30 Scary Roblox Horror Games, Ranked (2023)

It's Horror Time!

Bilawal Bashir
Bilawal Bashir
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Roblox may look cute and kid-friendly but there are some genuinely scary Roblox games that can scare the socks off anyone. In the sea of epic Roblox games finding a horror hit can be difficult, this is where our list comes in.

The best scary games in Roblox cover different genres within horror. It is a community-driven platform so we see amazing creations from wildly different creators. Some are filled with jump scares while some deliver horror through impending doom.

We’ve curated a list of these games on Roblox so you can download them and start having fun without the need to find games yourself.

One wouldn’t think that a game about doors would be scary but Doors achieves exactly that. It is remarkable how the game captures the feeling of dread, the dread of opening a door. The first-person horror game tasks you with reaching the 100th door. That sounds straightforward enough but there are entities trying to stop you from reaching your goals. 

Roblox Doors have some unique monsters that make the game a lot of fun. There are standard entities like the Screech that usually spawn behind the player to jumpscare them. But then there are entities like Hide, that eject the player hiding inside a wardrobe and attack them. This makes the gameplay fast-paced and you feel like you are never safe. 


Breaking Point

Breaking Point

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Breaking Point offers 4 different modes to play. Before the game starts, people get to vote on what mode should be played. The modes include Breaking Point which randomly tasks players to kill another player. You can do so in plain sight or be sneaky and do it privately. The gun can misfire as well, adding another twist to the horror happenings.

Once two players are left, they take out knives to finish the task. There is also Duck Duck Stab where the killer chooses who to kill, they duel and the survivor moves to the next round.


Rainbow Friends

Rainbow Friends

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Things are about to turn upside down when a seemingly normal field trip turns into a blood bath. Rainbow Friends takes the idea from Five Nights at Freddy’s and turns it into a Roblox Horror Game.

The idea of turning a colorful and friendly face into a monster who will haunt you even in your dreams isn’t new to the horror genre. With billions of visits, Rainbow Friends is turning into a huge hit. You will have to survive five nights on a school field trip.

The daytime is all good but as soon as the Sun starts to go down, things become scary as you will have to perform tasks and survive the night by steering clear of colorful monsters. The fact that your character is just a kid makes it even scarier and more ruthless.

The Mimic is a collection of four books that are all unique. The different stories are all inspired by Japanese folklore and history so they are richly detailed. Each book allows you to play a different character that adds to the variety of the gameplay experience. The game can be played solo or with friends, I recommend you go in with backup, especially if you get scared easily.

Fair warning, there are jump scares in this scary Roblox game and some of them are cleverly disguised. A dark atmosphere combined with chilling stories make a great scary experience and The Mimic knows how to land the scares.

Bear Alpha is a simple enough game, there is a bear that wants to kill everyone. That’s it, that’s the whole premise. However, there is a twist, the bear is controlled by a player and needs to kill other players in 5 minutes. The bear has increased movement speed so it can catch up to the players.

The players can counter that by using weapons to fight back against the bear. This power dynamic is fairly balanced and enjoyable. The environments in the game are sufficiently spooky. I always skip a heartbeat whenever the bear catches me.


Dead Silence

Dead Silence

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Dead Silence is based on a horror movie of the same name and is filled with a dreadful atmosphere and horror. You are an investigator that’s charged with finding out what happened to Mary Shaw, a murdered ventriloquist that is haunting a small town.

The level design of this scary Roblox game is perfectly suited to deliver quality scares. You’ll be moving slowly and always checking corners. Half of the horror here is delivered with sound.

The sound design includes crispy clear creaks, great ambient sounds, and some curiously out-of-earshot whispers. Thankfully, you can bring up to 3 friends on the journey, which certainly dampens the scary mood and makes it easier to bear. Dead Silence is anything but silent and if you aren’t careful, you’ll also let out a couple of screams playing it.


The Rake Remastered 

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The Rake Remastered is the remastered version of the game with better graphics and gameplay tweaks. You can still try out the classic version but it’s not recommended. The game is a survival horror title that’s set in a forest. The game also takes place at night so the atmosphere is already scary. 

Players are tasked with surviving just 8 minutes in the forest. It may sound simple and easy to do, but the Rake is on the hunt. There are special locations and items that can help you survive the night. If you pass the night and haven’t gotten killed by the Rake, you get 2 minutes of daytime. During the day you are safe to roam around and explore, and buy new stuff from the shop.

