12 Best Roblox Tycoon Games: Ranked (2023)

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Bilawal Bashir
Bilawal Bashir
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Tycoon games are some of the most popular ones on Roblox. So selecting the best Roblox tycoon games was difficult simply because there are a ton of great games in this genre. We picked those that constantly see updates, have a healthy player base, and are generally fun to play. 

The best Roblox tycoon games have elements of roleplay, strategy, management, and simulation all in one package. This is the reason why so many players around the globe love and play these games. Once you go down the tycoon hole, there is no coming back. So make sure you have some time to invest in these games


Military Tycoon

Image has a tank and soldier posing

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Military Tycoon is a great game simply because of the sheer content it delivers. You take part in making a military base from the ground up. You have access to state-of-the-art equipment which includes boats, tanks, jets, and helicopters. Then there are multiple different weapons to use as well. 

The game has its economy. Select a country, make your base, hire soldiers, and build an army. Then test your might in a battle against other players online. You need to get some money before you start ramping production up though. Just like most militaries around the world, you get to fight over oil rigs to fund your base. It’s one of the best tycoons on Roblox and you should check it out if you have an interest in military hardware. 

Mall Tycoon has you make a mall and manage it every day. The main goal of this game is to create a supermarket chain and dominate the market by overtaking competitors. If you have a great mall, your business will also do well.

Selling stuff is great but you need to make your visitors happy if you want to drive the business. Decorate your mall with attractions and the visitors would love to come again and again. You have 12 floors of shops to manage here and complete freedom to customize them however you like. From food courts to restaurants, and from clothes shops to sports goods, you can have it all here. 


Restaurant Tycoon 2

Image has an interior of a restaurant

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If you are looking for a deep game with complex mechanics then Restaurant Tycoon 2 is one of the best Roblox tycoon games for you. You start from the very beginning when you just have an empty plot of land. There you can build your restaurant up, purchase upgrades for it, and choose the furniture you put inside it. You’ll also need to hire staff to run the restaurant for you. 

The game allows you to be a good boss and lets you go behind the grill. You can make orders for customers. There are engaging minigames in place so you are not bored with the job. You can also serve the orders to the dining customers. You slowly gain experience and level up, this in turn lets you learn new recipes and be a better cook. Restaurant Tycoon 2 is one of the best Roblox tycoons if you love the service industry.


Tropical Resort Tycoon

Image has a plane, a car, and a boat in the best roblox tycoon games

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Tropical Resort Tycoon gives you a whole island to build your tropical paradise. This game will test your management skills and make you use strategy to win big time. The goal of the game is simple: the more beautiful the island, the more visitors will be attracted to it. More visitors mean more revenue for you. 

To reach your ultimate goal, you’ll need to have the best crew on board. Hire the best people for the job, have a lot of buildings, and make sure the visitors are entertained. Build a beautiful villa, make a private helipad, and drive expensive cars around the island. You can also use a helicopter to survey your property in Tropical Resort Tycoon. 


Mega Mansion Tycoon

Image shows a huge mansion

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Make your very own mega mansion in Mega Mansion Tycoon. You get money depending on the size of your mansion so you better make it a big one. As you make changes to the mansion and expand, you’ll get more money. However, new items will be more expensive. There aren’t many customization opportunities here though, you cannot change the windows or the furniture. 

While Mega Mansion Tycoon can be played solo and could be one of the best single-player games, we recommend going online. When online, you’ll be able to see what other players are creating. If you love doing nothing and gaining money, this is the game made for you. You can also drive around the play world in a car and see what other players are up to. 


Hospital Tycoon

Image shows a patient laying down

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Run your hospital in Hospital Tycoon which lets you start from scratch. First, you need to box medicines for other hospitals to use and then use the funds gained to build your hospital. You’ll need to build the full structure, get machines, and even hire staff in the game to run the hospital. You only pay a one-time fee to hire workers so at least that’s easier than real life. 

