12 Best Roblox Obby Games, Ranked

Surpass All Obstacles

Bilawal Bashir
Bilawal Bashir
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Looking for some fast action-based games on Roblox? Look no further than the best Roblox Obby games. The best Obbys on Roblox are well-made obstacle courses that take the player on an epic ride. Like any other genre, the best Obbys put a little spin on the formula to surprise the players and make everything exciting. 

Roblox Obby games are some of the most popular ones on the platform. Millions of players love these obstacle courses and play them daily. And if a category is popular on Roblox, you are sure to get hundreds if not thousands of games being made in the genre. We selected the best Obbys with something unique, not cookie-cutter obstacle courses. 

Tower of Hell is considered to be one of the greatest and best Obby Roblox games ever made. The obstacle course from hell has been around for a couple of years and has been loved by thousands of gamers. The biggest draw is the challenging levels that require some finesse and timing to clear. The best thing? The levels are randomly generated and are always unique. 

You’ll need mastery of Roblox movement (yes, the glitchy kind too), to clear the levels. You get points for clearing a level which you can use to purchase new powerups and items. The new upgrades make clearing levels a little easier.


Super Fun Obby 

Image shows a colorful obby track

Check Out The Obby Game Here

Looking for a super fun Obby Roblox game? Well, the Super Fun Obby is the game made for you. It’s an easy platformer obstacle game that can be enjoyed by all. If you have little siblings who want to have a stress-free game, this is one of the best games for them. You can run, jump, and even slide in this fast yet easily accessible Obby. 

The stages are colorful and pleasing to the eyes. The game runs really well on everything including mobile too. It’s a relatively new game that was just released at the end of 2022 but is receiving constant content updates. Bring a few friends if you want to have a chill and fun time racing around well-designed Obby tracks.


Image has two characters guessing the logo

Check Out The Obby Game Here

We are straying off the well-worn Obby path here with Guess the Logo. Guess the Logo, as you might’ve guessed, is about guessing logos of different companies to move forward. There are around 15 different floors to play on here with plenty of challenges and obstacles to surmount. 

There aren’t just logos involved here either.

You’ll need to guess the flags of countries, videogame logos, emojis, and even Minecraft characters. It’s a fun game to play with friends as a whole party can take part in the guessing game. The levels are easy in difficulty but if you crave a challenge, you can try the hard or impossible difficulty levels. Overall, Guess the Logo puts a unique twist on the best Obbys on Roblox.

Are you addicted to clearing Obby levels in Roblox? Then you need to check out Mega Fun Obby as it has over 2400 levels to play. That’s not a mistake, it does have so many obstacle course levels to clear. Mega Fun Obby is also addictive and won’t let you get bored with its well-designed levels. 

If you are a gamer that clears levels fast, this is the game made for you. No matter how fast you can beat levels, you won’t be able to take down two thousand of them in a single evening. The graphics are basic but the game does a great job of keeping the colors vibrant and lively. It’s not competing to be the most realistic game on Roblox, so it’s fine.

Here is a crossover level that almost everyone loves when they play it. The Dropper first dropped in Minecraft as a community-made map and has since made its way over to Roblox. The Dropper is all about dropping your character from high places all the while avoiding obstacles. This makes for a unique experience, if you’ve played that sky level from Saints Row 3, you know how fun it could be. 

Thankfully, you can earn powers to make you fall safely down in the game. The main goal is to land right into the teleporter to the next level here. There are around one hundred levels to play on Roblox, making it the best version of The Dropper to play.


Obby Creator 

Image has a custom made skate park

Check Out The Obby Game Here

Playing the Best Obbys on Roblox is fun but have you ever tried making your own? This is exactly what Obby Creator allows you to do. The “game” gives you all the tools necessary to make your obstacle courses and let others see your creativity. Obby Creator is like PlayStation’s Dreams but for Roblox Obby games.

You earn money by creating courses and letting others enjoy them. With the money you make, you’ll be able to expand your course with more items and obstacles. Add in water, add moving parts, and make the course more challenging. If you love creating stuff, you can also purchase advanced tools to get full creative control over your course.