It’s a simple premise that can be scary for a bunch of friends trying to survive the night. There’s also a Blood Hour that gets triggered randomly. The Rake gets a damage boost and cannot be killed during the Blood Hour. The sky turns red and it’s typically the scariest time in the game. 


Alone in a Dark House

Alone in a dark house

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Looking for a super creepy experience in Roblox? Well, being Alone in a Dark House is as creepy as it gets. The game was nominated for the best single-player game at the Bloxy Award in 2020 and for good reason.

The title gives it all here in terms of premise, you play an investigator looking into the history of an abandoned house and the family that lived there.

I recommend getting the private server for this one as having other players around can ruin the experience. However, if you are easily scared, having company isn’t that bad.


Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2

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This Roblox Horror game has hundreds of knives to choose from. But what do you do with them? Well, if you are playing as the murderer, your task is simple: Murder everyone. There are innocents in the game as well, if you are one, you need to run and hide from the murderer.

You are not hapless though, you can use your detective skills to expose the murderer and call the sheriff. Speaking of, the sheriff is the only one with a weapon that can kill the murderer. It is a fun game of hiding and seeking where the innocents work with the sheriff to kill the murderer while the murderer needs to kill off the innocents and avoid getting shot by the sheriff.


Flee the Facility

Flee the Facility

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As the name suggests, Flee the Facility is about fleeing from a facility. You’ll have to run from the beast, sometimes even hide from it, and then eventually unlock exits and escape.

The gameplay is similar to the popular video game Dead by Daylight and Friday the Thirteenth and completely engages the player.

The atmosphere isn’t that gloomy but the constant threat of being caught is always providing some adrenaline-pumping escapes. This scary Roblox game runs perfectly on smartphones and tablets along with PC and Xbox. So no matter your platform, you are ready to flee the facility.

Elmira is a story-driven experience that’s neatly packaged into episodes. Two episodes are already released with the third one coming out soon. The premise is simple, you fall asleep on the school bus during a trip. You wake up to find everyone gone and it’s nighttime. The only building nearby is an old hospital. 

We won’t be spoiling any story here but you do go inside the hospital and there are certain scary beings after you. The game is loosely based on The legend of black-eyed children. The maker of the game suggests that you use headphones to play Elmira as it will only enhance your experience. We recommend that you also turn off the lights to get the full scary playthrough. 


Survive the Killer!

Survive the Killer

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As the name suggests, you need to survive the killer in this scary Roblox horror game. If you are familiar with games like Dead by Daylight or Friday the 13th, this will be right up your alley. The game lets you be the survivor or the killer. As a survivor, you can run and hide from the killer while the killer is on the hunt.

As a killer, your task is to kill as many players as you can before the timer runs out. Overall, it’s a simple and fun concept that is great solo but really shines as a party game. It’s not that scary to play as a killer as you’ll be the one doing the killing, but playing as a survivor can be terrifying.

The Spider starts off with a bang, you and your uncle are in a forest just chilling over a campfire, making marshmallows. Your uncle hears a noise and goes to investigate as if he wants to die. And die he does when a spider bites and kills him. That concludes the opening cutscene., which is quite rare to see in scary Roblox horror games. 

Spider is a multiplayer horror game that you can play with your friends. The game makes one player the Spider each round. The spider’s job is to find and kill the other players. While the players need to collect keys and solve puzzles to escape the level. If a player is caught by the spider, they immediately die. A simple yet fun game to play with your friends, Spider has all the elements of a horror game.  


Zombie Attack

Zombie Attack

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Another zombie game on the list? Well, this one is about shooting zombies with your friends. It’s a wave-based game so you are tasked with surviving as many waves of brain-eating zombies as possible. You can team up with your friends as well, making the experience a lot more enjoyable.

As you progress through the waves, you’ll be able to get new and powerful weapons. However, there will be new rare zombies to attack you as well, plus there is also a zombie boss which shakes things up fairly well. Overall, as a horror game, it doesn’t do well because you can bring your friends with you, but it is a fun and exciting game that rewards good gameplay.



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If you think getting chased by your favorite cartoon characters like Spongebob or a very deformed emote of President Obama is fun that you my friend are a psycho and you should definitely try playing Evade.