The game also has a ton of buttons that you need to press. The buttons give you advantages and help you gain more and more money from your business. From getting double money to extra workers, a lot of stuff can be obtained by pressing those juicy buttons. The graphics have a clean look to them as well. It isn’t one of the most realistic-looking games but it doesn’t look bad at all.

Airport Tycoon as the name suggests is all about running an airport. You get to see new and exciting planes, make new buildings, and even apply cosmetic items to your planes. Getting to see fancy new planes arrive at your airport is always a joy in the game. The developers also add new planes to the game all the time. 

That’s not the best part though, the best part is that you get to fly the planes yourself. Take yourself on adventures in the Airport Tycoon. You can also add new attractions to the airport to attract tourists. From the boardwalk to a Ferris wheel, you can have plenty of places for visitors.

Have a dream about owning your zoo but don’t have the money to do so? Now you can have beautiful exhibitions for amazing animals without having to spend any real-world money. There are more than 20 animals to choose for your zoo as well. From hippos to camels, and from sea turtles to monkeys, you have a lot of choices. 

Any animal you can expect at a zoo is available in the My Zoo Tycoon. The graphics are wonderful to look at but the game shines thanks to the animals. The animal models are expertly designed and are overloaded with cuteness. This is a great Roblox game to play with your kids and little siblings. 


Image shows a navel fleet

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Navy War Tycoon lets you make a huge naval fleet and fight other players. The main goal is to become the best navy in the game and take over the whole sea. There are oil rigs for you to acquire as per tradition. As the Admiral, your job is to ensure you have the best weapons and equipment for your navy. 

Select a country and start making your navy up. Make new builds, upgrade them, and go on raids with your fleet. Then as you gain more money, upgrade them some more and purchase many powerful military vehicles like carriers and Destroyers. It is not as fast as some of the best shooting games on Roblox but it comes close. 


Clone Tycoon 2

Image shows a base in a desert

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In Clone Tycoon 2, you make clones of yourself. That’s right, you multiply yourself and create an army of “Yous” to command. After you are done cloning, start leveling up the army. Then unlock new weapons and become more powerful. 

There are a ton of upgrades to be had too. You do research in the lab and eventually unlock more powerful tools like rockets and planes. There are cosmetic items to be unlocked in the game as well. Equip your army with helmets and capes so they look cool during the battles. Clone Tycoon is one of the best Roblox tycoon games and certainly a unique one to play.


Welcome to Bloxburg

Image shows a character holding a blueprint

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Welcome to Bloxburg isn’t a true tycoon game but it does come close as it’s a great life simulator. You can call it a life tycoon game as you build up your character, earn money, build houses, and generally grow into a stable member of society. The game also has a deep focus on realism. You can gain money by taking up a job, thankfully there is a wide variety of them to select from. 

After you earn money, you can start building a home. Here are some great Bloxburg home ideas if you need some inspiration. The game is about living day-to-day life and moving up the societal ladder. So if you are into games like The Sims, Welcome to Bloxburg would be right up your alley. 


Retail Tycoon 2

Image shows the interior of a shop best roblox tycoon games

Check Out the Game Here

If you always wanted to own a shop and run it, then Retail Tycoon 2 is the game made for you. You start your shop from nothing and try to make it big. The best thing about Retail Tycoon is the level of control it provides to the players. You have complete control over the shop here, from placing furniture to decorating the shop, you decide what goes. 

You’ll need to get items to sell in your shop. For that, you drive around town and pick up stuff that’d turn a profit once sold. There is a surprising bit of exploration involved in the game as well. Explore, sell, upgrade, and then hire people to help. Overall, this deep simulation game is perfect if you always wanted to manage a full-on retail shop. The best thing? There are no rude customers to tackle here, so basically it’s a retail paradise. 


After this collection of the best Tycoons on Roblox, you’ll have your hands full for a long time. These games require time investment and are a true test of your management skills. They aren’t as dry as it sounds either, there is a lot of fun to be had here. Check out the best horror Roblox games just to change the scenery. 

Which tycoon game was your first love? We’d love to know your choice.

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