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Umer Cheema
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Saints Row 2022 Easter Eggs

Saints Row is a long-running franchise that started out seriously in hopes of dethroning Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto from the top spot in third-person open-world games. However, it eventually started going in a different direction as it involved tons of random jokes, weird weapons, and wacky storylines.

Deep Silver Volition released a new Saints Row game in 2022 that had a somewhat bumpy launch – you can read our thoughts about the game in more detail. In classic Saints Row fashion, the game is filled to the brim with funny – and some weird – easter eggs.

Since the game has to offer tons of secret easter eggs, we have compiled a list of the best ones that we could find. Without further ado, let’s jump straight and take a look at the best Saints Row easter eggs!

Best Saints Row (2022) Easter Eggs, Secrets, and References

Some of these easter eggs are extremely well-hidden, while others can be seen in the open. We would love to know if you found these easter eggs as well and do you think they belong on this list. Since this is Saints Row we are talking about, there are bound to be some over-the-top and wacky secrets in the game!


The Cabbit

The pink Cabbit makes a return in Saints Row 2022 as an easter egg
The Cabbit is a long-running easter egg in Saints Row.

Location: Old Town East Storage Garage.

Starting off our list with the best easter egg that you can find in Saints Row 2022, the Cabbit. Long-term fans of the series will recognize this cute creature from the previous games as well. The Cabbit has been featured in almost all Saints Row games as an easter egg.

The Cabbit in your collectible inventory
The Cabbit in your collectible inventory.

This time around, though, you can actually collect this sweet mixture of a cat and a rabbit – hence the name Cabbit. Going to the Old Town East and searching the storage container will result in you finding this small creature.

In previous entries, the Cabbit was a gigantic creature that you can often find in the middle of the ocean or on a large ship. So, it’s nice to see this magnificent creature making a return in the latest entry as well.

Originally, however, the Cabbit wasn’t a part of the Saints Row series. It was first seen in the Summoner games that were developed by Volition. It was an enemy that you can encounter and fight but it has turned into a long-running gag for the series now.



Doctor Who's Tardis - or Turdis - can be found in the game
The Turdis in all its glory – Source: Captain Eggcellent

Location: Quarter of Santo Ileso, Old Town West.

Moving on to another easter egg that fans of the series will recognize, the Tardis – or excuse me, the Turdis, as Saints Row calls it. First found in the DLC of Saints Row 4 – How the Saints Saved Christmas, it makes a comeback in the latest game as well.

Whether you have seen Doctor Who or not, you certainly would have seen this iconic time-traveling box in various games. It has been referenced in multiple games, movies, and shows ever since it became popular in Doctor Who.

By visiting Old Town West, and going to the quarter of Santo Ileso, you can find the Turdis by its glowing green lights which shows that it is being used by someone. Unfortunately, you cannot use this box to travel through dimensions but it is still cool seeing it in the game.


The Worthy Hammer

Finding Thor's hammer in Saints Row 2022
Finding Thor’s Hammer in Saints Row 2022 stuck in a rock.

Location: Kavanagh County Territory, Roadlands South.

This easter egg is something that you would definitely expect in games nowadays. Due to the huge success and popularity of Marvel, many games have various easter eggs that feature some part of the Avengers or other popular Marvel characters.

Saints Row 2022 features the worthy hammer that looks exactly like Mjolnir that Thor wields. Recently seen in Thor: Love and Thunder, it is awesome seeing the hammer in the game as well.

Thor's mighty hammer in your collectible inventory
Adding the hammer to your collectible inventory.

While you cannot lift the hammer, you can scan it with your phone to add it to your collectible inventory. Its description also states that “only a Chris can lift it“. Just goes to show that your character isn’t worthy of lifting the mighty hammer. It would be cool to pick up the hammer and use it but this is also a fun way of including it in the game.


