isn’t that bad of a Legend, he’s actually pretty useful, it’s just that the previous entries do the job of a Recon much better.

His tactical ability is pretty good, the ability to see your enemies through walls is always a nice ability to have, plus, it’s on a relatively low cooldown timer. Its biggest downside however is that there’s a slight delay before it activates and that it can only be cast in a single direction.

Exhibit, his ultimate, is quite good for team fights, especially in confined spaces. However, if the enemy is in throwing distance… then you probably don’t need too much help spotting them, as they’d have already made their presence known.




Ahhh, Vantage… A Legend that sounds cool in concept, yet, falls short in practice.

Vantage spots with her passive, unlike her counterparts who spot with their abilities. The major downside to this is that Vantage must have a direct line of sight with her enemies to spot them. This is useful if you’re having a mid to long-range engagement, but practically useless in close-quarters engagements.

However, If you get caught in a sniper duel with another Legend, then you’ll be glad you picked Vantage, as the damage bonus her ultimate ability gives her will almost guarantee that you’ll come out victorious from that engagement.

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