Evade is a horror game for Roblox where you get chased by giant emotes known as nextbots. You might ask, “what is scary about that?”. Let me tell you, these emote come out of nowhere and getting chased by them while making your way through a maze where doors randomly close are the true definition of jumpscares.

Imagine IKEA turning into a prison that you can’t break out of. That’s what 3008 offers. For anyone that has gotten lost in an IKEA, this is surely going to hit the sweet spot between desperation and horror. The fear of the mundane is a real phenomenon and 3008 capitalizes on it with superb execution.

There is something off about seeing an empty IKEA, remember going to school early before everyone else? This game captures that feeling. Will you be able to survive inside a Swedish furniture store that seemingly goes on and on? Play one of the best horror games on Roblox and find out for yourself.


Infectious Smile 

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Smiling evil folks are after you in this scary Roblox horror game. There are two teams in the multiplayer game, one is the smilers who are creepy and always smiling, and the other team is just normal people trying to get away from the weirdos. 

If you are caught by one of the smilers, you’ll also become one. Thankfully there are a number of ways you can defend yourself or your friends from the smilers. The game offers you multiple weapons to deal damage. The other players will keep on chasing you until you are caught though, so make sure you are prepared to take them on. 

The online nature of the game means you can bring friends into this toothy nightmare. This will amp up your enjoyment by a lot. Having friends with you in any game is always a blast but trying to survive the “infectious” smile together is highly recommended. 


SCP: Roleplay

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If you are into roleplaying in Roblox, then SCP: Roleplay should be your favorite new horror game. The game is set in an already well-established SCP universe so you have a vast range of roles to play. You’ll have a proper job, your own purpose, abilities, and tools in the game so be ready to invest some time into the universe. 

SCP stands for Secure, Capture, and Protect. So your role is to tackle hazardous anomalies that can damage civilians. Depending on your role, you can come in direct contact with the monsters and anomalies or be on the backend working on research. The default roles don’t require any experience to join so you can get started right away. 

This is a different type of horror game that changes the formula a bit. Your main mission is to capture or neutralize scary monsters. How you contribute to the process depends on your role in the game. Some roles don’t even engage in combat so don’t have access to weapons like the scientist. 


Murder Party

Murder Party

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Murder Party combines a couple of genres in a perfect and exciting mixture. This isn’t the typical jump-scare horror game, the horror is made by the players here. This is an online game that has four teams, murderers, hackers, party planners, and sheriffs. All have different objectives they have to play and complete.

The horror begins when people start murdering each other during the game, which knowing people only takes around 2 seconds. Overall, while the game lacks in the traditional horror department, it more than makes up for it with real players creeping up and murdering each other.


A Wolf or Other

A wolf or other

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A Wolf or Other is from the werewolf subgenre of horror games popular on Roblox. It is one of the best scary Roblox games in terms of presentation. You can either play as the hunter, a werewolf, or an innocent person.

The innocents are tasked with identifying the werewolf among them, and telling the hunter so he can kill it. This needs to be done before the full moon is here and the werewolf transforms dooming everyone. This isn’t super scary and can be a fun party game to play with kids as well.


Scary Elevator

Scary Elevator

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Scary Elevator takes you from floor to floor and pits you against waves of ever-increasing (in difficulty) enemies. The enemies include famous horror game characters like Freddy from Five Nights at Freddy’s, Slenderman, Pennywise, Siren Head, and even Peppa Pig is in there. Your goal is simple: SURVIVE.

The game doesn’t make that easy either so you’ll have a lot on your hands when you encounter scary monsters in Scary Elevator. Along the way you gather points to unlock better gear that can help you survive the impending onslaught.

The Maze, as the name suggests, is a game about being lost in a maze. You have a trusty flashlight but it has a limited battery as well as a camera. All you need to do is get out of the maze and that’s about it. While it may sound straightforward, there are many creatures inside the maze that are going to stop you from escaping.

The best thing about The Maze is that you can invite up to 12 people with you to adventure. If the game is too scary for you to play, taking a couple of friends with you will make it fun and entertaining. Check out the best Roblox Discord servers if you need more Roblox friends.


Stop it, Slender!

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Based on the famous horror icon, Slender man, this horror Roblox game has a dense atmosphere and scary setting. You are tasked with finding 8 missing pages in the world but while it may sound easy, Slender Man himself is giving you a chase.