Saints of Rage

Official artwork of Saints of Rage that was featured in Saints Row IV
Saints of Rage artwork – Credit: Deep Silver Volition‘s Saints Row IV.

Location: Twin Coyote Arcade, Rojas Desert North

Moving on to an easter egg that fans of old-school 2D beat-em-ups will appreciate. If you played games like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Streets of Rage, you will absolutely adore this easter egg. This reference is aptly called Saints of Rage and it is a mini-game in a 2D beat-em-up style.

This is a direct reference to Saints Row IV which featured the exact mission where Johnny Gat and Asura were stuck in a 2D side-scrolling world. In that game, you can roam around and progress by beating up various enemies and bosses that appear in the game. It is great seeing this callback.

Various arcade games like Zombie Uprising in Saints Row 2022
Zombie Uprising and other arcade games.

Speaking of callbacks, the arcade which features this game has other arcade-style games as well. Most notably, the Zombie Uprising game which was a side mission in Saints Row 2. You can visit the Santo Ileso’s Twin Coyote Arcade to find this sweet easter egg!

While you cannot play these games, it is nice seeing a callback to Volition’s previous work.


Crashed UFO

A crashed UFO found in the desert in Saints Row 2022
You can find a crashed UFO in the desert – Source: xGarbett

Location: Kavanagh County Territory, Badlands South

UFOs and aliens are no strangers to the Saints Row series. While most games just hint at UFOs and aliens, Saints Row IV went one step ahead and made them a vital part of the story. You had to fight them to defend the planet.

As such, the latest Saints Row 2022 features tons of UFOs spread across the map. Since the game initially took inspiration from GTA, it is no surprise that there are various crashed UFOs in the game.

In fact, if you are a completionist, you need to add one UFO to your collectible inventory as well. So, put on your tinfoil hat and go alien hunting!


Giant Comb

The giant comb references the classic movie, Spaceballs
The Giant Comb in the southwest desert of Santo Ileso.

Location: Southwest Desert of Santo Ileso

Moving on to an easter egg that might seem random to a lot of people, the giant comb in the middle of the desert. When you spot this seemingly random giant comb, you will also notice that a small man is standing next to it.

If you enjoy watching classic movies, you will know that this is a direct reference to the 1987 film, Spaceballs. This parody of Star Wars is extremely funny and a must-watch if you haven’t seen it.

While the comb isn’t moving in the game, it is still a wonderful sight to behold. You can tell that the devs have put a lot of great references and secrets in the game to pay homage to classic movies and media.

A scene in that movie shows two people combing the desert with a comically large comb. You can see the scene in the video down below to have a quick laugh yourself:

Spaceballs 1987 – Source: Feeling Nostalgic


Pennywise’s Red Ballon

Pennywise's Red Balloon from IT
The iconic red balloon from IT – Source: mrsaintsgodzilla21

Location: Kavanagh County Territory, Lake Sabastian sewer

Speaking of paying homage to movies, the next easter egg will be recognized by most people. You can find the iconic red balloon that the scary clown Pennywise loves to hold by visiting a random sewer in Lake Sabastian.

Thankfully, Pennywise doesn’t jumpscare the player – whew! From the looks of it, Saints Row 2022 has a lot of easter eggs that reference famous movies. It is nice seeing the devs pay respect to the amazing Stephan King and his wonderful novel/movie.

Pennywise face reveal behind a red balloon
You’ll float too!

While I would love to see Pennywise in some shape or form, but that’s just me. Overall, it was really fun to come across this amazing easter egg.


Sora’s Keyblade

Keyblade from the Kingdom Hearts series
Sora’s Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts.

Before we talk about this easter egg, I would like to state that it has a special place in my heart. I love Kingdom Hearts and everything about it. While the game is quite convoluted and weird at times – ok, the majority of the time, but it is still great!

It is so refreshing to see Sora’s weapon of choice, the Keyblade, in Saints Row as an easter egg. The best part is that you can actually get this weapon and use it. While it doesn’t allow you to use the power of friendship to call Donald or Goofy, it does deal a good amount of damage.

