10 BEST Roblox Single Player Games, Ranked

The Best Single Player Offerings by Roblox.

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With over 40 million different games available on Roblox, it can certainly be a bit daunting to choose ones that would actually be good. If you are specifically looking for the best single-player Roblox games that are worth your time, then this is going to be the ideal guide for you.

I’ve personally tried hundreds of Roblox games to finally settle on the top 10 that I will be sharing with you today. So, let’s get on with the list!



Genre: RPG, Adventure

The first entry on this list is going to be Pilgrammed. It is an RPG game where you get to experience a story that takes you through the different areas of the game based on your character level.

You can also craft guns and armor to fend off any enemies you encounter. There are no deep mechanics here that would require you to visit Wiki pages and figure out what to do.

On top of the main quest line, there are a few extra areas that the game doesn’t tell you about. Those are free for you to explore as well. There are vampires, ogres, and a lot of other NPCs in the game for you to find and interact with.

The game does feature multiplayer, but it is in no way required to enjoy the game. You don’t have to interact with other players at all. It is a great story-based RPG that you can enjoy solo.



Genre: Simulation

Farmstead is a farming simulator where you can grow crops, care for animals, and build the farm you’ve always wanted. You can build barns and expand your farm as you see fit. The developers also allow for cosmetic changes to truly give a personal touch to your farm.

Its not limited to farming either. You can also fish, chop wood, and do a ton of other activities. There are quests to complete and NPCs to interact with as well. Overall, its a fun Roblox game that you should try even if you are a solo player.


Arcane Odyssey

Arcane Odyssey

Genre: RPG, Open World

Arcane Odyssey is a grand Roblox adventure game, featuring an open world with different islands and landscapes for you to explore. In typical RPG fashion, you get to choose from a lot of different builds and play the game however you see fit.

You get to cook food, talk to NPCs, craft stuff, uncover secrets and do a lot more. You know…the exciting RPG stuff.

The story here is good enough to keep you engaged for hours. So, its a great game for solo players. The game recently got a massive content drop, so, now would be a great time for you to step in and enjoy the game.


WRC Roblox Rally


Genre: Rally Racing

WRC Roblox Rally is the most authentic rally experience you can get in the Roblox universe. The game allows you to race against friends and compete for the best times.

You get to drive around various tricky tracks and obstacle courses to put your rally driving skills to the test. Definitely an amazing and underrated game that you should try.


Right 2 Fight

Right 2 Fight

Genre: Fighting

Right 2 Fight is heavily inspired by the Yakuza series. So, if you liked the combat in the Yakuza games then Right 2 Fight is going to be the perfect beat ’em up game for you.

Just like Kiryu from the original games, you get to fight groups of enemies with different fighting styles, and winning fights allows you to unlock more moves. You’ll be able to fight tougher opponents around the town as you level up and gain more experience.



Industrialist - Best Roblox Single Player Games

Genre: Simulator

Alrighty, another Roblox simulator. You get to make your own factories and other industrial equipment in this one. You get to play Satisfactory and Factorio but inside the Roblox world. Now that’s cool if you ask me.

You can play this game solo or with a bunch of friends. There is a bit of a learning curve to it, as the game has pollution mechanics, and it allows you to construct some pretty complex industrial setups. If you like such games then you’ll be spending dozens of hours in Industrialist.


My Prison

My Prison

Genre: Tycoon

While this is not an entirely single-player experience, and you can visit your friend’s prisons as well…still, I still wanted to add My Prison to this list. In this Roblox tycoon, you have to manage your very own prison.

You can arrest people based on their crimes, expand your prison network, and ensure that your prisoners don’t escape. You can add gym courts, picnic tables, and other facilities inside your prison.

The game receives updates biweekly, and the devs are constantly adding more features to the game.


Pet Salon Tycoon

Genre: Tycoon

A tycoon game made for those who like pets. You get to manage and expand your own pet salon. As your customers and revenue increase, you get to hire more staff and service more animals at a time by increasing the number of stands and improving the quality of your services.

You can even make aesthetic changes to your salon by customizing the floor and overall decor. The in-game shop has some pretty cool upgrades and cosmetics for you to purchase.




Genre: Souls-like

Derelict is a souls-like I recently found out about on Roblox. It promises a proper Dark Souls experience by offering multiple classes and builds to choose from. Players get to face off against some pretty difficult bosses.

The game can be played with friends or enjoyed solo. There is a proper Wiki for the game as well. So, if you want any help regarding the weapons, armors or enemies, that’s where you need to check.


Doodle World

Genre: Adventure

Doodle World is a Pokemon-inspired game that is excellent both for solo or group players. You get to catch different doodles (basically Pokemon) and fight other trainers with them.

The aesthetic here is quite cute, and there are hundreds of different Doodles for you to catch. They differ based on elemental types, weight, and HP. The game gets weekly updates, and the devs are always ensuring that players have some sort of content to go through.

These were some of the best single-player Roblox games I played recently. I wanted to share them with you guys, hoping that you’ll end up playing and liking at least a few of them. For more Roblox-related content, keep visiting WIG!

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