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Dale Jo
Dale Jo
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Getting into Roblox gives you access to millions of amazing single-player games. The platform offers a vast array of gameplay and stories created by the whole Roblox online gaming community. Diving into the entire experience can get so exciting with the endless multiplayer and single-player games that you would want to try all hundreds of them.

Of course, there’s a lot of fun in multiplayer Roblox games, especially ones you can enjoy with your friends. And yet, there are times that we’d like to take on solo adventures and immerse in a game all to ourselves.

Given it’s a massive gaming community, Roblox has hundreds of single-player games to choose from. Whether if you want to challenge yourself or give yourself a relaxing break, Roblox solo play is available for you. Regardless of a premium or free account, you can enjoy the best Roblox single-player games made by the community’s best and most creative builders.

There are a million Roblox games out there but don’t worry. You don’t have to look for the best free Roblox single-player games because we’ve done that for you. Let’s go!


Plane Crazy

Plane Crazy - Roblox Single Player
Image by Madattak

The Roblox single-player game for aviation enthusiasts and vehicle design lovers. Plane crazy lets you build your own vehicle design that you can test out and roam around the in-game world. The easy tutorial helps you get into the game right away, giving you your first airplane. You can go crazy with the designs since there are so many blocks to choose as parts, yet there’s an application of fundamental physics to give that realistic feel. You can build boats, cars, planes, and rockets and test them out yourself.

Overall, this game is a peaceful, relaxing solo player reminiscent of making paper toys on a larger scale. And you don’t need any multiplayer help to build your toys in this game.

Here’s a showcase of Plane Crazy builds you can check out and get inspiration from. The only limit to this game is your imagination.


Fishing Simulator

Fishing Simulator - Roblox Single Player
Image by Cloud Entertainment

Fishing Simulator is an experience of your own pace, and just like real fishing, you can do this game solo, and your catch is all yours.

A calm and adventurous single-player game for people who enjoy fishing, boating, and aquariums. You start as a novice fishing enthusiast with a simple fishing rod and improve your gear by catching and selling fish. Different species, sizes, and rarities of fish are available in this Roblox ocean that you can catch, sell, and collect in your own personal aquarium.

As you progress, you can travel to other islands or deeper oceans by various boats. Later, you also get to have more quests, including hunting down man-eating sharks and search for rare treasures. This works well when you decide to do something more intense after a few relaxing turns of fishing.

Check out this introductory gameplay on Fishing Simulator. Also, according to the game’s developers, a remastered version is to be released mid 2021, so there’s more to expect.


Theme Park Tycoon 2

Theme Park Tycoon 2 - Roblox Single Player
Image by Den_S

Watch the game trailer.

A great thing about single-player building games like Theme Park Tycoon 2 is that you can shape your area according to your design. The experience gives you a plot of land to develop into a theme park and bring in customers. This free game is a thrill to play. With its goal to help you build your dream theme park, it doesn’t disappoint. You can set everything from the variety of rides, design, and even prices in your theme park! Want to build a hotdog stand beside the roller coaster? Go ahead! Want to sell overly priced popcorn? Sure! Your theme park, your rules.

It’s a game you’d want to play as a personal side project, and maybe show it to some friends later and let them be amazed at your incredible work. You can also enjoy the rides yourself using your avatar and experience the thrill of your own theme park.


Speed Run 4

Speed Run 4 - Roblox Single Player
Image by Vurse

Roblox parkour comes in the form of Speed Run 4, with thirty unique levels to run solo at your best time. Each level has a different set of obstacles that are differently challenging, more than enough for you to get hooked in the game. You can repeat your runs to improve your time and set personal achievements.

Once you’ve collected enough rewards, you can go through more difficult modes where the platforms are adjusted to be more competitive. And there’s also zombie mode where, you guessed it, fast-moving zombies chase you while you go through these crazy obstacles. The builders frequently update the game, so there’s always a new map to go to every few weeks.


Escape Room

Escape Room - Best Roblox Single Player
Image by DevUltra

The Bloxy award-winning game of 2018 as the best single-player game, Escape Room is still one of the best Roblox puzzle games. The experience has more than 20 different rooms to escape from, each with its corresponding complexity. Beginner puzzles are available if you’re new to the genre and if you want an ongoing challenge, go for the more advanced rooms.

In single-player mode, you have to use your wits to get out in the given time without any game pauses or in-game clues. This is why this game is so satisfying. You get to feel the tension and challenge of an actual escape situation, where there’s no AI to give clues or cheat codes. Like any awesome game should be, your success all boils down to your skills and knowledge.