However, you cannot find this anywhere on the map unless you follow a few steps. To get this, you need to get your Criminal Empire to tier 3 and build 10 ventures. Then, you need to complete 5 of them and finish the missionGood Cop/Bad Cop“.

After you complete it, you will get this weapon (alongside XP and money) as a reward. Hitting people with this weapon causes glittery sparks to fly out of the sword. It is called the “Saintsblade” in Saints Row.


Breakable Minecraft Wall

A breakable wall that is a reference to Minecraft
You can break a small portion of the wall to reveal block-type creatures from Minecraft.

Location: Fort Cullen, Old Town West

Minecraft is an extremely popular game that has been going strong for over a decade now. Due to its popularity, there have been many references made to it in tons of media. Imitation is the best form of flattery, after all.

As such, Saints Row 2022 didn’t want to miss out on having a Minecraft easter egg in the game. If you head over to Old Town West and visit Fort Cullen, you can find a small portion of a wall that can be broken.

If you break it, you will find small block-type creatures that look like something out of Minecraft. However, the scene that is displayed isn’t what you would normally see in the game. It features a creature getting impaled and having blood on the floor.

It’s pretty cool to see a nod to Mojang’s Minecraft as it reminds us how much impact the game has had in the gaming scene.


Large Jenga Tower

The massive Jenga Tower in the game
The massive Jenga Tower can be destroyed and interacted with – Source: xGarbett

Location: Kavanagh County Territory, Badlands South

This is one of the coolest easter eggs that I have come across in any game. It is a massive Jenga Tower found in the middle of the tower. Who stacked it? Well, that’s not important. What’s important is that you can interact with it and even knock it down.

It feels so satisfying to bring this massive structure to the ground. The best part is that you can interact with a rock nearby to rebuild this tower instantly if you wish to knock it down again.

If you are playing the game, I highly recommend that you visit this area and knock down this Jenga Tower. It’s so much fun!


Character Creator

Behold, Handsome Squidward made in the character creator
Handsome Squidward in all his glory in Saints Row – Source: Captain Eggcellent

While this isn’t necessarily an easter egg in the traditional sense, Saint Row’s character creator is one of the best that I’ve seen. It allows tons of freedom and creative control for the players. You can literally make any character that you want. You name it, you got it – your imagination is the limit.

I have seen some of the best – and funniest – characters come to life in the game. From characters like Jon Snow, Loki, and The Rock to meme characters like Shaggy, Handsome Squidward, and Giga Chad.

It is great to see that the devs have given a lot of time and thought to the character creator for this game. If you are someone who loves to create their own characters, you will have a blast. I spent a lot (and I mean A LOT) of time making my own character.

The best part is that you can download various characters made by other players online. So, if you do not want to spend a lot of time, you can easily get a character by browsing them.


Bathtub Racecar

The hidden racecar that is made from a bathtub
The neon-lit bathtub is designed as a racecar – Source: Captain Eggcellent

Location: Kavanagh County Territory, Roadlands South.

Finally, the last easter egg that we found to be extremely enjoyable is the neon-lit bathtub. It isn’t any ordinary bathtub, though, it has wheels and a steering wheel attached to it. You can actually enter this tub and start driving around the map.

Driving the bathtub car in the desert
Driving the bathtub car in oncoming traffic Source: Captain Eggcellent

If you are tired of driving cars, you can always use this “vehicle” and challenge others to a street race. The best part is that you can even drift to earn more style points and go on to the oncoming traffic to make things more interesting.


And there you have it, those are the best easter eggs in Saints Row 2022. Since the game is relatively new, there might be tons of other secrets that we discover over time. Which secret and easter egg did you find to be the most exciting?

We would love to know your thoughts in the comments below. If you found any easter eggs that would be a fine addition to this list, let us know and we will add them as well!

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