Evade is not a simple Obby game it’s hard even to call it that. And yes it has obstacles and everything an Obby game has. You must do whatever you need to survive the enemies in this well-crafted experience. We only recommend this game for older players as it is pure horror and contains many jump scares. 

To top it off, the game has dark areas and you’ll need a light source to keep it lit. The controls are responsive and fun. With a server size of 15, the game is always populated and is enjoyed by thousands of players daily. Bring some friends along as you’ll need to team up to survive in this fast-paced and scary Obby game on Roblox.


The Floor is Lava

Image has a huge tower on lava

Check Out The Obby Game Here

The Floor is Lava is a classic game best played when the parents aren’t looking (I didn’t break the vase, I promise). Thankfully, the Roblox version of the classic is a lot safer both for creative kids and household furniture. This Obby Roblox game allows you to move to a higher place all the while avoiding obstacles. 

The creator of the game made sure getting away from lava is anything but easy. There are multiple obstacles for you to clear and avoid getting roasted by the lava. It’s one of the best Roblox Obby games as it has a sense of urgency in its courses. You also gain special bonuses during the game to help avoid a burning demise. 


Barry’s Prison Run

Image has a prison warden in bunny costume

Check Out The Obby Game Here

Barry’s Prison Run is not just a simple obstacle course game on Roblox. It has first-person action, some adventure, dungeons to clear, and bosses to beat. The game also offers an easy mode for beginners and a hard mode for older players looking for a challenge. 

The game also has a story that isn’t its strong suit. The whole narrative around escaping the prison gets abandoned within a couple of levels in the game. It’s a fun game that everyone should play at least once. The game also has a pretty short length, especially when we compare it with other games on the list. The game isn’t one of the best shooting games on Roblox but it’s a good one to play during a weekend.


Escape Prison Obby

Image has a helicopter lifting a prisoner

Check Out The Obby Game Here

You are a prisoner in a maximum security prison and you need to escape it. That’s the big gameplay motivation behind the Escape Prison Obby Roblox Game. The game has you complete multiple series of obstacle courses and has unique stages to keep you engaged.

The game is closer to Floor is Lava than any other game in this genre. You have to escape the levels before the prison guards catch up to you and take you back to your cell. You can collect coins during your journey which can be used in the in-game shop to purchase more stuff. Overall, this is a fun experience that lets you stylishly escape prison.


Escape the Carnival of Terror Obby

Image has a scary clown door

Check Out The Obby Game Here

Escape the Carnival of Terror Obby is a horror-based Obby game on Roblox. If you are in the mood for something spooky that involves an obstacle course, this is the game made for you. The game allows you to escape various monstrosities during your run. The stages are all high stakes and life-threatening so you’ll be on the edge of your seat. 

The evil clown is after you and you need to clear stages to keep yourself out of his grasp. There are jump scares and plenty of hard obstacles for you to clear. It won’t be featured on our best scary horror Roblox games list but Escape the Carnival of Terror Obby has its highs. 


Ultimate Easy Obby 

Image has a rainbow colored spiral track

Check Out The Obby Game Here

Looking for a simple Obby game that anyone can play? Check out the Ultimate Easy Obby as we haven’t found anything easier than that. It’s a simple course that you can just jump around to complete. It’s perfect for little gamers who are just starting out playing video games. This won’t challenge their little hands and they’ll be able to complete stages with ease. 

The graphics and stages are well-designed and lit. The stages also feature bright colors so young kids will stay absorbed in the game for a while. That’s not all, the game features plenty of stages too so completionists will have a great time going through them all. Old kids may get bored after a while as there isn’t a lot to do here except run, jump, and slide. 


These were some of the best Roblox Obby games on the platform. We had a great time overcoming the obstacles in these games. We are hoping to see more and more new creators take on this classic genre with their latest and unique ideas. Which Obby game is your favorite? Do tell us in the comments so we can check it out too!

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