Tower Defenders

Tower Defenders - Roblox Single Player
Image by Dreamers™

Take a look at the game trailer.

Tower defense games are a staple for single-player modes in any platform, Roblox included. There’s just something satisfying about monsters running on pavements getting crushed by flashy towers. Tower Defenders is the game you’d love in the tower defense category. This is a medieval fantasy-themed game with flashy combat animations and challenging monster waves that you’d want to get your hands on. This game is an excellent choice for single-player mayhem since the levels are and towers are achievable through solo play.

In Tower Defenders, you get to choose and upgrade more than twenty different towers, all unlockable for free as you progress in the game. There solo mode with corresponding difficulty levels will get you in the momentum right away. When you’ve had your best towers, there’s an endless mode designed to test your endgame skills.


World Defenders

World Defenders - Roblox Single Player
Image by Spectral Roblox

Another Tower defense single-player game, World Defenders, is constantly updating and on its second season. The game shines in its ability to create interesting characters in different genres and timelines. You get to see dinosaurs fight against red orcs in this wacky and animated game.

Another significant part of World Defenders is it’s smoothly developed. Character details are pretty impressive, and you get to enjoy the whole experience without experiencing the expected TD lag during late games. There’s hardly a dull moment in solo play as your avatar has its own weapon to attack, FPS style, while upgrading your towers. This is a must-try for fans of tower defenses and wacky fantasy genre mash-ups.



Ramona - Roblox Single Player
Image by ClicheChloe

Ramona is a Roblox single-player adventure game that takes you on an engaging story. The game has the elements of an old-school top-down adventure game with a story based on how you progress in between levels. You collect coins, evade obstacles, and make story-defining turns that’ll get you invested. It’s short, and your progress can’t be saved, which becomes part of the appeal of the experience since there are multiple endings you can have in the story set in Ramona’s mind. It’s a genuinely artful single-player game that you can only experience through indie development.

If you want to see how the game looks like, here’s a gameplay video of Ramona you can check out.


World // Zero

world zero - Roblox Single Player
Image by World // Zero

One of the most immersive adventure RPG games in Roblox, World // Zero has over 20 unique dungeons and numerous worlds of monsters to slay. The game is fun and playable in single-player mode. Given you’re at the corresponding level, any dungeon can be accomplished solo. There are three free beginner classes to choose from and more for VIPs. The gear and inventory designs look fantastic, and loot is specific to your selected class.

Another particular part of the game is the progressive pet system. You can collect and train pets to assist you in battle and feed to evolve at certain levels. Who needs a raid group when you have an adorable fighting pet? All you need in World Zero is you and your pet.

The game feels like a mash-up of MMO, dungeon crawler, and Pokemon. This game is really worth delving into since the level cap is at 100 and three challenging endgame towers. I’m sure that’s more than enough to keep anyone occupied.

Take a look at the gameplay and classes showcase and see how exciting the game is.


Dragon Adventures

Dragon Adventures - Roblox Single Player
Image by Sonar Studios

Roblox, as a community, thrives through creativity and uniqueness, and the team at Sonar studios published their game in Roblox to answer the age-old mythical question; How awesome would it be to have a pet dragon? Dragon Adventures is a Roblox single player game that gives different pet dragons to play with. You have missions to fight monsters and take rewards for your quests while foraging for food and spending quality time with your scaly pets.

Aside from fighting mobs and questing, you get to learn to raise dragons, from hatching an egg to feeding and grooming them to maturity. You need to feed and bond with your dragons in a given time to keep them at their best stats. Who knew that providing dragons a nice soapy bath can raise their health and increase your bond with them? This game is a dragon lover’s dream come true.

Take a look at the game’s fan-made trailer and get into the Dragon Adventure Experience!


There you have it, the best in Roblox single-player! Try some of those out and see which ones you enjoy. Immerse yourself in these engaging single-player experiences that’ll give you hours of self-made enjoyment. These will be your go-to games and probably be your reason to search for many more creative stories on the platform.

Whatever type of single-player game you want to play, Roblox has something to offer to everybody. With hundreds of new games and updates made by thousands of passionate builders, there’s something that will definitely satisfy everyone’s gaming needs.

Have you tried any of the games listed here? Are there other single-player games you’ve tried and would love to recommend? Please share with us your experiences in the comments below.    

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