6 Best Shaders For Minecraft PE (2024)

Extra Flare to Your Pocket World!

Andreas Ojala
Andreas Ojala
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Let’s be real, Minecraft has been around for a solid 12 years and starting to show its age. 

While newer games feature fancy graphics, Minecraft can still hold its own all thanks to the dedicated modding community. 

Thanks to their support, we’ve got shaders and texture packs that inject a touch of modernity and customization into Minecraft’s blocky world. 

Today, we’re going to take a look at the best Minecraft PE shaders that you can use to level up your gaming experience. 


Poggy’s Luminous Dreams

Poggy's Luminous Dreams
Poggy’s Luminous Dreams Preview

This Minecraft PE shader is a deferred renderer pack that is specifically made for the luminous realm of Bedrock Edition. It’s powered by Render Dragon Engine and goes beyond Minecraft’s regular visuals by creating a detailed mix of reality and fantasy by using a new lighting called Lumen. 

Some features of this shader include tweaked water reflections, glowing parts of mobs at night, colored lighting, and reworked colors of the sun for a natural look. 


Harmony Voxel Deferred Shader

Harmony Voxel Deferred Shader
Harmony Voxel Deferred Shader Preview

This is currently one of the best shaders for Minecraft PE and offers a good blend of fantasy and realism. 

Harmony Voxel shader requires version 1.20.50 and above to work and uses Endermanyk’s and Robobo’s codes. 

It’s currently only available for Android. Some features of this shader include dynamic shadows, atmosphere scattering, reflective blocks, atmosphere based lightning, grass waves, screen space godrays, and colorful stars. 


Newb Shader

best shaders for Minecraft PE
Newb Shader Preview

Here’s a simple Minecraft PE shader that doesn’t steer far from the vanilla look. Newb Shader is a lightweight Bedrock shader that improves the default aesthetics of the game. 

It has two versions: Newb SHader (MCPE 1.18.12 Android & iOS) and Newb X Legacy (MCPE 1.20 Android and Windows). 

In terms of improvements, Newb Shader offers customizable soft lighting, adaptive clouds, stunning water effects, subtle foliage animation, depth-adding fog and mist, color correction, 3D sun and moon, and many more. 


Universal Pack Shader

Universal Pack
Universal Pack Shader Preview

Universal Pack Shader turns vanilla Minecraft into something that is a bit modern. It is well optimized for smooth gaming experience, allowing you to enjoy Minecraft’s new beauty without lags and stutters.

This pack has three modes (Cherry, Day, Night) that allow you to change the color of plants, skies, and other resources depending on your preference. 

It also features moving plants, colorful leaves that match the environment, improved sky and realistic clouds, realistic water, and better reflections. 


DGR Shader Official Edition

best shaders for Minecraft PE
DGR Shader Preview

Here’s a Minecraft PE shader that looks similar to Faithful. DGR Shader is a package that aims to improve the look of Minecraft for low-end devices with minimum 1GB of RAM. 

The shader doesn’t stray far from Minecraft vanilla, while still offering some visual improvements. It features revamped clouds, realistic sun and moon, and new textures for mobs, tools, weapons, and blocks. 


Better Weather

best shaders for Minecraft PE
Better Weather Shader Preview

Weather like rain and snow can be chaotic to look at on vanilla Minecraft. With Better Weather shader, you can optimize the rain and snow effects to improve visual aesthetics and make it easier for you to play in snow and rain. 

Overall, this shader pack ensures that rain and snow are less obtrusive, creating a more immersive and visually pleasing world.

How to Install Shaders on Minecraft PE

So you’ve found something that you like but don’t know how to install this to your Minecraft world? Well, fortunately, it’s easy! If you know how to install Minecraft PE mods/addons, then you already know how to install them. But if you don’t, follow these three steps:

Step #1 – Download Your Minecraft PE shaders

Step #1 - Download Your Minecraft PE shaders

Starting off, you’re going to need to download your shaders. The best place to find some shaders is in MCPEDL. There you’ll find many great shaders, including add-ons! So just check them out, and if you’ve found one that you’ve liked, click the “download” button.

Step #2 – Install your PE Shaders

Install your PE Shaders

Now all that is left to do is install those shaders. Fortunately, it’s a one-click install! All you need to do is go to your file application. Then find your downloaded file, and click it. If it opens Minecraft, then you’re done!

Step #3 – Enable Your Minecraft Shaders

Enable Your Minecraft Shaders

So you just got a notification that you’re shaders are installed? Great, now you need to go to your desired world and click the edit button. Then scroll down until you see “Resource Packs”.

There, click the + icon on the “My Packs” button. Then select your desired shaders and hit “Activate”. And now, you’re done!

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While Minecraft is over a decade old, its enduring popularity owes much to the vibrant modding community that tirelessly breathes new life into the game. 

The Minecraft PE shaders listed above represent a testament to the community’s creativity, offering players a range of visual enhancements regardless of the device they have. Whether you want a blend of reality and fantasy or a subtle improvement from vanilla Minecraft, these shaders cater to varied preferences. 

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