This is a race against time as you need to find the pages before Slender Man can get to you. To make matters worse, your flashlight has a tendency to turn off and flicker at the worst possible time. So you need to be careful as Slender Man could be waiting for you at any corner.




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Apeirophobia is the phobia of infinity, of things that never end. The scary Roblox horror game, however, has infinite empty office rooms. The endless rooms call for exploration and documentation, at least that’s what the game’s official description says. In gameplay, it translates to empty office rooms of varying sizes. 

The rooms in this game are of different scopes and present random levels of danger. Some are completely empty and safe while others have entities that are hell-bent on harming the player. The behavior of the entities is also different, some are aggressive and some are chill and won’t harm the player. It’s a good experience that will leave you feeling gloomy even after you end the game. 

Panik puts you inside a Robmart and you need to find three items for the scanners. The scanners and the items are all around the place so you’ll need to locate each of them first. However, just like other Scary Roblox horror games, there is a monster chasing you around the store. The monster is called “Happy”, probably because it will be very happy once it kills the player.

If you get hit by “Happy” you’ll lose one of your three hearts. However, there is some happy news here, you’ll gain temporary invulnerability and even get a speed boost. Your aim is to fund all three times, get them scanned, and escape from the trapdoor. It’s a fun game with some pretty scary moments. There are other players inside the mart trying to run as well, you can interact with them by either pushing them toward Happy or saving them. 


Stranger Things: Starcourt Mall

Stranger Things

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Stranger Things: Starcourt Mall features four different games that all offer something unique to the players. The Hawkins Lab Escape is a multiplayer mode that pits 5 players against 1, the solo player is tasked with stopping the others from escaping. If you are a fan of the Netflix series, then this game is a must-play.

Although I don’t like recommending games made as tie-in adverts, this one is well-made and runs well across all devices. The Demogorgon (a weird dog-like monster from the show) is also included in the game.

The Mirror is spooky and plays tricks on the players. The premise is simple, you have to complete several tasks to overcome obstacles, and the twist is, that you have to do so by looking at your own reflection.

The game has the right amount of scares and is a complete single-player experience. The Mirror is based on a real psychological phenomenon, the longer you stare into a mirror the weirder your reflection becomes. It should be released in VR as well, it’s that good. Here are some other great VR games for you to enjoy though.

This scary Roblox game is based on the urban legend of “Teke-Take”. The legend is about a school girl that fell on the train tracks and had her body cut in half. A pretty gruesome premise with an equally haunting Roblox game. The game is set in your childhood home but your family is nowhere to be found.

There is something watching you at all times as well. The quiet house is a perfect setup and is well crafted in terms of delivering horrors. Oh, while you are exploring the nooks and crannies, Geisha will be following you around. So good luck avoiding her. Now that we are already talking about Japan, here are the best Roblox Anime games for you to play.




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Kalampokiphobia is the technical name for fear of corn and not clams that are pokey. Yes, just like people that call this the “scary corn game”, I’ve had trouble spelling the name. The game is simple and perhaps why it’s so popular in Roblox circles.

You have to run and hide from a creepy stalker all the while navigating a confusingly (on purpose) designed corn maze. It’s simple, it’s scary, and it will keep you running and fearing for your digital life for a while. The scary corn game can be played by kids too, just make sure they aren’t getting too scared.

There are a couple of monsters to fight too from Siren Head to aliens, from Michel Myers to Jason Voorhees. You can also fight a granny in this game, the evil granny is the scariest one too. If you like single-player Roblox games that aren’t scary, try out the best Roblox Single Player games.

Could Peppa Pig ever be scary? The harmless children’s cartoon character? Nah, it can’t be, right? Well, Piggy did make Peppa scary and I mean that in the best way possible. This is one of the few episodic horror Roblox games that just finished the second season and it is wildly popular.

The game offers a significantly meaty narrative for you to follow solo or along with friends. The lore is interesting and allows insight into why Piggy wants you dead. There is a certain terror in watching a baseball-wielding pink pig chasing you around. Oh, you also have to escape from the scary beast.


These were the 30 best scary Roblox horror games. Some are single-player games while some are better played with a group of friends. Some games are more fun than horror as well, so if you want to play them with your kids or little siblings, you can do so without scaring them too much. Also, check out the best games like Roblox to diversify your library.

What is your favorite Roblox game? Do tell us about it in the comments, we are always on the hunt for new and exciting Roblox games that offer something big-budget AAA games can’t.

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