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Bilawal Bashir
Bilawal Bashir
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Sometimes you just want to lose yourself in one of the best Roblox roleplay games and forget about the real world. For those times, we’ve curated a list of some fantastic roleplay experiences available on Roblox. There are surprisingly thriving communities on Roblox that actively enjoy having roleplay experiences and plenty of games that support them. 

The best roleplay games provide plenty of opportunities to be something new but also support other players in the same environment. Most of the games on the list are online multiplayer, so if you want to bring a couple of friends, it will be even better. From being a pizzeria worker to making your own brilliant home, there is a lot to discover with the these RP games.

Brookhaven has a ton of content and will keep any roleplay fan happy for a while. You can follow multiple storylines and do quests in an immersive world, any choices you make have a direct impact on the outcomes. There are even different endings that depend on the choices you make during your playthrough. 

The game provides a lot of replayability and scope for experimentation. Invite some friends and you can all enjoy the world created by Wolfpaq. Select vehicles, carry a phone, or use emotes to make the experience more immersive.

If you love raising pets then you’ll adore Adopt Me. It’s one of the best roleplaying games on the platform and can double as a pet simulator. The game is all about collecting pets and raising them. There are different rarities of pets available and you can collect them all like real-world Pokemon. 

Adopt Me lets you make your own character and customize a space for yourself. You can earn points to decorate your place as well. Roam around the world and interact with stuff, discover and collect new pets to grow your pet collection. The best part is that you can trade pets you’ve collected with other players. Care for the pets and let them grow. This is a relaxing experience that rewards your time.

Livetopia is made by Century Maker, if you love being creative and making things, this would be the best game for you. Make your own house in the game and customize it however, you like. The game lets you go wild with options and doesn’t hold anything back. 

Play with other players and communicate using emotes. The map is large and lets you go on long exploration sessions. There are secrets hidden in the world too so exploration is always rewarded. Drive vehicles, or go on adventures on foot, Livetopia has a lot to offer to its players. No wonder it’s one of the most popular games on Roblox. 

Berry Avenue is a true roleplaying game. It lets you explore a well-designed place you can hang out in and explore at your own leisure. You can select from a huge selection of houses available, get a car and simply roleplay by using various items. It may not be among the most realistic-looking Roblox games but it looks great.

Berry Avenue excels at giving you options. Want to be a student at the high school? You can do that. Or want to live a simple life and work at the grocery store? Yes, that can be done here. Maybe you want to be a doctor and treat patients at the hospital or you just want to rob banks and be a criminal.

Gacha Online is an online multiplayer roleplaying game that lets you enjoy a brilliant world with your friends. You can roleplay, explore, and meet new people in the game. The best part about the game is its character creator which has a lot of outfits for you to try out. From selecting colors to adding wings to your character, there is a ton of choice. 

Roleplaying in Gacha Online is fun as well. The texts can be a little hard to read in the game when the server is crowded. However, that’s one of the best parts of socializing in an online game. Everyone gets to express themself. The game is a lot more fun if you bring a couple of friends too. Here are some more anime Roblox games to have even more fun.


Welcome to Bloxburg

Image shows a house being constructed in best roblox roleplay games

Check Out the Game Here

Bloxburg is a premium game that players will need to spend Robux to play. Despite the paywall, the game has a lot to offer as the developer Coeptus is constantly updating it with new things to do, features, and items. If you love playing games that have a deep customization potential and can double as one of the best Tycoon games on Roblox, this one is it.

Select a job and start earning money and eventually, you’ll be able to afford your own house. Gain more to own multiple houses in the game. The day-to-day life in Bloxburg is interesting and will keep you playing for a while. Here are a couple of great house ideas in Bloxburg, now you can start making your own.

Maple Hospital is another roleplaying game that allows you to assume multiple roles. The game allows you to play as doctors or nurses and treat patients but that’s just what is expected from a hospital-based game. The real fun starts when you play as security guards or cleaning staff. The game changes depending on what role you want to play. 

That’s not all, Maple Hospital lets you play a patient too. That’s right, become a patient and go through all the procedures inside the hospital. This is a surprisingly detailed game that goes into deep detail. If you are looking for an immersive roleplaying game, Maple Hospital won’t disappoint you.


Work at a Pizza Place

Image shows a happy character showing off a pizza

Check Out the Game Here

Work at a Pizza Place is a classic game that has been around for a while. It’s perhaps as timeless as our love for pizza. Everyone loves pizzas and making them can be a rewarding experience. If you want to be behind the magic, Work at a Pizza Place lets you do exactly what its name implies. 

The game lets you work at a pizza place and manage its day-to-day running. Earn money in the pizza place and decorate your own place. It’s just like the real world. Fair warning though, players can troll each other in the game easily so it is pretty much expected in the game. It’s a simple game about making pizzas and selling them to earn money.

MeepCity is all about exploration and social experience online. The game focuses on chatting with other players and customization. There are profanity filters so anyone can enjoy the game without worrying about trolls. MeepCity also looks beautiful with its stylized look.

You can express yourself not only with character creation and clothing items but also through home design. It’s an online roleplaying game with social elements so it’s always better to play with a couple of friends and explore together. We do recommend not letting kids under 13 play the game unsupervised. 


Emergency Response: Liberty County

Image shows a construction site

Check Out the Game Here

Emergency Response: Liberty County, as the name implies, is a roleplaying game that focuses on emergency services. You can play as a normal civilian and do your normal civilian jobs like farming or a hospital worker. Or you can be a straight-up criminal in the game, whatever you fancy you can do here. It’s not the best shooter game on Roblox but, it doesn’t need to be.

There are many emergency response service jobs you can take up too. You can be a police officer, a sheriff’s deputy, or even a firefighter. The game is constantly updated and they added a construction job. Construct buildings and drive job-specific vehicles as well. Overall, if you always wanted to be a firefighter but not actually go punch fires, this is a great game to play.

Want to mix some action MMO spice in your roleplay game? Then check out World // Zero as it’s one of the best games. The game offers a great level of character customization and the graphics look beautiful. Explore this epic fantasy open world and go on adventures with your custom character. 

There are dungeons to explore, new creatures to tackle, and new worlds to visit. Equip new gear to make your character better at fighting. World // Zero also has a battle pass that lets you collect a lot of free loot. If you are in the market for a deep and immersive roleplaying adventure game, you won’t go wrong with this one.

SCP: Roleplay is all about protecting humanity from otherworldly and somewhat scary. In the world of SCP: Roleplay, terrifying creatures are all over the world, those creatures and unusual objects are called SCPs. SCP Foundation is tasked with tracking and controlling those creatures. We included it in our favorite horror games on Roblox list as well.

You can roleplay as a prisoner, a scientist, or a guard. You’ll be able to unlock more roles as you gain more experience. The twist is that you can either help humanity or side with the monsters and unleash chaos. It’s a unique horror game that lets you capture or downright neutralize monsters. Some roles can engage in combat while some, like the scientist, are non-combative. 


Roleplaying games are a huge genre, both in real-life board games and video games. Check out the best turn-based RPGs, the best JRPGs, and the best RPGs of all time. You’ll be enjoying roleplaying content for years!

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